Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Results for the Greatest Governor Poll
July 29, 2006

The Top Ten
Romney 7%
Bush 7%
Napolitano 7%
Sebelius 5.5%
Rendell 5%
Richardson 5%
Henry 4%
Barbour 4%
Manchin 4%
Bredesen 4%
Other 47.5%
Romney now has to share his leading spot with Bush and Napolitano with Sebelius. Rendell and Richardson not too far behind. Vote in the poll and change this results.
Support your Governor!

In the Greatest Governor Poll You can vote for your governor plus your 5 choices.

This might boost support for several governors.
Here are the most recent Results in the Greatest Governor Poll.

The Top Ten
Romney 8.5%
Napolitano 8%
Bush 8%
Rendell 6%
Sebelius 6%
Richardson 5%
Barbour 5%
Henry 5%
Manchin 5%
Bredsesn 5%
Other 39%

The Greatest Governor in America Poll

Vote in the Greatest Governor Poll! here is how you can vote: go to and post a comment stating your top 5 governor or you can send them to Hurry the Poll closes on Aug. 4th, 2006 at 10pm Eastern time!