Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saying Goodbye for Now....

Well my schedule has made me ignore posting now for awhile, and I am not giving this site the attention it deserves so I will hang it up until further notice, but someday soon I hope to be back! After thousands of hits, hundreds of posts and so many honors Politics-Central will officially end until further notice!

Thanks to you the readers! This site never would have been what was without you!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Decision 2008: General Election Power Rankings #1

Well we finally have the first edition of the General Election Power Rankings. We haven't ranked since Super Tuesday with only 3 candidates remaining, however we are prepared to analyse the General Election, but with the Democratic Stalamte, I will include both candidates against John McCain.

General Election Match-Up
1st: Republican: John McCain (rising) McCain's general election numbers have nowhere to go but up. His resources may be dried up, but with the Democrats battling for the nomination heating up, McCain has had the spotlight and the time to pick a running mate, and re-unite his party. McCain has done so, and has steamed ahead. National Polls may show McCain tied against Obama but in the battleground states, McCain leads in PA, FL, Ohio, MI, WI, NJ, and I even saw a poll that had the Democratic state of Massachusetts. McCain certainly has the advantage now.

2nd: Democratic: Barack Obama (falling) Obama may be rising in primary polls, but this bitter fight with Clinton has allowed him to fall 5 points nationally and is now tied with McCain nationally. Obama is behind in key states such as Fl, OH, and PA, and usual Democratic Safe zones such as NJ, MA, CT, and Michigan show the race close. Obama is strong in the west holding on to leads in California, and he holds slim leads in WA, OR, NV, NM, and CO. If Obama can swing these western states, win either Ohio and Florida and hold onto key democratic states he will be our next president.

3rd: Democratic: Hillary Clinton (falling) Clinton fairs better in key battleground states against McCain and I feel she is more electable than Obama. She leads McCain in Ohio, and PA, and holds onto the Democratic Northeast. She trails in the west, and maybe she will need to hit California with new polls suggesting McCain gaining on her there, but with wins in OH and PA she could win the White House. The Midwest leans McCain in MI, WI, and MN and both Democrats need to work on that.

Here are our Battleground States as of April 5th. Obama vs. McCain
Safe GOP 157
ID 4
UT 5
MT 3
AZ 10
TX 34
OK 7
KS 6
SD 3
ND 3
LA 9
MS 6
AL 9
GA 15
TN 11
NC 15
IN 11
AK 3

Leans GOP 83
NE 5
MO 11
AR 6
VA 13
WV 5
KY 8
FL 27
SC 8

Overall GOP: 240 Electoral Votes

Safe DEM 75
IL 22
NY 31
MD 10
DE 3
RI 4
VT 3
DC 3

Leans DEM 93
HI 4
ME 4
MA 12
CA 55
CT 7
WA 11

Overall DEM 168 Electoral Votes

Tossups 130
WA 11
OR 7
NV 5
CO 9
NM 5
IA 7
MN 10
WI 10
MI 17
OH 20
PA 21
NJ 15
NH 4

Decision 2008: Can Hillary hold on?

There have been several calls for Former Dem. Nominee to be, Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race, because many see her having no chance of winning and if she does she will tear the party apart at the convention. Senator Clinton must win Pennsylvania and do it abouve expectations, and with Sen. Barack Obama closing the gap in the state, the pressure will be on for her to drop out, should she narrowly win the state. If she loses she will be forced out of the race. Hillary if hoping for a win in PA, and win in Indiana, Kentucky, W. Virginia, Oregon and North Carolin. If she does Barack will be in trouble with the momentum clearly in her corner. All Obama has to do is win North Carolina, and make it close in PA, and the nomination is his for the taking. He will win the western caucuses of South Dakota, and Montana in a walk, and he should be up by 1000 delegates after the primaries. Then the Superdelegates will be pressured to make a decision and the party wants them to choose the African American, over the women, because of his lead in overal popular votes. Clinton needs a win in PA, and Michigan and Florida to be seated at the convention. I bet Clinton win PA, and stays in till the convention