Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Decision 2008: Bobby Jindal wins in Louisiana

U.S. Congressman Bobby Jindal (R) won the Louisiana Primary for Governor with 54% over 12 opponents. Jindal previously ran in 2003, but narrowly lost in an upset to current Governor Kathleen Blanco. Blanco chose to retire this year instead of seeking re-election with growing unpopularity. Governor-Elect Jindal becomes the youngest governor in America at 36. Jindal had been the favorite in the race since January, and when Blanco dropped out he was assured victory. Jindal won in 2006 re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives with 88% showing his popularity in the state.

Louisiana Governor Election Results
(R)Bobby Jindal 699,672 54%
(D)Walter Boasso 226,364 17%
(I)John Georges 186,800 14%
(D)Foster Campbell 161,435 12%
Other Candidates: 23,682 3%

Decision 2008: Kerrey doesn't run in Nebraska!

Former Nebraska U.S. Senator and Governor, Bob Kerrey announced today he will not return home next year to run for the U.S. Senate with Sen. Chuck Hagel retiring. Kerrey chooses to remain President of The New School in NY. That pretty much hands the seat back into the GOP's hands, with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns (R), a former Governor, running for the seat. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is also running in the Republican Primary. Democrats's only hope now is that Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey runs for the seat. That isn't likely, so move this into the Safe GOP Hold collumn.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings # 39

Sorry about the delay!

This is the first edition we will include a Independent/Third Party Rankings.


1st: Rudy Giuliani (steady) Satying strong nationally and in early states. Remains the frontrunner. No candidate seems strong enough to take that title away fromhim, but the GOP race is still a horse race.

2nd: Mitt Romney (falling) Losing support in Iowa and NH both must-wins for his campaign isn't good, however he still manages to hold on to the lead in both states.

3rd Tied: John McCain (steady) His rise from the dead has made political pundits and social conervatives take a 2nd look at McCain. With Brownback exitting he could get a small boost over the weekend.

3rd Tied: Fred Thompson (falling) His lack of visiting key states in the primary season has started to have an effect on his campaign.

5th: Mike Huckabee (rising) Huckabee stunned us all 2 months ago when he scored a 2nd place finish at Ames, and it has really paid off. Last week an Iowa Poll had him tied for 2nd place. The first 2nd tier candidate to do so. His national numbers, have doubled, and his strong performances at debates makes him a very viable candidate now. The only problem of his, is he can't raise the money he needs.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary opened a 30 point lead according to new national polls doubling, and nearly tribling her nearest opponent's numbers. If this holds steady she has the nomination locked up.

2nd: Barack Obama (falling) His support nationally is dwindling and pathetic compared to the frontrunner's. Barack needs a win in Iowa to stay alive and that looks pretty dim at this point.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards is down to the low double digits nationally, and in Iowa a must win state for his campaign, he has slipped to 3rd. Its not looking good for his campaign.

4th: Bill Richardson (falling) His bounce from his staunch campaigning has dwindled, and even in Nevada, he comes in a distant 4th. The only state he is carrying at this point is his home of New Mexico, however just by the skin of his teeth.

5th: Joe Biden (falling) New Polls out of his native Delaware show him in 3rd place behind Clinton and Obama, and not even winning his homestate shows he wont be the nominee. Maybe Secretary of State if a Democrat is elected

Independents/Third Parties

1st: Michael Bloomberg (steady) The spark of his once assumed Independent run is gone, but he still gets at least 9-10% nationally in General Election Polls. If Bloomberg runs, it pretty much gurantees a Democrat will be elected in 2008. (President Hillary)

2nd: Sam Nunn (steady) It looks as if he will mount an Independent run, but with being out of the senate and the spotlight so long can he make a dent in the General Election. It doesn't appear so.

3rd: Stephen Colbert (steady) The media is flocking to the comedian giving his somewhat of a joke of a campaign some spotlight. His campaign however is only in South Carolina so you know he isn't really trying.

4th: Brian Moore (steady) He gets his spotlight in our rankings for winning the Socialist Party Nomination this weekend.

5th: Steve Adams (steady) With Bob Hargis on board his campaign is ready for the general and maybe he will get on the ballot in Kentucky.

Decision 2008: Sam Brownback exits race for President

Kansas U.S. Senator Sam Brownback will officially end his 2008 Presidential Campaign tomorrow. Brownback sites that he isn't raising enough money and his poor support has caused him to reconsider running. Brownback said once he came in 3rd Place at the Iowa Straw Poll that that was enough to continue his campaign till Iowa. Brownback raised just below $1 million for the 3rd Quarter and he hasn't polled over 3% in most polls. I got a chance to personally meet Senator Brownback 2 weeks ago when he spoke to my Local Republican Party and in my opinion Brownback was the most conservative candidate for president. He will surely be missed in the Presidential field.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

U4prez Independent Convention Update #2: MejicoJohn wins!

It was Barry Davidson vs. John Averitt for the last slot on the November Ballot. The other 4 candidates didn't trail too far behind but the race has been between Icababe and MejicoJohn for most of the week. Icabebe is the current Independent Party Leader, while John is a longtime popular candidate on the site. John eventually won it in the end. Congrats to him!

Stephen Colbert runs for President!!!!!!!

This is no joke. Stephen Colbert has announced on his show that he will be running for president of the United States in 2008! He is going to later file paperwork to get on the ballot in the South Carolina Republican and Democratic Primaries. Colbert hosts Comedy Central's Colbert Report and is an Award winning comedian. He has long been toying about running as a joke but he went serious on the Daily Show and announced on his show! Unity'08 has seemed to have been trying to draft Colbert to be their nominee. We shall see after the primaries whether Colbert does take their offer or not

Monday, October 15, 2007

U4prez Independent Convention Update #1

Well after a long week of Republican Convention the Indys have their turn. 6 candidates are neck and neck for the nomination. There rules are a little different than the Republicans. Instead of daily highs and runoffs all 6 face off and the one who has the highest total wins the nomination. MejicoJohn/John Averitt leads the pack with 20 votes currently while the rest are not far behind. Should be an interesting week of convention. Who ever does become the nominee expect him on the show this Saturday!

Independent Convention Results as of 10/15/07
(I)MejicoJohn/John Averitt 20
(I)Icababe/Barry Davidson 19
(I)Mike Weinheimer/Maditude 15
(I)BobWHargis/Bob Hargis 13
(I)CoryF/Cory Froelich 12
(I)Big Daddy 9
Bold-Leader at this Point

Saturday, October 13, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #10: MUSICMAN WINS!

Sandrow Belanger has come from behind to win the GOP Nomination! Musicman stunned us all this week when he tied Copulate's 26 votes 3 days ago and has shocked the u4prez world by winning the Republican Nomination. Ghost/Scott Wind has been selected as his running mate for vice president. Musicman is now a strong favorite for GOP Leader, and it seems his win tonight has put the Republicans back in the game for the General. Now we await the Independent Convention. Hopefully next week wont be as long a week as this one.

GOP Convention Receap:

Kempite's withdrawal from the race made the Republican nomination wide open. No clear favorite or frontrunner came in the convention and thats how we started the week. We moved on towards the end of the week with huge surprises! Copulate scored 26 votes stunning even himself while the other candidates didn't get over 10. Musicman then scored 26 as well. Then came the losses of Hawk and Hedrick who were expected to be leading the race. This week ended with a long drawn out runoff between Musicman and Copulate and finally we have a ticket!

Final Republican Convention Results
(R)Musicman/Ghost 100
(R)Copulate/RSobien 93

U4prez GOP Convention Update #9: Election Returns

Republican Convention Runoff Results

9:45 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 88
(R)Copulate/RSobien 88

9:30 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 88
(R)Copulate/RSobien 85

9:10 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 85
(R)Copulate/RSobien 82

5:50 PM
(R)Copulate/RSobien 72
(R)Musicman/Ghost 71

Copulate takes the lead for the first time today.

5:00 PM
(R)Copulate/RSobien 70
(R)Musicman/Ghost 69

4:00 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 66
(R)Copulate/RSobien 63

3:10 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 66
(R)Copulate/RSobien 59

U4prez GOP Convention Update #8

Well right now we stand with Musicman leading by a 8 vote margin over Copulate for the U4prez GOP nomination. It has been neck and neck for the past 2 days and Musicman appears to have opened the widest lead yet in their runoffs. We won't know for another 7 hours who won the nomination and it is to early to call it for anyone inlight of yesterday's events. However we are now certain of the closing time for the runoff and we will bring you vote updates as they come into us within an hour of closing time. Last night's Johnny and John show showed how the General Election will turn out. Faustus and Lucky the Democratic ticket clashed against both contenders for the nomination today, Copulate and Musicman. It is our opinion that Copulate benefited most from the show, but he has been steadily trailing Musicman for sometime now. Please join us for our show when will we have the Republican Nominee whoever he turns out to be at 10 om Est tonight as the runoff closes.

Republican Convention Results
(R)Musicman/Ghost 63
(R)Copulate/RSobien 55

Friday, October 12, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #7: Musicman vs. Copulate Round 2

Well tonights runoff ended in another tie. It was close throughout the day, and the moderator has decided to continue the election into tomorrow. At 10:00 PM EST Tomorrow whoever has the most votes including today's totals will win the Republican Nomination after along grueling week. Its been a long night so Im done posting till tomorrow. Also we moved the time of my show to 10 PM EST tomorrow please join us.

U4prez GOP Convention Update #6: Election Returns

Republican Convention on U4prez Returns-

9:10 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 40
(R)Copulate/RSobien 39

Runoff was suppose to be over by now but I am being told the runoff will continue for another hour but I am uncertain at this point.

9:00 PM
(R)Copulate/RSobien 39
(R)Musicman/Ghost 38

7 mins to go and Musicman still leads by 3......

8:50 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 36
(R)Copulate/RSobien 33

8:30 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 35
(R)Copulate/RSobien 33

8:20 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 33
(R)Copulate/RSobien 32

8:10 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 32
(R)Copulate/RSobien 31

8:00 PM
(R)Musicman/Ghost 32
(R)Copulate/RSobien 29

7:20 PM
(R)Copulate/RSobien 29
(R)Musicman/Ghost 27

U4prez GOP Convention Update #5: The Final Runoff

Well with about 3 hours to go Musicman/Belanger and Copulate/Pseudonym are neck and neck. We probably wont officially know who the nominee will be until the final minutes of their runoff. The 2 candidates have been running neck and neck all day. The farthest they have been a part in numbers is 3. I just got off the phone with Musicman and he doesn't expect to know until about a few seconds until closing. It will be close. We'll check in from time to time to update you on how they stand. Just to let you know you are voting for 2 tickets Musicman-Sandrow Belanger/Ghost-Scott Wind and Copulate-Alias Pseudonym/RSobien/Randall Sobien.

Republican Convention Final Runoff Results as of 6:18 PM EST-
(R)Copulate/RSobien 25
(R)Musicman/Ghost 24

Thursday, October 11, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #4: Musicman vs. Copulate!

Well what was suppose to be the last day of convention ended in surprise. We just got a ruling from the Moderator, Musicman/Sandrow Belanger did tie Copulate/Alias Pseudonym yesterday! Hedrick narrowly lost the convention with 19 votes finished 3rd for the convention. Hedrick picked up steam towards the end of the day, but not enough to win the nomination. Tomorrow Copulate and Musicman face off in the same time of runoff and winner takes all! It should be close tomorrow. Same format as the rest of the convention. Both men are strong candidates for the General. Copulate busted Kempite, the former GOP frontrunner for cheating and won his seat for the convention, so his work re-cleansing the GOP may have helped him come from behind to win. Musicman is the biggest surprise he was expected not even to come close, but his campaign pushed and pushed and he was able to tie! Hawk only recieved 8 votes today another poor showing for who we assumed was the frontrunner with 2 primary wins. Well we'll report from the convention 1 last time tomorrow and hope to interview the Nominee Saturday!

Republican Convention Results
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym 26
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger 26
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick 19
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin 8
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink 5

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #3

Day 3 of the GOP convention comes to a close with a possible tie. Musicman/Sandrow Belanger came so close. Within the last 10 mins of voting he gained 6 votes to come 1 shy of leading the pack for the nomination. It was certainly close. Probably made cop sweat a little towards the end. What a rollercoaster. In 10 mins Musicman went from 20-26. Musicman gained 1 vote needed to tie, but I believe the time limit expired before he could get that last vote. We are still unsure however. The moderator has yet to state either way. Copulate has just stated he is unsure of his 27 vote total so we are now unsure of the leader at this point. It is just too close to call. The assumed frontrunner with 2 primary wins, Hawk stands dead last with only 3 votes. Hawk gets another shot tomorrow and is expected to do alot better, since he will be online to campaign, and Hedrick, a alongtime frontrunner for the nomination is also expected to do well. It now comes down to 4 men for the nomination. Copulate, Musicman, Hawk and Hedrick. Should be good to watch tomorrow. Once we know we have a nominee we will announce it to you so stay tuned. Tomorrow is the last day of the convention and when the dust is cleared we will have a nominee.

Republican Convention Results as of 10/10/07
(Note: Vote Totals are Unofficial.)
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym 26*
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger 26*
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink 5
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin 3
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick X
X-Yet to be included in voting
Bold-Leader at this Point
Italics-Out of the race for the Nomination
*Unsure of vote total could be tie.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #2

Well Day 2 ends with a new leader on top of the pack. Copulate/Alias Pseudonym surged to 26 votes doubling Mduminiak's total uesterday of 10 and crushing Efferiss's 5 and Sentinel's 8. That means a candidate now must recieve more than 256votes to win the nomination. Copulate surprised everyone today and even himself. I spokle with Copulate last night and he doubted that he could even win. Now he has a huge lead in the race. Of Course 3 candidates have yet to come to vote and all 3 are leading Republican candidates so he doesn't have this won. yet. Copulate's vote toal brought out the voter turnout. Only 18 voted yesterday and today 30 voted. Well tomorrow Musicman and Hawk go at it to try to beat Copulate's 26 votes. Now comes crunchtime. I am expecting bigger totals each day.

Republican Convention Results as of 10/9/07
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym 26
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink 5
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger X
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin X
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick X
X-Yet to be included in voting.
Bold-Leader at this Point
Italics-Out of the Race for the Nomination

Monday, October 08, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #1

Well the first day of the Republican Convention is drawing to a close and surprisingly low totals for Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak and Sentinel/Charles Leivan. By now Faustus37 or Lane Startin and James Welborn were at about 15-20 votes half of what was needed to clinch the nomination, and MD stands at 10 while Sentinel trails at 8. This gives Musicman/Sandrow Belanger, Copulate/Alias Pseudonym, Harold Hedrick, Hawk/Tim Austin and Efferiss/Frank Scoblink hope in winning the nomination. Right not It seems we have about 3 frontrunners, Hawk, Hedrick, and Musicman. Those 3 have been the most active in campaiging recently. Hawk also has 2 primary wins, the only Republican that does. Copulate's well-known name on the site also puts him right in there. The other candidates will likely circome to what Mduminiak and Sentinel are experiencing today with such a wide field for the Republican Nomination. Mduminiak currently leads the field and Sentinel is out for the nomination. If either the candidates recieve more then 10 Mduminiak will be out as well. Tomorrow, Copulate and Efferiss go at it for the nomination and hopefully will pass today's low turnout. Several are likely waiting till the bigger candidates come up for runoff.
Republican Convention Results as of 10/8/07
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym X
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink X
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger X
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin X
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick X
X-Yet to be included in voting.
Bold-Leader at this point
Italics-Out of the Race for the Nomination

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Decision 2008: News out of Wyoming

Good news for Democrats this evening in increasing their control in congress. Now Democrats may have a shot at taking Wyoming's strong GOP senate seat. Rumors our now floating that Former Governor, Ambassador to Ireland, and '94 nominee Mike Sullivan (D) may run against Interim Sen. John Barrasso (R). That would throw the seat into play and now with Governor Dave Freudenthal (D) seems to be wanting to complete his term as Governor. Sullivan seems to be the Democrats last hope at winning our seat here in Wyoming. However the question is, is this just a rumor, or is Sullivan really considering another run for the U.S. Senate. Sullvan ran 13 years ago against then Congressman Craig Thomas and lost 59-39% which is a large margin but that was the Republican Revolution. Things have changed in Wyoming. Democrats picked up a few seat in the legislature (eventhough the GOP soundly controls it) in 2006. They also re-elected Governor Freudenthal by a 70-30% margin. Rep. Barbara Cubin's near defeat last Nov. was very surprising. Good the blood red state of Wyoming be turning a bit blue this Nov. we'll just have to wait and see.

U4prez Election Coverage #1: Startin on Politics-Central On Air

Well we just concluded a show with U4prez Democratic Nominee, Lane Startin or Faustus37. He and KT2020, or Katherine Siebert gave us an inside look at the Democratic platform and their campaign to win this November. After a few shaky parts it turned out to be a good show with Copulate giving us great questions and Donny or Lance Barnowitz making the show a little too interesting. The Faustus/Lucky ticket is already picking up steam likely from the "Rosty Bump" as we are now calling. We expect the U4prez GOP Nominee on the next week once he is selected by the Republicans this week. We expect a close race for the GOP Nomination between all of the candidates. Tim Austin or Hawk has the advantage with 2 primary wins, but Harold Hedrick's grassroots and Mduminiak's Name ID on the site gives them both equal shots. Efferiss, Copulate and Sentinel are also running. Copulate's wide base of support also puts him right in the fight for the nomination. I will continue posting about the GOP convention as the convention and voting unfolds. Remeber to vote this Monday-Thursday on for the Republican Nominee for President on

Friday, October 05, 2007

Decision 2008: President Power Rankings #38

I apologize for the spacing, but Blogger wont let me fix it.

1st: Rudy Giuliani (steady) Strength in early states and national polls gives him the #1 spot for another week.
2nd: Mitt Romney (falling) Romney managed to hold on to leads in Iowa and NH although national support has fallen and he is down to 4th in national polls. If he loses either state Romney could be in serious trouble without support in key states on Super Tuesday.
3rd Tied: John McCain (rising) Still rising in polls in NH and South Carolina, 2 must-win states for him. He is now 2nd or 3rd in national polls. The McCain campaign seems to have revived itself but can the keep picking up steam to win the nomination especially after only raising $5 million in the 2nd Quarter.

3rd Tied: Fred Thompson (falling) Thompson remains strong nationally in about 2nd place only 5-10 points behind Giuliani, but worries are coming into his campaign with single digit numbers coming out of ARG and other new poll in early states. Thompson was also expected to raise the most money this quater but fell short of expectations.
5th: Mike Huckabee (falling) Huckabee who seemed to be a Top Tier candidate looking to be a darkhorse with Gingrich's exit, saw his chances dim as he only raised $1 million for his campaign this quarter. His campaign has yet to reach over $5 million this entire campaign. No candidate can expect to win with such low funding.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) I just saw one poll where it had Hillary over 50% nationally! 30 points ahead of Obama. Obama is trailing by 20 points nationally and Hillary leads in all 3 early states. Could this be a blow out for Hillary? Hillary also won the money race this quarter something she hasn't done once this year.

2nd: Barack Obama (falling) Obama may be falling nationally and lost the money race, but he has gained support in Iowa a state needed to take the nomination away from Hillary. If Hillary loses the state whoever wins it recievs a huge chance to beat her on Super Tuesday.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards has fallen to 3rd in a must-win state, Iowa. If he gets even 2nd he is out of the race, Edwards shows now poor national numbers ands single digits in NH. Not looking to good for the Edwards campaign.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) Haven't heard too much out of his campaign lately. he has layed off the major advertizing that has made his campaign as successful as it has been, but he now trails in Nevada by 20 points. Not a good sign for presidential ambitions.

5th: Joe Biden (falling) Biden has no hope. He has started to advertize more, but polls just wont show 1 sign of hope for his campaign.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Faustus37/Lane Startin wins U4prez Democratic Nomination.

Faustus37 or Lane Startin today capped the Democratic nomination as many had expected with his 3 primary wins. Startin has been along time candidate and favorite on the site. He has picked Lucky_Num1 has his running mate. So far the Democratic nominee has the advantage with a decisive win over his opponents. Startin was the clear nominee of the Democrats and had been the frontrunner for months. Startin has put forward the Democratic platform and the Democrats are off for the General Election eagerly awaiting the Republican and Independent Nominees to emerge.

Democratic Convention Results
(D)Lane Startin (Faustus37) 45
(D)James Welborn (Welborn) 31
(D)BluProject 16
(D)Anthony Lacy (A.L.L.) 11

Monday, October 01, 2007

Politics-Central Endorses Harold Hedrick for President

After much consideration, Politics-Central has decided to endorse True Republican Florida College Student, Harold Hedrick for President on Harold is a primary and is competiting for the Republican Nomination please come support him on!!!