Saturday, October 13, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #8

Well right now we stand with Musicman leading by a 8 vote margin over Copulate for the U4prez GOP nomination. It has been neck and neck for the past 2 days and Musicman appears to have opened the widest lead yet in their runoffs. We won't know for another 7 hours who won the nomination and it is to early to call it for anyone inlight of yesterday's events. However we are now certain of the closing time for the runoff and we will bring you vote updates as they come into us within an hour of closing time. Last night's Johnny and John show showed how the General Election will turn out. Faustus and Lucky the Democratic ticket clashed against both contenders for the nomination today, Copulate and Musicman. It is our opinion that Copulate benefited most from the show, but he has been steadily trailing Musicman for sometime now. Please join us for our show when will we have the Republican Nominee whoever he turns out to be at 10 om Est tonight as the runoff closes.

Republican Convention Results
(R)Musicman/Ghost 63
(R)Copulate/RSobien 55

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