Saturday, September 30, 2006

President 2008 Exclusive!

Here is an exclusive interview with GOP presidential candidate John Cox.

Politics-Central: What do you feel is one of the most important issues in this presidential campaign?

John Cox: The most important issues are the security of our people, the growth of our economy and the retention of our values. Our security is assured by a strong military and a projection around the world of America as a force for peace and economic opportunity for all people.

Our country cannot be secure with an open border and an immigration policy that fails to achive personal and economic security. We need a secure border, but more importantly, we need to enforce the immiagration laws. I don't favor guest worker plans; I want immigrants to come here and be legal Americans.

We need to address the need for economic growth. We have made a lot of promises to our people and the only way to meet those obligations is to grow the overall economy. I favor a completely new tax system and the end of the IRS. We should tax consumption, not investment and savings. We need to stop the excessive spending in Washington and the end the outrageous growth of government. This acts as a constraint on the private economy and doesn't work to solve our problems.

We also need to stand up for our values. Wee need to respect life and care for each other. We have to encourage marriage of one man and one woman because solid families are the foundation of America.

Politics-Central: Do you feel you can put up a good fight for the GOP presidential nomination and why?

John Cox: I do feel I can win the Presidency. People are tired of career politicians who put us in more debt so they can get reelected. An outsider is what we need to focus on ideas not partisanship and personal profit. I am going to work hard at it as I have done for the past six months. We need another Ronald Reagan and a return to principles.

Politics-Central: Do you support President Bush on the war in Iraq and do you approve of his job as president?

John Cox: I do agree with the president on bringing the war to the terrorists instead of fighting it here at home. I believe we should do a better job of developing Iraq's economy so that that country can stabilize and people will support that government. That country has an ocean of oil and should be paying of their own reconstruction. They should be a prosperous country and a valued future ally of the US.

Politics-Central: If you could tell the voters one thing about yourself what would you say?

John Cox: I am an example of the American Dream. I grew up as the son of a single mom, worked my way through school and achieved great success in business. That can only happen in America and that is a message we need to bring to the rest of the world as well as to all young people in America who are concerned about the future. The future of America is limitlesss if we only recognize and give flight to the talents we all have, without the restriction and the corruption of large intrustive government. I am proof of that.

Politics-Central: If elected what would you do as president?

John Cox: The proper answer to that could fill a book, which I have already written and can be obtained through my website. The American people will know exactly where I stand on just about every issue before they choose me as their next leader.

In short, I want to reintroduce the American people to the dynamism and the problem solving potential of a truly free market and open competition. I believe in competition and its ability to drive progress , innovation and efficiency. Whatever the issue:energy, education, health care -you name it - a great deal of the solutuions can be found in greater consumer choice, greater supply to choose from and freer markets. I will work hard to bring those principles to the forefront, because they work.

Here is a little about John Cox
Age: 51
Home: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Lawyer, Founder of Law
and Accounting firm, Real Estate
Education: Degree in Acounting and
Political Science from the University
of Illionis at Chicago.
Political Experience: Republcian Activist,
President of Cook County, Illionis
Republican Party, Unsuccessful candidate for
the U.S. House 2000, The U.S. Senate 2002
Presidential Candidate 2008

To find out more about John Cox and his campign for President go to

Today's Poll Update: The Last Week!

Today in my poll McCain has recievd a very slight lead over Hagel, and George Allen has started recieving a boost in support. Giuliani also finally recieved a slight boost. 6 days left in my poll and time is running out. For those who haven't voted and still would like to hurry here is the link:

Current Results
(R)John McCain 19%
(R)Chuck Hagel 18%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 15%
(R)George Allen 7%
(R)Condi Rice 5%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)Newt Gingrich 4%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4%
(R)Sam Brownback 4%
(R)Bill Frist 1%
(R)George Pataki 1%
None of the Above 17%

Remember only 6 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Today's Political News

This week the GOP big wigs chose Minneapolis as the official site of the 2008 Republican Convention. The Democrats have yet to choose. The race for control of congress has tightened. According to recent polls, the senate will be split 50-50 (if Lieberman cauces with the democrats) and the house would be retained by the GOP 218-217. If this is true congress will be split right down the line. Vice President Cheney would have alot more duties with tie votes.

Today in my poll McCain and Hagel have become tied. Giuliani has slipped in numbers and remains in a distant 3rd.

Current Results
(R)John McCain 19%
(R)Chuck Hagel 19%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 14%
(R)Condi Rice 6%
(R)George Allen 6%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)Newt Gingirch 5%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4%
(R)Sam Brownback 4%
(R)Bill Frist 1%
(R)George Pataki 1%
None of the Above 16%

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our Endorsements for the 2006 Midterm Elections

The next few candidates for office in 2006 that I am about to list are the candidates Politics Central officialy endorses for office.

(D)Dave Freudenthal for Wyoming State Governor

(R)Craig Thomas for the U.S. Senate

(I)Carole Keeton Strayhorn for Texas State Governor

(R)Charlie Crist for Florida State Governor

(R)George Allen for the U.S. Senate

(R)Lynn Swann for Pennsylvania State Governor

(R)Rick Santorum for the U.S. Senate

(Jobs/I)KT McFarland for the U.S. Senate (yes she still is a candidate)

(R)Tom Kean Jr. for the U.S. Senate

(I)Joe Lieberman for the U.S. Senate

I would like a few other candidates to win and I support them, but these are the ones I really support.

Another look at Connecticut and Texas

A few new polls are out for the Connecticut U.S. Seante race. All show incumbant U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman ahead of Millionaire Ned Lamont by double digits. My prediction is that Lieberman will win by a wide margin. Lamont has to really work hard if he wants to unseat Joe Lieberman. Politics Central officially endorses Joe Lieberman for reelection in 2006. This is a man who stands for what is right with the country and not for what is right for his party.

In the Texas governor race, Incumbant Governor Rick Perry is lagging in numbers. He is now down 8 points from the summer according to rasmussen. All the other contenders are still trailing by double digits, but are gaining. Rasmussen shows Independent State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn gaining in numbers, but SurveyUSA shows Democratic fmr. Congressman Chris Bell gaining from the perry drop and Strayhornin dead last. No polls show a gain for Independent Country Western Performer Kinky Friedman. Another candidate Politics Central endoreses is Carole Strayhorn for Texas Governor in 2006.

Poll Update: Can Hagel actually win?

My prediction for my poll is that Chuck Hagel will barily win with this recent bounce in numbers. he has gained 2+ points for the past 4 days and is continuing to grow. McCain is just barily gaining a .2+of a point each day and is slowly losing his lead to Hagel. To supporters of Hagel from the Hagel2008 blog if you are voting twice a day or numerous times please allow others to make their votes for their choices too. Giuliani is pretty much out of this race, but still could win if he can get even half of the bounce hagel ahs recieved in the past week.

(It is too hard to but decimals)
Current Results
(R)John McCain 18%
(R)Chuck Hagel 18%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 15%
(R)Condi Rice 6%
(R)George Allen 6%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4%
(R)Newt Gingrich 4%
(R)Sam Brownback 4%
(R)Bill Frist 1%
(R)George Pataki 1%
None of the Above 17%

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Poll Update: Hagel gets HUGE bounce!

Well another record has been broken in my poll. Nebraska U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel has recieved the biggest bounce on record for my polls. He jumped SEVEN points!!!!!!!!! He has moved into a close 2nd over Rudy Giuliani. This support is most likely from advertizement of my poll from McCain still holds the lead, but barily.

Currnet Results
(R)John McCain 18.44%
(R)Chuck Hagel 17.02%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 15.6%
(R)Condi Rice 6.38%
(R)Mitt Romney 5.67%
(R)George Allen 5.67%
(R)Newt Gingrich 4.26%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4.26%
(R)Sam Brownback 4.26%
(R)Bill Frist 0.71%
(R)George Pataki 0.71%
None of the Above 17.02%

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Poll Update: McCain is steaming away!

Today McCain made another record in my polls by taking the biggest lead in the history of my polls. He almost has a 4 point lead over Giuliani. It wasn't to long ago when Giuliani had a lead over McCain so this just shows how polls can change. Chuck Hagel is slowly gaining in numbers and now is only behind Giuliani by 5-6 points. Continue voting you still have a week and a half to vote in my poll!

Current Results
(R)John McCain 19.85%
(R)Rudolh Giuliani 16.79%
(R)Chuck Hagel 10.69%
(R)Condi Rice 6.87%
(R)Mitt Romney 6.11%
(R)George Allen 6.11%
(R)Newt Gingrich 4.58%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4.58%
(R)Sam Brwonback 4.58%
(R)Bill Frist 0.76%
(R)George Pataki 0.76%
None of the Above 18.32%

Monday, September 25, 2006

Today's Political Blog Updates

Well I may have spoken too soon on Bush's fading approval bounce. His new average is around 44-43 a 7 point bouce from late August and early September. Also with Bush's slow comeback comes better numbers for his party. In the last poll on who people would vote for the GOP and the democrats are dead even. The emocrats shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch. It does look though that they will takeover the U.S. House but I believe the GOP will slightly hold on to the U.S. Senate. Maybe in 2008 after they lick their wounds they will be back in total control.

My Poll is now entering week #2 with a very successful turnout. it has nearly doubled the votes I recieved in my last poll. Day #3 of the McCain Lead. He has formed the largest lead in the history of my poll with about a 3 point lead. Giuliani is tending to lose more and more votes. Chuck Hagel is still standing very well in a distant 3rd, and is in my opinion the only one that can beat McCain besides Giuliani. Keep voting you still have 2 weeks to vote in the poll.

The Most Recent Results for my poll
(R)John McCain 18.90%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 16.54%
(R)Chuck Hagel 10.24%
(R)Condi Rice 7.09%
(R)Mitt Romney 6.30%
(R)George Allen 6.30%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4.72%
(R)Newt Gingrich 4.72%
(R)Sam Brownback 4.72%
(R)Bill Frist 0.79%
(R)George Pataki 0.79%

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today's Update on My Poll

Question: Out of the Possible Presidential GOP candidates in 2008 who would you vote for as the GOP nominee for President?

The Link to the Poll:

Today is day #2 of John McCain holding a very slight lead over Rudolph Giuliani. It might be turning into a commanding lead, but it is sill too close and too early to call. Still many voters are still voting for none of the above. These are most likely democrats. Wait until the Democratic Poll airs on Oct. 6th for those who are voting for none of the above. Here is the suprise for today. Nebraska U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel has become the first to sctually recieve half of Giuliani and McCain's votes. He is now in 3rd with almost 10% of the vote.

The Most Recent Results
(R)John McCain 18.97%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 17.24%
(R)Chuck Hagel 11.21%
(R)Condi Rice 6.90%
(R)Mitt Romney 6.03%
(R)Newt Gingrich 5.17%
(R)Mike Huckabee 5.17%%
(R)George Allen 5.17%%
(R)Sam Brownback 5.17%
(R)Bill Frist 0.86%
(R)George Pataki 0.86%
None of the Above 17.24%

Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Poll News Update for Today

Finally John McCain has regained the lead over Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani held the lead for 4 days straight with out a tie, but McCain has finally taken back his lead. The two are still neck and neck and I have decided to close my poll October 6th, 2006 at 10:00 p.m Eastern Time. That leaves plenty of time for anything to happen. The others now still trail by a long shot.

Current Results
(R)John McCain 20.59%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 19.61%
(R)Condi Rice 7.84%
(R)Chuck Hagel 7.84%
(R)Mitt Romney 6.86%
(R)Newt Gingrich 5.88%
(R)Mike Huckabee 5.88%
(R)Sam Brownback 4.90%
(R)George Allen 3.92%
(R)Bill Frist 0.98%
(R)George Pataki 0.98%
None of the Above 14.71%

Toss Up 2006 Midterm Election Races

The Missouri U.S. Senate Race

The Candidates
(R)Jim Talent, U.S. Senator 2003-Present, U.S. House of Representitives 1993-2001, State House Minority Leader 1989-1990, State House of Representitives 1985-1993

(D)Claire McCaskill, Missouri State Auditor 1999-present, 2004 Dem. Governor Nominee, Jackson County Prosecutor 1993-Present, State House of Representitives 1983-1993

This Race in my opinion is the closest one this year. Polls show the two between 1-2 points of each other. McCaskill is probably most known for her narrow defeat in her bid for governor in the last election against Matt Blunt.

My Prediction
(R)Talent 50%
(D)McCaskill 49%
Other 1%

Actual Polls
(Rasmuseen Reports)
(D)McCaskill 47%
(R)Talent 45%

Tennessee U.S. Senate Race

The Candidates
(R)Bob Corker, Mayor of the City of Chattanooga, Tennesse 2001-Present, State Finance Commissioner 1995-2001

(D)Harold Ford Jr., U.S. Congressman 1997-Present

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is not seeking reelection, most likey to run for prez in 2008. Bob Corker has been seen has his likely successor, but the latest numbers show Ford coming back and according to Rasmussen he has a 1-point lead. No democratic senator has held this seat since Al Gore so it should be interesting to see if they regain this seat in 2006.

My Prediction
(R)Corker 51%
(D)Ford 48%
Other 1%
Actual Polls
(Rasmussen Reports)
(D)Ford 46%
(R)Corker 45%

The New Jersey U.S. Senate Race

The Candidates
(D)Bob Menendez, U.S. Senator 2006-Present, U.S. Congressman 1992-2006, Fmr. State Legislator and Union City Mayor

(R)Tom Kean Jr., New Jersey State Senator, New Jersey State Senate Minority Whip 2002-2003, Son of Ex. Governor.

Menendez has only held the position for a few months after Sen. Corzine's resignation to become governor. He has been neck and neck with his challenger Tom Kean. The two have been always within each other by 1-4 points. kean currently has the advantage but it is too close to call.

My Prediction
(R)Kean 49%
(D)Menendez 48%
other 3%

Actual Polls
(R)Kean 48%
(R)Menendez 45%

The other toss up races I have already mentioned.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Brief Poll Update

Giuliani has formed a stable slight lead over McCain in my poll. Others are still trailing by over 13 points.

Current results for my poll
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 21.11%
(R)John McCain 20.00%
(R)Condi Rice 7.78%
(R)Mitt Romney 6.67%
(R)Newt Gingrich 6.67%
(R)Chuck Hagel 6.67%
(R)Mike Huckabee 6.67%
(R)George Allen 4.44%
(R)Sam Brownback 4.44%
(R)Bill Frist 1.11%
(R)George Pataki 1.11%
None of the Above 13.33%

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Presidential Election 2008: My Top 5 Rankings!

Well many can guess who will win in 2008 and I will take a crack on who are the frontrunners for the job.

The Republicans
1st: John McCain, I feel that he is the current frontrunner. He is not at the top of some opinion polls, but he has alot of momentum. He is at the top of nationwide general election races. His is also always in the spotlight and is thought to be a GOP big wig.

2nd: Mitt Romney, The winner of my Greatest Governor in America Poll I think has gained alot of support and stands well in big prizes like New Hampshire. I think towards 2007 when he actually starts campaigning he will a huge bounce and become a major contender for the job.

3rd: Newt Gingrich, The fmr. ftront runner in the 1996 GOP Presidential campaign is looking at another shot at the White House. I think popularity from the past campaigns and being Speaker of the House will give him a boost in support and should perform well in early contests in 2008.

4th: Rudy Giulaini, The front runner in most polls and in my poll Giulaini I think will lose steam and die out if he runs. I don't think the GOP will elect a man with so little experience and a man who has had 3 marriages.

5th: George Allen, has recieved a few good numbers, but is considered way behind. I think when Sen. Allen wins reelection he will recieve a boost in support and should perform well in Iowa.

The Democrats
1st: Hillary Clinton, I hate to say it, but she is standing very well in polls. She seems to be very popular within her party. Many are concerned that she can't win in November so that might drag her down, but I think she is the frontrunner for the democrats.

2nd: Al Gore, The old 2000 Democratic Nominee might be thinking about another run for the White House. He has stated that he might run again for president one day. he is gaining in numbers.

3rd: Mark Warner, Many are starting to look at this man and his radicacl speeches. With this lastest momentum he has started climbing in numbers and will likely perform well in early contests.

4th: John Edwards, I think after 2004 this fmr. senator reached the peak of popularity for a man who had briefly served in public office. He has always performed well in Iowa and in nationwide polls and could eprform very well.

5th: John Kerry, The old 2004 Dem. Presidential Candidate might try again and stands well in nationwide polls, but poorly in big contest polls. He will have to try hard to win and change the way he campaigns. He can't expect to campaign like'04 and win.

There you have it my top 5 presidential candidates in both parites

Quick Poll Update

I will keep this brief with the poll ifo. Rudy Giuliani has taken the lead slightly over John McCain, but it is way too close to call. I will not show results tonight but I will in the morning.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Today in Politics!

President Bush's approval rating seems to have come back down to it's regular mid to low 40's. It recieved a slight bounce after the 9/11 speech, but that has detirated. The president continues to stand by what he believes and continues his plans as scheduled. President Bush now is comig under attack from his fmr. Secreatry of State Collin Powell and other big republicans like fmr. GOP Presidential opponent and Senator John McCain. In other political news, Sen. Conrad Burns still struggles in his race for another term. He is now trailing his challenger Jon Tester by 9 points. Sen. George Allen has ended his slum in numbers now with a 7 point lead over Jim Webb. Sen. Rick Santorum still trails Bob Casey in his race but is closing in. he is now only 4-2 points behind Casey. In Wyoming Ray Hunkins the GOP challenger of Incumbant Dave Freudenthal did the unthinkable and outfunded Freudenthal in the month of August. Freudenthal will still most likely by 20+ points, but this is a bad sign for dems if they want to keep the Governor's Mansion in 2010. In Texas Rick Perry continues to slumb in his numbers. He has fallen 11points since the summer. Independent Challenger Carole Strayhorn has recieved a bounce from this drop. Kinky Friedman, another Independent challenger has ended his period of high momentum. he was almost in 2nd place two months ago. The Democratic challenger Chris Bell stills continue to be unknown in this race. In Connecicut Sen. Joe Lieberman climbs in numbers now with a douple digit lead over Democratic challenger Ned Lamont. He will most likely win another term as a U.S. Senator, but this time as the only independent in the U.S. Senate with Jeffords retiring. That is it for today and for more polls go to

Day #4 of My Poll

Just a quick update for my poll. McCain and Giuliani are still tied with their neck and neck fight. Condi Rice continues her move upward towards the two pack leaders. This fight ssould be interesting. Continue to see daily poll updates. The Poll will close in October but I still have yet to set a date.

Current Results
(R)John McCain 22.39%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 22.39%
(R)Condi Rice 8.96%
(R)Newt Gingrich 7.46%
(R)Chuck Hagel 7.46%
(R)Mike Huckabee 7.46%
(R)Mitt Romney 5.97%
(R)Sam Brownback 4.48%
(R)George Allen 2.99%
(R)George Pataki 1.49%
(R)Bill Frist 0.00%
None of the Above 8.96%

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Poll News Update

Well in the 3rd day of my poll many have responded and the race has seemed to come down to just two. McCain and Giuliani continue into day two in their tie. Earlier today Giulani took the lead for the first, but McCain the fmr. frontrunner had recieved enough support to push the two back into a tie. They are still the co-pack leaders. The rest have yet to seem to get half of the votes Giuliani and McCain have recieved. Condi Rice, Chuck Hagel, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Huckabee have become dealocked in a 4-way tie for 2nd place. My Greatest Governor Poll winner Mitt Romney, George Allen, George Pataki, Sam Brownback,and the only one yet to not recieve any votes, Bill Frist are still trailing way behind. Again to those who pick None of the Above and are Democrats another poll comparing the Dems will be made. Continue voting in the poll and I have yet to set a date to close the poll. It will be before November for sure though.

The Most Recent Results for my poll
(R)John McCain 22.22%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 22.22%
(R)Condi Rice 7.94%
(R)Newt Gingirch 7.94%
(R)Chuck Hagel 7.94%
(R)Mike Huckabee 7.94%
(R)Mitt Romney 4.76%
(R)Sam Brownback 4.76%
(R)George Allen 3.17%
(R)George Pataki 1.59%
(R)Bill Frist 0.00%

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Poll: Major Contenders!

Here are some major contenders in my poll: Out of the Possible GOP Presidenital Candidates who would you vote for as the GOP nominee for president in 2008? The other contenders George Allen, Bill Frist and Georeg Pataki have yet to become a real threat in numbers.

Here is a link to the poll

Today's Political Highlights. My Poll: Giuliani vs. McCain

Today in politics President Bush's low poll numbers are starting to climb. This could be thanks to his 9/11 speeches and the anniversary of that terrible tragedy. In my new poll Giuliani and McCain are fighting it out in a tie vote for who would you choose as the GOP presidential candidate. Huckabee is in 2nd with Gingrich and Hagel slightly traling in 3rd. My poll seems to have attracted some Democrats who have selected "None of the Above". To them I say I will create a democratic poll after my GOP poll. To ultimately finish these sequence of polls I will compare the winner of both polls to see who you think should be president.

The Current results for my poll
(R)John McCain 21.62%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 21.62%
(R)Mike Huckabee 10.81%
(R)Newt Gingrich 8.11%
(R)Chuck Hagel 8.11%
(R)Condi Rice 5.41%
(R)Mitt Romney 5.41%
(R)Sam Brownback 2.70%
None of the Above 16.22%

Mitt Romney winner of my Greatest Governor in America Poll is stuggling in this poll at a tie for 6th place.

Recent Midterm Election Polls

Missouri U.S. Senate Race
(Rasmussen Reports)
(D)Claire McCaskill 45%
(R)Jim Talent 42%

(D)McCaskill 48%
(R)Talent 47%

Montana U.S. Senate Race
(Rasmuseen Reports)
(D)Jon Tester 52%
(R)Conrad Burns 43%

Texas State Governor Race
(Rasmuseen Reports)
(R)Rick Perry 33%
(I)Carole Strayhorn 22%
(D)Chris Bell 18%
(I)Kinky Friedman 16%

Texas U.S. Senate Race
(Rasmussen Reports)
(R)Kay Bailey Hutchison 58%
(D)Barbara Ann Radnofsky 32%

Washington U.S. Senate Race
(Rasmussen Reports)
(D)Maria Cantwell 52%
(R)Mike McGaverick 35%

Virginia U.S. Senate Race
(Rasmussen Reports)
(R)George Allen 50%
(D)Jim Webb 43%

Florida State Governor Race
(R)Charlie Crist 49%
(D)Jim Davis 41%
Others 1%

Florida U.S. Senate
(D)Bill Nelson 53%
(R)Katherine Harris 38%

That is all for today

Friday, September 15, 2006

Will and Can the Democrats take over in 2006.

Much unpopularity had shadowed over the GOP the past few years. They are stuggling in polls to keep control of Congress. According to the latest polls the GOP would lose control of the U.S. House and a 50/50 split in the U.S. Senate if you count Lieberman caucusing as a democrat. If this is true say hello to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Democrats have still yet to put forward a working platform to help them take over in November, but the extreme dislike towards the GOP might just give them control. Right now some Radical democrats like Nancy Pelosi are saying they will try to write articles of impeachment for President Bush. They are most likely doing that to get revenge from the Clinton impeachment. If they can total control this might cause the president to worry, but they have yet given a great anough crime to remove him from office. Some could say the Democrats are losing ground with GOP numbers slowly improving and the President's low numbers well on there way to the 50's. We will just have to wait until November to see what happens.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tuesday's Primary

Well not too many suprises from Tuesday. Sen. Lincoln Chafee won his primary over Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey 54%-46%. It looks like after such poor support from his party in the primary he might have a serious fight on his hands against fmr. Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse. In New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer won his primary is a huge landslide. He will face off against State Assembly Minority Leader John Faso. Ex Yonkers Mayor John Spencer defeated Fmr. Deputy Assistant Sec. of Defense KT McFarland 60%-40%. He will face off against popular incumbant Hillary Clinton who won her primary in a huge landslide. In Maryland Congressman Ben Cardin defeated fmr. Congressman and fmr. NAACP President Kweisi Mfume 47%-37%. Religious Activist Len Munsil defeated Don Goldwater, Nephew to fmr. Presidential Candidate and Senator Barry Goldwater 50%-40%. In other political news Sen. Joe Lieberman is steaming away from Ned Lamont and Alan Schlesinger according to the latest SurveyUSA poll. They show Lieberman 51% Lamont 38% Schlesinger 7%. This could be misinterperted because the last Rasmussen poll showed Lieberman with a 2 point lead. Arnold Schwartzenegger is still holding a great lead over Phil Angelides. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Schwartzenegger 47% Angelides 33%. That is all for today

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My New Poll! This Makes #2

Today I created my 2nd poll the sequel to the Greatest Governor Poll back in July. I know I said I would add another poll around the holidays, but i couldn't resist! The Poll wont close for a long time I think since the last poll was such a sucess I will keep in open for a month or longer so you have plenty of time to go to my link and vote! Out of the Possible Presidential GOP candidates who would you vote for?

Here is the link to the Poll:

Over 50 Posts and More to Come

Yesterday my Blog made it to Number 50! 50 posts and 120 views of my blog. Thank you to those who have visited! Look for many more to come! On to 100!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is the 5th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Not since Pearl Harbor in 1941 had the U.S. endured such an attack. Please take time today to honor those who died and their families.

Primary Previews and More Polls

Tommorrow is the day with the most primaries around the U.S. In Arizona Governor Napolitano is unopposed, but it should be interesting to see who faces off against from the GOP in their primary. In the D.C. The Mayor is unopposed so several will fight for that job. In Vermont no real interesting races and congressman Bernie Sanders should become the next senator form Vermont. also in Delaware Sen. Carper should prevail but the dems should have a good fight. In Maryland U.S. Congressman Ben Cardin will face off against ex Congressman Kweisi Mfume in the Dem. Primarey for the Senate, and Lt. Governor Michael Steele should prevail in his primary. In Minnesota all the races are squared awat except for the 4 statewide positions. No real races in NH. In New York Sen. Hillary Clinton will easily prevail in her primary. Ex-Yonkers Mayor John Spencer will likely defeat fmr. Deputy Assisatnt Sec. of Defense KT McFaland in their Priamry. State Assembly Minority Leader John Faso and State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer will face off for governor in December. In Rhode Island U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee is facing off against Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey in the GOP primary. ex State Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse will face the winner in November.

More Polls
(D)Hillary Clinton 37%
(D)Al Gore 20%
(D)John Edwards 11%
(D)John Kerry 11%
(D)Russ Feingold 3%
(D)Bill Richardson 3%
(D)Mark Warner 3%
(D)Evan Bayh 2%
(D)Joe Biden 2%
(D)Tom Vilsack 1%

(R)Rudy Giuliani 31%
(R)John McCain 20%
(R)Newt Gingrich 12%
(R)George Allen 7%
(R)Bill Frist 5%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)George Pataki 4%
(R)Sam Brownback 1%

Alaska Governor
(R)Sarah Palin 52%
(D)Tony Knowles 38%

New York Governor DEM Primary
(D)Elliot Spitzer 79%
(D)Tom Suozzi 14%

New York U.S. Senate DEM Primary
(D)Hillary Clinton 88%
(D)Jonathan Tasini 10%

New York U.S. Senate GOP Primary
(R)John Spencer 39%
(R)KT McFarland 16%

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tommorrow is 9/11

Tommorrow is the 5th anniversary of the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. Please atke time tommorrow to honor those who perished in the attacks and their families

Montana U.S. Senate Race

In Montana U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns is up for another term.

The Candidates
(R)Conrad Burns, U.S. Senator 1989-Present, Yellowstone County Commissioner 1987-1989

(D)Jon Tester, Montana State Senate President 2005-present, Monatana State Senator 1999-Present, Big Sandy School District Board #1 Chairman 1994-1999

Jon Tester emerged from one of the most bitter primaries against State Auditor John Morrison in a landslide victory when polls showed a dead heat. He now faces the Incumbant Conrad Burns. Burns is rated as one of the worst senators and his approval rating is the lowest compared to any senator. This GOP seat is called the most vulerable. Tester has held a slight lead in polls usually 3-0 points, but has lost some ground since the June primary. He did had have a 8 point lead but it has dropped. Most call this race a toss up. Tester and other dems continue to mack relentless attacks towards Burns. Many think Burns doesn't even want the job any more. Tester has also made a series of ads against Burns like showing him falling asleep during a committee hearing. Burns has yet to give a response and has even slipped that he wouldn't even care if he lost. This might really hurt him in November if he wants to keep his job. The two will soon debate which should be interesting to watch. I'm looking for Tester to destroy burns in their debates.

My Prediction
(D)Tester 53%
(R)Burns 46%
Other 1%

Actual Polls
(Rasmussen Reports)
(D)Tester 47%
(D)Burns 47%

(D)Tester 48%
(R)Burns 45%

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another Look at the Polls

Here is another look at the 2006 midterm elections and other polls.

2006 Midterm Election Polls
President Bush's Approval Rating
(Rasmussen Reports)
Approve 42% Disapprove 56% Up 2 points

Tennessee U.S. Senate Race
(R)Bob Corker 45%
(D)Harold Ford Jr. 44%

My Prediction Slight GOP Hold

Tennessee State Governor Race
(D)Phil Bredesen 58%
(R)Jim Bryson 31%

My Prediction Strong Dem. Hold

Alaska State Governor Race
(R)Sarah Palin 52%
(D)Tony Knowles 38%

My Prediction Slight GOP Hold

Michigan U.S. Senate Race

(D)Debbie Stabenow 51%
(R)Michael Bouchard 43%

My Prediction Slight Dem. Hold

Michigan State Governor Race
(R)Dick DeVos 48%
(D)Jennifer Granholm 46%

My Prediction Slight GOP Gain

New Jersy U.S. Senate Race
(R)Tom Kean Jr. 44%
(D)Bob Menendez 39%

My Prediction Slight GOP Gain

Oklahoma State Governor Race
(D)Brad Henry 54%
(R)Ernest Istook 33%

My Prediction Strong Dem. Hold

Rhode Island U.S. Senate Race
(D)Sheldon Whitehouse 44%
(R)Lincoln Chafee 42%

(D)Sheldon Whitehouse 58%
(R)Steve Laffey 31%

My Prediction Slight GOP Hold

Rhode Island State Governor Race
(D)Charles Fogarty 46%
(R)Donald Carcieri 41%

My Prediction Slight GOP Hold

Florida U.S. Senate Race
(D)Bill Nelson 57%
(R)Katherine Harris 34%

My Prediction Strong Dem. Hold

Florida State Governor Race
(R)Charlie Crist 45%
(D)Jim Davis 41%

My Prediction Slight GOP Hold

For more polls go to

Friday, September 08, 2006

News from the U.K.

This week British Prime Minister Tony Blair has finally given the people of the U.K. notice of his resignation next year. After ten years of service as the highest political officer in her majesty's government Blair will resign likely in May and he will leave office in the summer. Labour party political leader and Chancellor of the Exchequer or head of the Treasury of the nation. He is regarded as the 2nd most powerful person in the country and Blair's likely successor. Brown has stated interest in the Labour party leader slot and Blair has stated Brown has is #2. Brown faces tough competition from the Conservative party. Blair's labour party lost alot of seats last year in the election. They just narrowly defeated the Tories in the popular vote. David Cameron, The Conservative Party Leader is widely viewed as the next prime Minister after Brown succeeds Blair, but the Labour Party might have a card up their sleeve. The next parliamentary elections are in 2009.

Info. for Viewers

Hey for the few viewers of my blog please submit ideas for post in comments. I'm just randomly picking races from around the country. If you would like to see a paticular race appear as a post with my anaylsis please leave it as a comment or email me a . Thanks!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pennsylvania Governor Race

Incumbant Democratic Governor Ed Rendell is running for a 2nd term this year and faces a tough celebrity challenge.

(D)Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania 2003-Present, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia 1992-1999, District Attorney for the City of Philadelphia 1978-1985

(R)Lynn Swann, Chairman of the President's Council of Physical Fitness and Sports, Retired Professional Football Player, NFL MVP Super Bowl X

Retired Football star Lynn Swann has decided to throw his hat into the ring and enter politics like so many celebrites before him. Swann has a steep hill to climb if he wants to defeat the popular incumbant ed Rendell. Swann was thought to have hurt Rendell's chances at a presidential run, but last week Rendell ruled out a presidential run saying "enough is enough" with this being his 8th campaign.Swann was neck and neck with Rendell in late 2005 and early 2006 but he has steadily dropped in polls giving Rendell a 12 point lead. He still has time to gain back some ground but he has to hurry. Swann has been called a copy of Arnold Schwartzenegger of California. A republican celebrity running for governor who served as head to the president's council on fitness. Swann has also recently retired as a sports correspondent which also relates to Arnold by bieng on TV. This fame might just give him the governor's mansion but it is unlikely.

My Prediction
(D)Rendell 53%
(R)Swann 46%
Other 1%

Actual Polls
(D)Rendell 48.4%
(R)Swann 43.5%

(Rasmmussen Reports)
(D)Rendell 50%
(R)Swann 38%

(Strategic Vision)
(D)Rendell 51%
(R)Swann 41%

(Quinnipiac University)
(D)Rendell 57%
(D)Swann 38%

News for Today

Well I'm sure you already know that it is Crist vs. Davis. Crist trounced his challanger in the Florida GOP primary. He beat State CFO Tom Gallagher 64%-34%. In a suprising finish State Senator Rod Smith recieved 41% against Congressman Jim Davis 47%. According to polls Crist is slightly edging out Davis by 4-8 points. In other political news the Florida State GOP is continuing its dislike to their Senate nominee Congresswoman Katherine Harris. Peter Monroe a fmr. G. W. Bush aid and her fmr. opponent in the primary has stated that he has supported every republican in the state for years but he cant support Harris. He will most likely be casting his vote for the Incumbant U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. Nelson has a huge advantage in the latest poll numbers. Over Pennsylvania the NBC Meet The Press debate between Incumbant U.S. Senator Rick Santorum(R) and challenger State Treasurer Bob Casey Jr. went very well. They were reported to have high ratings and more good news for the GOP Santorum beat Casey according to most responders. This just might help his recent momentum gain and take the lead against Casey. Most polls show Casey has a 7-10 point lead but it is slipping more and more. Last month Casey had a double digit lead now it has been reduced. Also in Pennsylvania at the NFL Season Kick off Lynn Swann made an appearence representing the Steelers team from Super Bowl X as MVP. He is the GOP hopeful for governor of the state and made an appearence probably for political reasons

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gov. Races from around the Country

Here are the latest polls on the races for Govoner from around the country.


Beebe(D) 49%
Hutchinson(R) 41%


Ritter(D) 46%
Beauprez(R) 39%


Culver(D) 44%
Nussle(R) 43%


Baldacci(D) 43%
Woodcock(R) 38%


Granholm(D) 48%
DeVos(R) 44%


Titus(D) 39%
Gibbons(R) 45%


Strickland(D) 53%
Blackwell(R) 37%


Kulongoski(D) 48%
Saxton(R) 39%


Swann(R) 38%


Doyle(D) 48%
Green(R) 42%

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Florida Primary Day

Today is Primary Election Day in Florida. The Democratic and GOP Governor primaries and the U.S. Senate GOP Primary are the ones to watch. Can Gallagher and Smith comeback? Will Harris prevail like polls show. Early returns are coming in and here they are:

The Florida Democratic Governor Primary
(D)Jim Davis 88,805 49.3%
(D)Rod Smith 67,010 37.7%
(D)Carol Castagnero 10,452 5.8%
(D)John Crotty 6,550 3.6%
(D)Glenn Burkett 6,264 3.5%

The Florida Republican Governor Primary
(R)Charlie Crist 181,589 64.2%
(R)Tom Gallagher 93,934 33.2%
(R)Vernon Palmer 3,927 1.4%
(R)Michael St. Jean 3,350 1.2%

The Florida Republican U.S. Senate Primary
(R)Katherine Harris 135,962 49.6%
(R)William McBride 80,626 29.4%
(R)LeRoy Collins Jr. 42,757 15.6%
(R)Peter Monroe 14,955 5.5%

You will have to wait till tommorrow afternoon to get final results but for now I'm out.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

President 2008 Update

Alot of specluation has accured in the political world about who is running. Here is my list of for sure candidates.

The Republicans
U.S. Sen. George Allen
U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback(Annouced intention)
Fmr. U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich
U.S. Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist
U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel
U.S. Sen. John McCain(Putting togehter a team)
NY Governor George Pataki
MA Governor Mitt Romney

The Democrats
U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh
U.S. Sen. Joe Biden(Annouced Intention)
Fmr. Army General Wes Clark
U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton
U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd(Annouced Intention)
Fmr. U.S. Sen. John Edwards
U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold
Fmr. U.S Sen. Mike Gravel(Annouced Candidate)
U.S. Sen. John Kerry
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
IA Governor Tom Vilsack
Fmr. VA Governor Mark Warner

Likely Candidates
Fmr. Vice President Al Gore

Right now this presidential race will be on of the closest and most interesting races since the 2000 election. My Predictions that the GOP fight will be between McCain and Romney with a formable performance by Newt Gingrich. I don't think fmr. NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will run and if he does I dont think he will go far. He might get a great early start but will fade out. McCain will win most of the early contests and Romney will pick up very few. Gingrich will put a good fight in NH but will drop out shortly after. Finally after Super tuesday with a loss of funding Romney willl drop out with McCain as the victor. Romney willl be selected as his VP running mate. On the Democratic side I think if Hillary Clinton runs it will come down between her Mark Warner, John Edwards, and Fmr. VP Al Gore (if he runs). I think Warner and Edwards will fade out after Iowa and the early contests but I think Edwards will win in Iowa. Al Gore will get a good showing in the first few primaries like New Hampshire but Hillary Clinton will win NH. Edwards will win his S. Carolina and get a good showin gin a few more primaries but look for him to drop out after Super tuesday. That will leave a Gore-Hillary fight till the convention when Al Gore will barily win the Nomination when the dems finally realize America will not vote in a woman. He will pick Mark Warner as his VP running mate. The fight between McCain and Gore will be close at first but after the debates and McCain trounces Gore McCain will get a good bounce. He will win by a good margin in November maybe 303-235 and the popular vote 53%-46% McCain 1% other. That is my wacky prediction for the race but it is way too early to make an accurate prediction. The candidates above have already been making early trips to Iowa and NH. The race will start to pick up after the 2006 midterm elections. I see alot of candidates annoucing in late 2006 early 2007. Until then we will have to wait and see.

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race

Senator Rick Santourm is up for reelection. He faces tough competition. Santorum has faced tough times of unpopularity and low poll numbers.

The Candidates
(R)Rick Santorum, U.S. Senator 1995-Present, U.S. House of Representitives 1991-1995, Senate Conference Chairman (3rd ranking Republican)

(D)Robert (Bob) Casey Jr., Pennsylvania State Treasurer 2005-Present, Pennsylvania State Auditor General 1997-2005, Son of fmr. Gov. Robert Casey

(G)Carl Romanelli, State Party Chairman, Retired Family Court Official

Santorum has suffered poor political numbers against Casey for sometime, but now he has recieved a great boost in support. he used to be rated the worst senator with the lowest approval rating, but according to the last SurveyUSA poll his approval has jumped almost ten points. He is also trailing Casey by 8 points when early this year he was trailing by douple digits. Next Week the two will meet on NBC's Meet the Press to debate the issues. Casey has critized Santorum's poor voting record for sometime and this will give him a chance to respond. Santorum has suffered from attack after attack from the state dems but out of nowhere big democratic Governor Ed Rendell endorsed him for reelection. Rendell must be the biggest democrat in the state and he has shown he is not all partisan politics. This endorsement might give Santorum a boost among democratic voters. So far Casey has been the front runner for sometime but after this endorsement and the debate Santorum just might turn this thing around. Also with Romanelli the Green Party hopeful taking votes away from Casey that might also give Santorum a boost as well. But it is in my opinion that he needs to tie or gain the lead if he wants to win this thing in November.

My Prediction
(R)Santorum 48%
(D)Casey 47%
(G)Romanelli 4%
Other 1%

Actual Polls
(Rasmussen Reports)
(D)Casey 48%
(R)Santorum 40%
(G)Romanelli 5%

Quinnipaic University)
(D)Santorum 48%
(R)Casey 42%
(G)Romanelli 5%

SurveyUSA Approval Rating for Sen. Santorum
Approve 48% Disapprove 45% (up ten points!)

This will most likely be one of the closest race in the Senate this year with the exception of the Missouri race.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A look at the Polls

Here is a look at polls conducted for key races around the country

2006 U.S. Midterm Election Polls
President Bush's Approval Rating

Rasmussen Reports 9/1/06
Approve 40% Disapprove 58%

SurveyUSA 8/15/06
Approve 38% Disapprove 60%

State Elections (Most performed by Rasmussen Reports)

Minnesota U.S. Senate Race
(DFL)Amy Klobuchar 47%
(R)Mark Kennedy 40%

My Prediction Slight Dem. Hold

California U.S. Senate
(D)Dianne Fienstein 56%
(R)Richard Mountjoy 34%

My Prediction Strong Dem. Hold

California Governor Race
(R)Arnold Schwartzenegger 48%
(D)Phil Angelides 42%

My Prediction Slight Rep. Hold

Arizona U.S. Senate Race
(R)Jon Kyl 52%
(D)Jim Pederson 35%

My Prediction Strong Rep. Hold

Arizona Governor Race
(D)Janet Napolitano 55%
(R)Don Goldwater 32%

(D)Janet Napolitano 52%
(R)Len Munsil 33%

My Prediction Strong Dem. Hold

Ohio U.S. Senate Race
(D)Sherrod Brown 45%
(R)Mike DeWine 42%

My Prediction Slight Rep. Hold

Ohio Governor Race
(D)Ted Strickland 57%
(R)Ken Blackwell 32%

My Prediction Slight Dem. Gain

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race
(D)Bob Casey Jr. 48%
(R)Rick Santorum 40%
(G)Carl Romanelli 5%

My Prediction Slight Rep. Hold

Pennsylvania Governor Race
(D)Ed Rendell 50%
(R)Lynn Swann 38%

My Prediction Slight Dem. Hold

Washington U.S. Senate Race
(D)Maria Cantwell 46%
(R)Mike McGaverick 40%

My Prediction Slight Dem. Hold

Connecticut Governor Race
(R)Jodi Rell 61%
(D)John DeStafano 31%

My Prediction Very Strong Rep. Hold

Connecticut U.S. Senate Race
(I)Joe Lieberman 45%
(D)Ned Lamont 43%
(R)Alan Schlesinger 6%

My Prediction Slight Ind. Gain

Oregon State Governor Race
(D)Ted Kulongoski 49%
(R)Ron Saxton 35%

My Prediction Slight Dem. Hold

Missouri U.S. Senate Race
(R)Jim Talent 46%
(D)Claire McCaskill 44%

My Prediction Slight Rep. Hold

For More Political Races and their polls go to .

Florida U.S. Senate Race

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D) is up for reelection and is right on his way to cruise to an easy victory.

The Candidates
(D)Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator 2001-Present, Florida State Treasurer, Isurance Commissioner & State Fire Marshall, U.S. House of Representitives 1979-1991, Florida State Legislature 1973-1979

(R)Katherine Harris, U.S. House of Representitives 2003-Present, Florida State Secretary of State 1999-2003, Florida State Senator 1995-1999

(R)Will McBride, Attorney At Law, Will McBride Law Group Founder and Chairman

(R)LeRoy Collins, Retired U.S. Naval Admiral, Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon participated in operation DESERT STORM, Son of Ex. Gov. Collins, Businessman

(R)Peter Monroe, Developer & Ex Resolution Trust Corporation Oversight Board President

Katherine Harris the famed State Secretary of State that called victory for George W. Bush in Florida in the 2000 Pres. Election and now congressman has decided to challenge Senator Nelson but without support from her party. Harris was almost challenged by State Speaker of the house Al Bense and with the party's support he would of surely defeated Harris. Now her party has been humilating her with attack after attack. In my opinion this campign has hurt her political career. She has lost her congressional seat and her has become very unpopular with the party. Attorney Will McBride and Admiral LeRoy Collins are her two main opponents for her primary, but she will most likely win the primary. Nelson should be enjoying every minute of the fall of his main opponent because she has given him a ticket to a second term. Harris is still hanging in but she needs and boost in support and fast if she wants that senate seat. Sen. Nelson is unopposed in his primary ans has his party's full support so that has given him a great boost in his numbers.

My Prediction
GOP Primary
(R)Harris 46%
(R)McBride 30%
(R)Collins 20%
(R)Monroe 4%

The General Election
(D)Nelson 62%
(R)Harris 38%

Actual Polls
GOP Priamry
(Quinnipiac University)
(R)Harris 38%
(R)McBride 22%
(R)Collins 11%
(R)Monroe 3%

The General Election
(Rasmussen Reports)
(D)Nelson 61%
(R)Harris 33%

(Quinnipiac University)
(D)Nelson 61%
(R)Harris 24%