Thursday, August 31, 2006

News from California

In California Governor Schwartzenegger has recieved a great boost in support over his opponent for reelection State Treasurer Phil Angelides. Green Party hopeful Peter Camejo hasn't been in the polling samples, but he should recieve a good number at the polls.
Governor Schwartzenegger has also recieved a boost in his approval rating numbers. He is out of the 30's and well on his way to the 50's.

My Prediction
(R)Schwartzenegger 49%
(D)Angelides 44%
(G)Camejo 5%
Other 2%

Actual Polls
(Rasmussen Reports)
(R)Schwartzenegger 48%
(D)Angelides 42%

(R)Schwartzenegger 52%
(D)Angelides 38%
Other 1%

Approval Rating for Gov. Schwartzenegger
Approve 44% Disapprove 53%

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Florida Governor's Race

I'm sorry I have not posted in awhile I just left on a trip. In the next couple of days Floridians will vote to choose who will run against each other for governor in the general election.

The Candidates
(R)Charlie Crist, Florida State Attorney General 2003-Present, Florida State Commissioner of Education 2001-2003, Deputy Secretary of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation 1997-2001, 1998 Republican U.S. Senate Nominee, Florida State Senator 1993-1997,

(R)Tom Gallagher, 1st Florida State Chief Finacial Officer 2003-Present, Last Florida State Treasurer 2001-2003, Florida State Commissioner of Education 1999-2001, State Treasurer & Insurance Commissioner 1989-1999, Florida State House of Representitives 1973-1987 & Republican Whip, Candidate for Governor in 1986 & 1994

(D)Jim Davis, U.S. Congressman 1997-Present, Florida State House Majority Leader 1995, Florida State House of Representitives 1989-1997 Attorney At Law

(D)Rod Smith, Florida State Senator 2001-Present, Florida State Attorney 1993-2001, Attorney At Law

This Race is definately going to be a close one. Florida voters will decide in the next few months who will succeed Governor Jeb Bush as Florida's chief excutive officer. In the GOP primary State Attroney General Charlie Crist is facing off against State CFO Tom Gallagher. Crist has had the upperhand in this race. Both state they want to continue the Jeb Bush legacy. Gallagher feels Crist can't do that because he is too liberal. Crist tends to stick with the issues and ignores the attacks. In the last face to face debate between Crist and Gallagher last week showed the race at its height. Gallagher tried to paint Crist as a typical liberal, but Crist held his ground. Crist appears to have won the debate with his smoothness and concern for the issues. Gallagher has appeared to have recieved a small boost in support so this might not be over yet. On the Democratic side Congressman Jim Davis is facing off against State Senator Rod Smith. Smtih has been the small underdog in this race but a surge of energy has hit his campaign and has given him a boost in support. Davis has started use his great standings against GOP front runner Charlie Crist as as a way to show voters that he is the dems last chance at the governors mansion. In their debate last week according to the viewers response Smith won over Davis. This might also give Smith a surge in support but Davis will most likely prevail.

My Predictions
GOP Primary
(R)Crist 54%
(R)Gallagher 40%
other 6%

Dem. Priamry
(D)Davis 51%
(D)Smith 45%
Other 4%

The General Election
(R)Crist 52%
(D)Davis 47%
Other 1%

Actual Polls
Dem. Primary Polls
(Florida Chamber of Commerce/Insider Advantage)
(D)Davis 36%
(D)Smith 27%

(Quinnipiac University)
(D)Davis 43%
(D)Smtih 32%

(Strategic Vision)
(D)Davis 40%
(D)Smith 35%

GOP Primary
(Florida Chamber of Commerce/ Insider Advantage)
(R)Crist 39%
(R)Gallagher 29%

(Quinnipiac University)
(R)Crist 57%
(R)Gallagher 32%

(Strategic Vision)
(R)Crist 57%
(R)Gallagher 29%

The General Election
(R)Crist 52.4%
(D)Davis 38.5%

(R)Crist 50.9%
(D)Smith 36.8%

(Rasmussen Reports)
(R)Crist 47%
(D)Davis 42%

(D)Davis 44%
(R)Gallagher 41%

(R)Crist 48%
(D)Smith 35%

(R)Gallagher 45%
(D)Smith 40%

The primary is next tuesday so tune into this blog for more info. on it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Latest Polls from Connecticut

More sets of Polls have come out in the Connecticut U.S. Senate race.

Rasmussen Reports
(I)Lieberman 45%
(D)Lamont 43%
(R)Schlesinger 6%

American Research Group
(I)Lieberman 44%
(D)Lamont 42%
(R)Schlesinger 3%

Both polls show Lieberman and Lamont neck and neck. This is surely a race to watch!

Primary Day Final Election Results

Well as I said earlier no suprises in Wyoming. Freudenthal and Hunkins move on to the general election in the governor's race. Barbara Cubin didn't recieve as many votes as expected and politicaly unknown Bill Winney performed well. Finally Max Maxfield has prevailed in the State Secretary of State race over Mary Ann Collins. In Alaska Palin ousted Governor Murkowski and Binkley also defeated Murkowski coming in 2nd. In Oklahoma Fallin easily prevails over Cornett.

Final Results

2006 Wyoming Primary Election Results

Democratic Governor Primary
X (D) Dave Freudenthal 28,661 89%
(D) Albert Hamburg 3,443 11%

Republican Governor Primary
X (R) Ray Hunkins 52,659 75%
(R) John Self 17,996 25%

Republican U.S. House of Representitives Primary
X (R) Barbara Cubin 50,953 60%
(R) William (Bill) Winney 33,951 40%

Republican State Secretary of State Primary
X (R) Max Maxfield 44,291 54%
(R) Mary Ann Collins 37,983 46%

Republican State Treasurer Primary
X (R) Joesph Meyer 49,826 63%
(R) Fred Parady 29,575 37%

Republican State Auditor Primary
X (R) Rita Meyer 47,459 60%
(R) Bruce Brown 31,063 40%

2006 Alaska Primary Election Results

Republican Governor Primary
X (R) Sarah Palin 44,007 51%
(R) John Binkley 25,492 30%
(R) Frank Murkowski 16,251 19%
Other 387 0%

Democratic Governor Primary
X (D)Tony Knowles 29,908 69%
(D)Eric Croft 10,066 23%
Other 3,632 8%

2006 Oklahoma Primary Runoff Election Results

Republican CD-5
X (R)Mary Fallin 26,744 63%
(R)Mike Cornett 15,655 37%

That is it for today!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Primary Returns: Freudenthal vs. Hunkins, Cubin vs. Trauner, Fallin wins

No suprise in Wyoming. Freudenthal wins his race against Al Hamburg and Ray Hunkins won over John Self. Cubin defeats Winney by a suprising margin. Will Many thought she would win by a better margin. Oklahoma Lt. Governor Fallin easily wins but I will not post results in that race until tommorrow. Polls still haven't closed in Alaska so I won't post results in those races until tommorrow.

Wyoming Results


G.O.P U.S. House Primary 83% reporting
(R)Barbara Cubin 61% X
(R)Bill Winney 39%

G.O.P. State Governor 83% reporting
(R)Ray Hunkins 74% X
(R)John Self 26%

Dem. State Governor Primary 83% reporting
(D)Dave Freudenthal 89% X
(D)Al Hamburg 11%

G.O.P. Secretary of State 78% reporting
(R)Max Maxfield 52%
(R)Mary Ann Collins 48%

G.O.P. State Treasurer 78% reporting
(R)Joe Meyer 61%
(R)Fred Parady 39%

G.O.P. State Auditor 78% reporting
(R)Rita Meyer 60%
(R)Bruce Brown 40%

Final Results in all the Primaries tonight will be posted in the morning!

Primary Day: Wyoming, Alaska and Oklahoma Runoffs

Today is another primary in this election year. Today voters in Wyoming, Alaska and Okalhoma head to the polls to vote in a primary or a runoff. In Wyoming Polls have been opened for 3 hours now and it should be a very calm primary. The usual incumbants are term limited so they are playing musical chairs in the state's top 5 positions. In the G.O.P. primaries, State Secretary of State Joe Meyer is running for State Treasurer along with ex. State House Speaker Fred Parady. Long time Natrona County Clerk Mary Ann Collins is running against State Auditor Max Maxfield for the position of State Secretary of State. Rita Meyer vs. Bruce Brown in the State Auditor's race and Jim McBribe is unopposed in the State Superintendent's race. All the Democrats are unopposed in their races except for the Governor Primary. Incumbant Governor Dave Freudenthal will easily defeat Veteran and Frequent Candidate Al Hamburg. In the G.O.P primary for governor attorney Ray Hunkins will win his race over John Self. Congresswoman Barbara Cubin should win her primary over fmr. Navy officer Bill Winney. In Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski is vying for the G.O.P. nomination against ex. Wasila Mayor Sarah Palin and State Sen. John Binkley. He will most likely lose with Palin on top and and Binkley also beating Murkowski by a comfortable margin. On the Democratic side Fmr. Governor Tony Knowles will easily defeat his challenger Eric Croft. In Oklahoma CD-5 G.O.P. runoff should fall into mary Fallin the State Lt. Governor. Oklahoma City Mayor Mike Cornett is also running. There should be a close Lt. Governor Runoffs. I should post returns as they come in tonight and I have already posted polls about these races below so scroll down to view them. Here is a website to view results and for now I'm out to go vote in my primary today!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Primary Election Day Eve: Wyoming State Superintendent and other races

Today is the Day before the Wyoming and Alaskan Primaries and this will be my last post on Wyoming races. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction position is now up for grabs. Fmr. State Superintendent Trent Blankenship resigned last year and moved to take a position in Barrow, Alaska. Republican leaders chose Jim McBride as his replacement and the governor appointed him. Now he is running for a full term in his own right.

The Candidates
(R)Jim McBride, Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction 2005-Present, President of the Air Force Community College 1996-2001, Superintendent of Schools Bennett, Colorado 2003-2005, Technology Administator of Wyoming Department of Education

(D)Michelle Hoffman, Fremont County School District #1 Superintendent of Schools, Fremont School Board Vice Chairwoman

Not to much information as been collected about this race since both candidates are unopposed in their respective primaries. McBride is the clear favorite, but Hoffman has recieved alot of recent support and could still win this race. McBride has yet to campaign and Hoffman is circling the state.

My Prediction
(R)McBride 56%
(D)Hoffman 44%

No Actual Polls conducted.

The other races around the state are most likely going to fall to the G.O.P. The Legisature is 3-1 republican. In Alaska Murkowski just might win his primary,but it is unlikely. More info. will come in the morning as polls open in Wyoming as for now good bye and see you tommorrow.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wyoming State Auditor

State Auditor Max Maxfield has become term limited and has decided to run for State Sec. of State so that leaves this position open:

The Candidates
(R)Rita Meyer, ex. Chief of Staff to Fmr. Governor Geringer 1999-2003, Comptroller for the Wyoming Air National Guard, Active Duty Commandin Asia and Afganistan

(R)Bruce Brown, CPA or Public Accountant, Hulett Community Leader and Chamber of Commerce President, Board of Trustees of the Eastern Wyoming College

(D)Bill Eikenberry, Assistant BLM Director and Assistant Service Director, BLM Empolyee and Official retired.

Rita Meyer (R) and Bruce Brown (R)have been storming the state this past week to get the most votes in two days. Meyer is the favorite with the most experience, but Brown might pull a fast one and steal the G.O.P. nomination. They are both fighting for the right to face off against Fmr. Assistant BLM Director Bill Eikenberry (D). Eikenberry touts experience in this race and he might just win and become the first democratic State Wide officer besides being governor in years.

My Prediction
G.O.P. Primary
(R)Meyer 59%
(R)Brown 41%

General Election
(R)Meyer 55%
(R)Eikenberry 45%

No Actual Polls Conducted.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Alaska Governors Race: Murkowski's Last Campaign?

I guess since Alaska has a primary this week I would give you the posters and viewers a view at the states most competitive race. Governor Frank Murkowski is under a tough reelection campaign. He is looking at being dumped by his own party.

The Candidates
(R)Frank Murkowski, Governor of Alaska 2003-Present, U.S. Senator 1981-2003, Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, President of the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, President of the Alaskan National Bank

(R)John Binkley, Alaskan State Senator 1987-1991, Alaskan State House of Representitives 1985-1987, Bethal Alaska City Council 1983-1985

(R)Sarah Palin, ex. Wasila City Mayor Two Terms, Wasila City Council, President of the Alaskan Mayor's Conference, Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

(D)Tony Knowles, Ex. State Governor of Alaska two terms, Alaskan Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate 2004, Anchorage City Mayor two terms, Anchorage City Assembly

(D)Eric Croft, Alaskan State House of Representitives 1997-Present, Co-Chair Anchorage Caucus,

There are other candidates but they will most likely not recieve enough votes to even come close to the ones above.

This is definately a bad year for incumbants. The Governor of the Largest State in the Union, Murkowski has become very unpopular with the citizens of Alaska. Even his own party wants to get rid of him. Fmr. State Sen. John Binkley and Fmr. Wasila City Mayor Sarah Palin are both successfully vying for the G.O.P. nomination against Murkowski. According to recent polls Murkowski finishes dead last in polls against Pail and Binkley. If republicans want to win they can't renominate Murkowski. Palin has become the frontrunner, but who knows who wil win. On the Democratic side Fmr. Governor Tony Knowles is looking for a rebound since is narrow defeat in '04 for the U.S. Senate. State Rep. Eric Croft has decided to challenge him. Knowles is clearly the favorite but Croft might make a comeback.

My Prediction
G.O.P. Primary
(R)Palin 43%
(R)Binkley 31%
(R)Murkowski 20%
Other 6%

Democratic Primary
(D)Knowles 68%
(D)Croft 28%
other 4%

The General Election
(R)Palin 56%
(D)Knowles 44%

Actual Polls

Rasmussen Reports
(D)Knowles 58%
(R)Murkowski 29%

(R)Palin 51%
(D)Knowles 38%

(R)Binkley 46%
(D)Knowles 44%

(R)Palin 43%
(R)Binkley 30%
(R)Murkowski 17%

It is looking pretty grim for Murkowski. You can't expect to win when your down by over 20 points! Can anyone say ex. Governor Murkowski. I would be really suprised if he won.

Wyoming State Treasurer

This race is pitting a man with years of experience against a legislative giant with energy. State Secretary of State Joe Meyer is running against ex. State Speaker of the house Fred Parady. These two are running for the right to run against democrat Ron Redo who is unopposed in this election.

The Candidates
(R)Joe Meyer, State Secretary of State 1999-Present, Assistant to the President of the University of Wyoming 1995-1999, Wyoming State Attorney General (Gov. Appt) 1987-1995, Assistant Director Wyoming Legislative Service Office 1971-1987, Smith & Meyer Law Firm 1968-1971, Deputy Fremont County Attorney 1967-1969

(R)Fred Parady, ex. State Speaker of the Wyoming house of Representitives 2003-2004, ex. Majority Floor Leader, Chairman of Management Council, Capital Investment, and Finace Committees, Member of the Wyoming house of Representitives 1995-2005, Enviornmental Engineer 25 years

(D)Ron Redo No info. provided

No other candidates

This primary day two Wyoming political giants will fight off in a close fight. Meyer has been the most popular, but Parady has shown his energy and experience in their debate and has started to climb in popularity. This will surely be a close race and either candidate could win. Parady promises to make Wyoming's money work as hard as they do. Meyer 's slogan is "Proven Leadership for a secure future." They both have been differing in many issues and both would do things very differently if elected. They are both fighting to run in November against political unknown Ron Redo who has stated a cause, or a campaign or even a website.

My Prediction
G.O.P. Primary
(R)Meyer 52%
(R)Parady 48%

General Election
(R)Meyer 72%
(D)Redo 28%

No actual polls conducted.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Connecticut Polls

A new poll is out in Connecticut about the contested U.S. Senate Battle.

Qunnipiac University
Likely Voters
(I)Lieberman 53%
(D)Lamont 41%
(R)Schlesinger 4%

Registered Voters
(I)Lieberman 49%
(D)Lamont 38%
(R)Schlesinger 4%

Both show a double digit lead for Lieberman who is clearly the Frontrunner.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wyoming Lone U.S. House Seat Race

This will most likely be the closest race in Wyoming. The 6-term Incumbant Barbara Cubin (R) is seeking a 7th term and she faces only two challengers. Fmr. U.S. Naval Captain and Sailor Bill Winney (R) is running against her in the G.O.P. Primary. On the democratic side Teton County School Board Chariman and businessman Gary Trauner (D) is running unopposed and will move on to face Cubin in the General.

The Candidates
(R)Barbara Cubin U.S. Congresswoman 1995-present, Wyoming State Senator 1993-1995, Wyomins State House of Representitives 1987-1993

(R)Bill Winney, Retired U.S. Navy Officer and Captain

(D)Gary Trauner, Teton County School Board Chairman 2005-2006, Internet Excutive

(L)Dave Dawson Libertarian State Party Chairman and '02 Gov. Candidate. It is uncertain Whether he is running or not.

In a very big suprise, Cubin refused to debate her primary challenge on Wyoming Public Televison. Winney is using this to show his experience over Cubin's. She has also really never campaigned. Her team is campaigning for her. Because of this I think Winney should perform a little better against Cubin. Winney has also showed his interests and intellegance in politics to gain support. Cubin has yet to respond to her challengers questions. Trauner has started the usual "it is time for a change" slogan that her old oppents used against her and has showed his involvment in Wyoming and shown Cubin as an outsider. The latest polls show Trauner only 4 points back and a first for Mrs. Cubin, he outfunded her last month. With this recent gain of support Trauner just might become the first democrat Wyoming has sent to congress in over 70 years. Cubin has to comeback and really hit the campaign trail if she wants that 7th term in congress. Dave Dawson a Libertarian also might be running. He ran for governor in 2002 and recieved almost 2,000 votes or 2% of the vote. He hasn't paid his taxes in years and many question his ability to serve.

My Prediction
G.O.P. Primary
(R)Cubin 61%
(R)Winney 39%

The General Election
(R)Cubin 53%
(D)Trauner 47%
(It is uncertain whether Dawson is running or not)

Actual Polls
Rasmussen Reports in May
(R)Cubin 47%
(D)Trauner 43%

Rasmussen Reports in Feb.
(R)Cubin 54%
(D)Trauner 36%

Nevada Primary Results

Well really no suprises in Nevada. Jim Gibbons easily edged out his two challengers and Dina Titus trounced Jim Gibson. In the House District #2 G.O.P. fight State Sec. of State Dean Heller narrowly and I mean narrowly edged Sharron Angle and Dawn Gibbons wife of Congressman Gibbons came ina distant third. One of the real suprises though of the night was that the late State Controller Kathy Augustine didnt win her primary and fell short of winning by a huge amount.

Nevada Primary Election Results


U.S. House of Representitives, Nevada, District #2, G.O.P. Primary
(R)Dean Heller 24,781 35.14% X
(R)Sharron Angle 24,353 34.53%
(R)Dawn Gibbons 17,328 24.57%
(R)Glenn Thomas 1,834 2.60%
(R)Richard Gistler 719 1.02%
Other 2.14%

Nevada Governor Democratic Primary
(D)Dina Titus 64,006 53.09% X
(D)Jim Gibson 42,973 35.64%
(D)Leola McConnell 5,022 4.17%
Other 6.11%

Nevada Governor Republican Primary
(R)Jim Gibbons 67,748 47.85% X
(R)Bob Beers 40,884 28.88%
(R)Lorraine Hunt 25,165 17.77%
Other 4.33%

Nevada State Treasurer Republican Primary
(R)Mark DeStefano 57,051 40.30% X
(R)Kathy Augustine 26,391 18.64%
None of the Candidates 25,601 18.08%
(R)Joesph Pitts 25,035 17.68%
Other 5.29%

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nevada Primary Returns

Returns have started coming in! A big suprise of the night in that the late Augustine lost her primary by a wide margin when she was expected to win!


U.S. House of Representitives Nevada District #2 G.O.P. Primary 13% Reporting
(R)Dean Heller 8,330 39%
(R)Sharron Angle 7,189 33%
(R)Dawn Gibbons 5,510 25%
Other 3%

Nevada Governor Democratic Governor Primary
(D)Dina Titus 40,610 54% X
(D)Jim Gibson 27,383 36%
Other 10%

Nevada Governor G.O.P. Governor Primary
(R)Jim Gibbons 45,505 47% X
(R)Bob Beers 28,426 30%
(R) Lorraine Hunt 16,963 18%
Other 5%

Nevada State Treasurer G.O.P. Primary
(R)Mark DeStefano 26,807 44% X
(R)Joesph Pitts 12,621 20%
None of the Candidates 11,279 18%
(R)Kathy Augustine 11,136 18%

Tune in in the morning for Final Results in this primary

Today's Primary

Today's primary is the Nevada Primary Election.
The races up for the taking are the G.O.P. and Democratic Gov. primaries. U.S. Congressman Jim Gibbons will most likely easily win the G.O.P. primary over Lieutenant Governor Lorraine Hunt, and State Sen. Bob Beers. On the Democratic side it is a little closer. State Senate Miniority Leader Dina Titus is running against Henderson Mayor Jim Gibson. The late State Controller Kathy Augustine will defeat her oppents and G.O.P. Leaders are already picking a replacement in the State Treasurer's race. In the Race for Lt. Governor State Treasurer Brian Krolicki leads a field of six challengers. In the CD-2 seat vacated by Gibbons who is running for governor is also a contested race. State Secretary of State Dean Heller, Fmr. State Assemblywoman Dawn Gibbons (wife of Jim Gibbons)and Sharron Angle plus two others are fighting for the G.O.P. Nomination. Here is a website to view results tonight: . Thats it for today!

Polls in Nevada

Governor-G.O.P. Primary
(R)Jim Gibbons 47%
(R)Bob Beers 25%
(R)Lorraine Hunt 17%
Others 0%

Governor-Dem. Primary
(D)Dina Titus 57%
(D)Jim Gibson 33%
(D)Leola McConnell 3%

Nevada-Congress-CD-2-G.O.P. Primary
(R)Sharron Angle 32%
(R)Dean Heller 32%
(R)Dawn Gibbons 19%

I will post returns and final results when they come in!

Wyoming U.S. Senate Race

This year Wyoming's seat in the senate is up for the taking. U.S. Senator Craig Thomas is running for a third term. He only has two challengers: Dale Groutage (D), William "Greybeard" McPherson (I).

The Candidates
(R) Craig Thomas, U.S. Senator 1995-Present, Fmr. U.S. Congressman 1989-1995, Fmr. Member of the State House of Representitives 1985-1989, Vice President of the Wyoming Farm Bureau, General Manager of the Rural Electric Association

(D) Dale Groutage, College Engineer & Proffessor, Scientist

(I)William "Greybeard" McPherson, Blue Coller Worker, Army Veteran

(L)Dave Herbert It is uncertain that he is running and their isn't any info. about him.

According to most polls Sen. Thomas will win in a landslide of at least 30 points. He holds the state record of recieveing votes by getting 72% of the vote in 2000. Groutage might put up a little bit bigger of a challenge but Thomas will win. There isn't any primary for the senate with no primary challenges so the three above will be on the November ballot. There was speculation that Thomas would run for governor but he decided against it. he also was under consideration for the job of U.S. Secreatry of the Interior. He refused and said he can better serve the nation where he was.

My Prediction
(R)Thomas 74%
(D)Groutage 25%
(I)McPherson 1%
(It is uncertain that Herbert is running)

Actual Polls

Rasmussen Reports
(R)Thomas 59%
(D)Groutage 32%

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wyoming Governors Election

This week I will be posting Info. on Wyoming races with the primary only a week away and because it is my homestate. The Governors Election will decide who will serve as governor from 2007-2011. Incumbant Governor Dave Freudenthal (D) is seeking a 2nd term and because of his imense popularity he will most likely get it, but a few are hping they will perform a miracle and defeat him. Many thought the only way Freudenthal would lose is if popular U.S. Senator Craig Thomas(R) ran against him. Polls showed the two neck and neck before the election but Thomas decided not to risk it and run for a third term destroying republicans hopes of retaking the governors mansion.

The Candidates
(D)Dave Freudenthal, Governor of Wyoming 2003-present, U.S. Attorney for the Wyoming District 1994-2001, State Planning Coordinator 1975, Economist for the Wyoming Department of Economic Planning and Development 1973-1975, Cheyenne Lawyer

(D)Al Hamburg, '04 Congressional Candidate, Frequent Candidate, Retired Sign Painter, and Korean War Veteran

(R)Ray Hunkins, Wheatland Attorney, Rancher, Ex-Police Officer, USMC Veteran, '02 Governor Candidate, UW Alumni President & College Board of Trustees

(R)John Self, Retired, '02 Governor Candidate

Governor Freudenthal will easily defeat Al Hamburg. There is rumors that Hamburg can only run for governor and in the unlikely event that he wins according to law he can't serve as governor. Ray Hunkins will also most likely win his primary over. In their debate Hunkins clearly answered better and knew what he was talking about. Self just answered with a one sentence or lower response or no response at all. Hunkins has been continually critizing Freudenthal and he has yet to respond. It should be interesting to see these two debate. Hunkins wants lower property taxes and other taxes but really hasn't stated how he will do it. Republicans have been always checking into Freudenthal's and his wifes records and request more of them. Freudenthal has come under much fire but remains very popular with voters. He continues to hold a strong lead and Hunkins has alot of work to do if he wants to win in November. The Primary is August 22nd and many other posts about our races are to come every day until the big day!

My Predictions
Dem. Governor Priamry
(D)Freudenthal 92%
(D)Hamburg 8%

G.O.P. Governor Primary
(R)Hunkins 88%
(R)Self 12%

General Election Governor
(D)Freudenthal 62%
(R)Hunkins 38%

Actual Polls

Rasmussen Reports
(D)Freudenthal 58%
(R)Hunkins 29%

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The California Governors Race

The California Governor's Race has been long awited by state democtrats since the 2003 Recall of their governor Gray Davis. They have wanted to knock Current Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger since he took office.

The Major Candidates
(R)Arnold Schwartzenegger, Governor of California 2003-Present. Presidential Board of Fitness, International Movie Actor & Body Builder

(D)Phil Angelides, California State Treasurer 1999-Present, Chairman of the State Democratic Party 1991 & Businessman

(G)Peter Camejo, Businessman & Investment Company Founder, Unsuccessful Independent for President, Vice President, Green Party Candidate for Governor 2003 & 2002, Green Party Nominee for State Secretary of State

There are other candidates but will most likely get a very small margin of votes.

This will be one of the most competitive races in years. Gov. Schwartzenegger started his governorship with mass popularity. Then he came under attack by the democratic legislature and a very important budget legislation of his was denied in a special legislation and Arnold's staff stated if it didn't pass he wouldn't run for another term. In a suprise Gov. Arnold annouced his campaign for another term. His challenger the state treasurer Phil Angelides barily triumphed over a very bitter primary challenge from State Controller Steve Westly 48%-43%. Many feel that was a mistake for the party because according to polls Westly had a better chance of winning against Schwartzenegger. Angelides is an old veteran of the party campaigning for many offices. he finally won the state treasurers race. Angelides did have a slight edge over Schwartzenegger after his primary. After Schwartzenegger recieved a boost and his approval rating went up. he started recieving a 7-13 point lead and has held on to it till today. It is still a very close race and is one to watch.

My Prediction
(R)Schwartzenegger 49%
(D)Angelides 44%
(G)Camejo 5%
Others 2%

Actual Polls

Rasmussen Reports
(R)Schwartzenegger 47%
(D)Angelides 41%

Public Policy Institute of CA
(R)Schwartzenegger 43%
(D)Angelides 30%
(G)Camejo 4%

Field Poll
(R)Schwartzenegger 45%
(D)Angelides 37%

(D)Angelides 44.0%
(R)Schwartzenegger 42.3%

This is still very close so Angelides or Schwartzenegger will serve as governor for the next 4 years.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The New York U.S. Senate Race!

1-term U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton is up for reelection and faces two competitors.

The Major Candidates
(D/IP/WF)Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator 2001-Present, Fmr. U.S. First Lady 1993-2001,Chair of the U.S. Legal Sevices Corp 1977, Fmr. First lady of Arkansas 1979-1981, 1983-1993

(R/I)Kathleen "KT" McFarland, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Pentagon official, Staff Member to the Senate armed services Committee

(R/C) John Spencer, Fmr. Yonkers City Mayor 1997-2001, Substance-Abuse Consultant ex banker and Vietnam Veteran

Popular Sen. Clinton will most Likely win in this campaign, but Spencer and McFarland are bound determined to defeat her. Ex Mayor of the 4th largest city in the state, Yonkers, New York, Spencer and Defense department official KT McFarland are both vying for the G.O.P. nomination, but both can get on the November ballot if they lose the primary. Spencer has been nominated by the Conservative party of New York and McFarland has annouced she has started an independent bid just in case she loses her primary bid. I think McFarland most likely won't run as an independent if she loses. Spencer clearly out funds Mcfarland, but McFarland is holding on to good numbers in the polls. Sen. Clinton though is easily out funding both combined and is almost doubling their numbers in the polls, but I feel numbers will begin to drop for Clinton. She will still most likely win by a comfortable margin. Primary Day is on Sept. 12th so it still leaves a little more campaigning time for Spencer and McFarland.

My Predictions
G.O.P. Primary
(R)Spencer 53%
(R)McFarland 47%

The General Election
(D)Clinton 56%
(R)Spencer 40%
Other 4%

Actual Polls
(D)Clinton 61%
(R)Spencer 31%

(D)Clinton 61%
(R)McFarland 31%

Both McFarland and Spencer should fair the same against Sen. Clinton.


Friday, August 11, 2006

The Texas Governor's Race

This race will most definately be the weirdest in years.

The Candidates:

(R)Rick Perry, Governor of Texas 2000-Present Lt. Governor of Texas 1999-2000, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture 1991-1999, Texas House of Representitives 1985-1991

(D)Chris Bell, Ex-U.S. Congressman 2003-2005, Houston City Coucilman 1997-2003 & attorney

(I)Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts 1999-present, Texas Railroad Commissioner 1991-1999, Mayor of the city of Austin 1985-1991

(I)Richard "Kinky" Friedman, Country Western Singer & Author

Governor Perry is quite popular but he faces a three way challenge. Bell is the Democratic Challenger, but is quite often at the bottom of polls. Republican turn Independent State Comptroller Carole Strayhorn or as she likes to be called "One Tough Grandma" is a major challenge. She recieved a good bounce after her annoucement and was only 5 points behind Perry but she has lost alot of steam. Kinky Friedman is most likely the biggest suprise of this race. He has received a recent boost in support and is now right in the fight and could very well be the next governor. Current polls show Perry well in the lead but his numbers are slipping and if one of the four candidates dropped out one of them would give Perry a run for his money.

My Prediction
(R)Perry 30%
(I)Staryhorn 25%
(D)Bell 23%
(I)Friedman 20%
Others 2%

The Most Recent Poll.
Rasmussen Reports
(R)Perry 35%
(D)Bell 18%
(I)Strayhorn 18%
(I)Friedman 18%

This is definately a race to watch!

Connecticut Polls

The latest Connecticut Senate Poll has been released!

Rasmussen Reports
(I)Lieberman 46%
(D)Lamont 41%
(R)Schlesinger 6%

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman, Independent for U.S. Senator: will it hurt the Democrats in November?

Today Sen. Joe Lieberman officially filed to be an Independent for a 4th term. Many feel this will draw support away from democtrats in November. Most Dems have switched support to the Dem. nominee Ned Lamont to support their party. Lieberman calls this typical partisan politics. Among those to switch support is fellow Connecticut Senator Christoper Dodd. He stated "I don't like the result, but I'm to have to support the result". He doesn't support his so called friend's decision on making an Independent bid for the senate. He says "I'm still Lieberman's friend but I have to support the party." I feel that is just because he wants to make a presidential run in '08, but who knows. So far according to polls it is just going to be a race between Lamont and Lieberman and the Republican Challenger Alan Schlesinger will finish in a distant 3rd. The latest Quinnipiac Poll before the priamry showed Lieberman 51%, Lamont 27%, Schlesinger 13%. This shows a landslide for Lieberman, but the latest Rasmussen Reports poll before the primary showed Lieberman 40%, Lamont 40% and Schlesinger 13%. Now either people can change their minds in a hurry or someone has an error. I'm a die hard Lieberman supporter after last night, even though I'm a republican so I will end with vote Joe Lieberman, Independent for U.S. Senator!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Primary Day Election Returns Part #2: Final Results

In the U.S. Senate Connecticut Primary Ned Lamont wins but it's in my opinion that Joe Lieberman is the real winner. He made a late comeback to give Lamont a run for his money! Sen. Joe Lieberman has officially annouced his campaign as an Independent and Polls show him looking pretty good. In Georgia they have just annouced Cynthia McKinney losing her primary runoff to Hank Johnson. She will most Likely will run for President as a green in 2008. Thats it for today!

Election Results
Connecticut U.S. Senate Democratic Primary
(D)Ned Lamont 146,587 52%
(D)Joe Lieberman 136,468 48%

Georgia U.S. House District #4
(D)Hank Johnson 41,178 59%
(D)Cynthia McKinney 28,832 41%

Primary Day Election Returns Part #1

Connecticut Senate Primary 82% reporting
(D)Ned Lamont 52%
(D)Sen. Joe Lieberman 48%

Lieberman has made a huge comeback making this one of the closest race tonight. We are waiting for Hartford to come in and in my opinion it holds all the marbles. If Lamont wins there its over if Liberman does this race will conitnue into the wee hours into the morning.

Georgia U.S. House District #4 Runoff 50% reporting
(D)Hank Johnson 58%
(D)Cynthia McKinney 42%

Many may say Johnson has won but we are waiting on Dekalb County which holds all the marbles in this race.

Primary Day: Connecticut, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, and Georgia Runoffs

Well today is probably going to be one of the most watched politicial events in 2006. Many important Primary races are happening today. The close Senate Democratic Primary in Connecticut, between 3-term Incumbant Joe Lierberman and Millionaire Ned Lamont is probably the most attracting race. It is because many want to see if a Big Businessman can come out of thin air and defeat a well experienced big wig in the senate. Another race is the Georgia U.S House District #4 runnoff between Incumbant Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Dekalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson. McKinney has been struggling in numbers for sometime and also has stated a possible Green Party run for the White House if she doesn't recieve another term. Here's a website to check out the results tonight: As for me I'm out to watch the results. Goodnight!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Presidential Election 2008

I just thought I would throw this race in my blog. Everyone knows President Bush can't seek a third term and Vice president Cheney has chosen not to run so that has left the first open election in decades! Many Candidates have annouced interest and here is a list:


Virginia U.S. Senator George Allen
Kansas U.S. Senator Sam Brownback
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
Fmr. U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich
Fmr. New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Nebraska U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel
Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain
New York State Governor George Pataki
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Massachuetts State Governor Mitt Romney
Colorado U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo
Fmr. Wisconsin State Governor Tommy Thompson

Indiana U.S. Senator Evan Bayh
Delaware U.S. Senator Joe Biden
Tennesse State Governor Phil Bredesen
Fmr. Army General Wesley Clark
U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
Fmr. U.S. Majority Senate Leader Tom Daschle
Connecticut U.S. Senator Chris Dodd
Fmr. S. Carolina U.S. Senator John Edwards
Wisconsin U.S. Senator Russ Feingold
Fmr. Alaska U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (Annouced)
Massachuetts U.S. Senator John Kerry
Ohio U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Arizona State Governor Janet Napolitano
Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Nelson
Pennsylvania State Governor Ed Rendell
New Mexico State Governor Bill Richardson
Montana State Governor Brian Schweitzer
Iowa State Governor Tom Vilsack
Fmr. Virginia Governor Mark Warner
Fmr. U.S. Vice President Al Gore

Several third paty and Independent campaigns mentioned of major politicans is Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (G) and Fmr. Minnnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (I). Also I look for Michael Badnarik (L) the 2004 nominee to win his congressional run in Texas and run in 2008 for president.

According to the Latest numbers Sen. McCain, Rudolph Giuliani and Condi Rice are the G.O.P. Front Runners. Hillary Clinton is the sole Democratic Leader. Fmr. Sen. Edwards and Sen. Kerry are the 2nd place finishers. Al Gore is to but many feel he won't run.

The latest Polls
McCain 49%
Clinton 37%

Guliani 49%
Clinton 40%

It is way too early to say who will be the next president but here is a small guide for you.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Connecticut Primary: Lieberman's last Days

It is looking pretty grim for Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) in his Conn. Democratic Senate primary. According to the Quinnipiac Polls Lieberman is down by 13 against Big Businesssman Ned Lamont. According to the poll they stand Lamont 54% to Lieberman's 41%. And accorbing to the Latest Rasmussen Reports Poll they stand Lamont 51%
Lieberman 41%. This isn't good news for Lieberman and his reeelection bid. Even if the polls are off by a couple of points you can't expect to win when you down by douple digits two days till the primary. Although in the Montana Senate Primary State Auditor John Morrison and State Senate President Jon Tester were said to be neck and neck in polls but it turned out Tester won in a landslide. Lieberman has the Conn. Dem. Party Convention support with 66% of the vote and huge political endorsements from Bill Clinton and and many respected senators, but apparently that isn't enough. He has even stated that if he loses his primary he will run as an independent. That race is looking pretty close as well. according to the latest Rasmussen Reports Poll Lieberman(I) stood at 40% Lamont(D) 40% and Repubican Challenger Alan Schlesinger(R) 13%, but if i remember right didn't the last Rasmussen Poll show him winning in a landslide as a an Independent? Either the rasmussen poll is wack or people can change their minds in a hurry! I think if Sen. Lieberman ran as an indpendent he would win by a pretty good margin.

My Connecticut 2006 Senate Race Prediction
(I)Lieberman 50%
(D)Lamont 35%
(R)Schlesinger 15%

My Connecticut 2006 Senate Dem. Primary Prediction
(D)Lamont 52%
(D)Lieberman 48%

It just goes to show you what happens to a guy who stands up for the good of the country and not the good of the party. If I was a Connecticut voter, even though I am a registered republican I would vote for Lieberman and I think the Conn. Dems should too. You guys nominated him as your vice presidential candidate in 2000 for goodness sakes you think you should at least reelect the guy. Vote lieberman on August 8th for more info go to and check out how great a senator Joe Lieberman is!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wyoming Primary Day

The Wyoming Primary day is coming only 17 days away. Hotly Contested races are the G.O.P. State Treasurer, G.O.P. State Auditor, and the G.O.P. State Secretary of State races. The State Treasurer race is going to be between State Secretary of State Joe Meyer (R) or ex. State House Speaker Fred Parady (R) to see who will run against Ron Redo (D) in the General.The State Auditor's race is going to be between ex. Gov. Gerringer Chief of Staff and Air National Guard Comptroller Rita Meyer (R) against Public Accoutant and Hueltt Community leader Bruce Brown (R). They are fighting for the right to face off against BLM Assistant Director Bill Eikenberry (D).in the State Secretary of State race. Longtime Natrona County Clerk Mary Ann Collins (R) is facing off against 2-term State Auditor Max Maxfield (R). None of the Democrats filed for the job. in the Governors Race Incumbant Governor Dave Freudenthal (D) and Challenger Wheatland Attorney and Rancher Ray Hunkins (R) will both win their respective primaries. Sen. Craig Thomas (R) and College Proffessor and Engineer Dale Groutage (D) are unopposed for their primaries. Rep. Barbara Cubin (R) will win her primary over Navy Vet. Bill Winney (R) and her Challenger Teton County School Board Chairman Gary Trauner (D) is unopposed for his primary. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jim McBride( R) is unopposed in his primary and so is his Challenger Fremont County District #1. Superintendent Michelle Hoffman (D).

Coming Soon!

Hey I just wanted to say that another poll will come out towards the holidays so get ready! I have chosen not to do another poll for awhile.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mitt Romney

Governor Mitt Romney is a possible candidate for president in the 2008 race. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) is a hard working candidate and would be an excellent President. To find out more about Gov. Romney, Google him.

Massachuetts Governor Mitt Romney is the winner of my Greatest Governor in America poll. He recieved 8% followed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush who had 7%. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas made an upset 3rd place victory over Arizona's Janet Napolitano (who was the frontrunner) 6.5% to 6%. To see full results go to and visit Friday August 4th free speech zone comments.

The Last Day

Today is the Last day in the Greatest Governor Poll!
You just have under 8 hours to type in your top 5 govs as a comment or send them to comments. Romney still has his great lead and is most likely the winner but you can change that!