Friday, April 27, 2007

Decision 2008: Democrats meet in South Carolina for the "First in the Nation" Debate.

Last night the eight announced Democratic Presidential Candidates met at South Carolina States University to exchange views in the first nationally televised debate in this election season. Senators Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama were expected to be the stars of the debate being the frontrunners. The other candidates though did get their spotlight and really no one got enough time to stand out. Currently online polling and other pollings samples right after the debate show the Barack Obama was the victor, because he stood out the best. However political analyists give the win to Clinton, for her better prepared answers. Politics-Central gives the win to Barack Obama for his way of differing from the candidates to show what the people want. Obama walked into the debate knowing this debate could make or break him, but I dont think either happened. Sen. Clinton however did a very good job of showing how presidential she can be and her readiness for office. Sen. Joe Biden made debate history last night when he gave the shortness answer of "yes". Some have said that was an approiate answer but others say he was unprepared to answer to the question. John Edwards preformed averagely, but not enough to give him a boost. What probably surprised every viwer of the debate was the roughness of Fmr. Alaskan U.S. Senator Mike Gravel. Gravel was yelling at all the candidates and critizing them all. He made Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who is known for his untamenous at debates, look like a calm debator. He critized Barack Obama and the other top tier candidates the most for not representing the party as top presidential frontrunners. Kucinich however was able to give his Iraq mistake and peace candidate 2 cents which is what his campaign is centered around. Edwards was also able to attack the others on the stage and mainly frontrunner Hillary Clinton for not admitting voting for the War in Iraq was a mistake. I felt that Hillary responded very well, but could have been seen as a flip flopper. Now on to next week's debate which will feature the 10 republicans running for president at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We will be here to give our anaylsis and who won the debate next week so tune in.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Candidate Rankings #19

Were winding down the track to the 2008 presidential election and we will be here day by day to cover the whole story. Here are this week's rankings


1st: Rudy Giuliani (falling) Giuliani is currently falling in support since the Fred Thompson announcement. His 30 point lead has evaporated into 5-10 points. The frontrunner since the very beginnings of this campaign might be dethrowned by Thompson, McCain, or even Romney and Gingrich.

2nd: John McCain (rising) McCain is finally getting back on track now within striking distance again of Giuliani. His numbers in key early contests remain strong as well. His poor financial status is the only thing bringing him down as of now, but his belliefs on war and in Iraq may get him into trouble.

3rd: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson remains strong in alomst every poll. Some have even shown him beating Sen. McCain nationally. His spark since his jump into considering a run for president has yet to falter. Could he make this 2 man show a 3 man show?

4th: Mitt Romney (steady) NH polls are strong for Romney, but everywhere else the man is weak. Currently he only wins in UT and MA. Romney still has money pouring out so he could still get back into the race for the GOP nomination.

5th: Newt Gingrich (steady) With Thompson's entrance and Romney;s slow surge Gingrich's possible candidacy has been ignored. His numbers have slipped below the double digits has he continues to descend out of this race and the 1st tier candidates.


1st: Hillary Clinton (falling sharply) Hillary is now in danger of losing her frontrunner status and were only 4 months into this campaign. The once presumptive nominee could be passed in polling samples as early as the end of the month if her drop continues.

2nd: Barack Obama (rising) Obama is on the rise and is now within single digits of Hillary Clinton. He could very well become the frontrunner soon. His numbers everywhere are on the rise and his money is outstanding. An African American right now has one of the best chances at being elected president next fall.

3rd: John Edwards (steady) Edwards's bounce is gone and his lead in Iowa will soon join it. His campaign is bit by bit slowing down. He still holds on to his top tier status.

4th: Joe Biden (steady) Biden continues to remain very weak in this campaign drawing very little media attention to himself.

5th: Bill Richardson (steady) His little trip to Asia didnt' draw near the attention he intended. Really I think this campaign id for the Vice Presidency for him.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

History Day!

The reason I haven't been posting for quite awhile is that I have been spending my nights working on my project for History Day. This Monday I am competiting in the State Competition. I will still likely briefly posting until Monday when I will return to posting at regular times about 3 times a week.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Decision 2007 and 2008: Congressional and State Election News.

Stepping away from the Presidential today ro examine other races. Fmr. Senator and speculated LA Gubernatorial Candidate John Breaux decided that he will not be a candidate for governor in 2007. With Sen. Breaux and Governor Blanco out, the State Democratic Party will be having a hard time finding a strong enough replacement to take on Congressman Bobby Jindal in the Fall. Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu is expected to run for Governor as well, and may be the party's last chance at holding on to the Governor's Mansion. Former Football star and 2006 GOP Candidate for Penn. Governor, Lynn Swann is considering a bid for congressin 2008. Swann stated he may make a campaign to represent his district in the U.S. House chamber. Swann told the AP, "I'm still collecting information." Swann also stated, " People are still talking to me about it." Swann lost the Governor's race to incumbant Ed rendell 60% -40%. In the Kentucky Gubernatorial race in 2007, Ernie Fletcher is the race for hsi political survival. New SurveyUSA polls show Fletcher narrowly leading his primary challengers Fmr. Congressman Anne Norhup and Businessman Billy Harper 40%-31%-16%. The Democratic side has polling at Henry 26% Beshear 15%, Richards 13%, Miller 8%, Lunsford 7%, Galbraith 6%, Hensley 2%. Anyone of the 6 top candidates could face off against Fletcher or Northup in the Fall. North Carolina U.S. Senate Polls show Sen. Elizabeth Dole in danger of being defeated in her re-election bid. Possible challenger Rep. Brad Miller is polling 33% to her 44%. She is below the 50% safety mark, and that could be her undoing. Sen. John Warner of Virgina, isn't now looking like he will retire in 2008, making a poor effort to fundraise. Would this pave the way for Fmr. Governor Mark Warner to take his seat for the democrats. New Minnesota polls show Sen. Norm Coleman curing to an easy re-election, but experts predicted a close race? Coleman leads both of his Democratic Challengers, Comedian Al Franken 57%-35%, and Mike Ciresi 57%-34%. If a Democrat who is stong in Minnesota doesn't step up the GOP will hold on to this seat. Thats it for this update.

Governor Jon Corzine

Please be in Prayer for the full recovery of New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. Gov. Corzine was involved in a automoble crash thursday that left him in critical but stable condition. Everyone here at Politics-Central hopes for a speedy and full recovery for the governor.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy resurrection Sunday! Worship Christ's triumph over deathfor us his people!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Decision 2008: Rudolph Giuliani

Here is another "candidate of the week" biography. Today is "America's Mayor" Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani.

Giuliani was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Middle class family on May 28th, 1944. He attended a Local Catholic school in Long Island, New York whe n he was 7. He attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School and graduated in 1961. He graduated from Manhattan College in 1965 and graduated form NYU's school of Law in 1968 with a Juris Doctorite degree.
He became a law clerk and many saw him becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court one day. In 1970 he joined the office of U.S. Attorney. He became a full executive U.S. Attorney in 1973. After he was appointed Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States and Chief of Staff to the Deputy Attorney General. Giuliani left Washington and returned to New York and from 1977-1981, Giuliani joined Patterson, Belknap, Webb, and Tyler law firm. In 1981 he was appointed Associate Attorney General of the United States making him the 3rd highest Ranking official in the Justice Department. He oversaw federal law cases around the country. In 1983 He became a U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York. That psotion gave him prominence in the world of Law and in the State of New York. There he became one of the biggest fedral prosectutors indicted the biggest criminals on the East Coast. In 1989 he resigned as a U.S. Attorney and joined the White & Case Law Firm. In 1990 he joined Anderson Kill Olick & Oschinsky. Giuliani became more and more interested in politics and started as a Democrat before switching to a register Independent. He then decided to become a full Republican. In 1989 he decided to run for Mayor of New York City. He recieved the party nominations of both the Republican and Liberal parties, but he lost to Democrat Dave Dinkins; losing in the city's closest election up till that time 50,000 out of 1,900,000. This didn't keep Giuliani from running again in 1993 for Mayor. Giuliani attacked Dinkins poor mayorship and it became a very bitter race. His efforts though narrowly got him elected Mayor. he became the first Republican Mayor since 1965. Mayor Giuliani decided first to combat crime control in his first days in office. He wanted to make the un manageable city of New York to become a city clean of crime. He came up with a pan with Police Commissioner Bill Braton to decrease crime and he hired a top of the knotch team to help him. Bratton was probably more successful in making New York City one of the safest metropolitan areas in America, and many say when Bratton was featured on Time Magazine's cover that Giuliani removed him from office, but this is unlikely. Mayor Giuliani was known for his real estate business dealings and urban construction of the city. In 1997 he was re-elected Mayor 59%-41%. Mayor Giuliani became a big New York politician. He had his eyes set on Capitol Hill. In April of 1999 he filed an exploratory committe for running for the U.S. Senate. Democrats drafted then U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton to run against him. Giuliani and Clinton were expected to make the race very close, however because of his prostate cancer and the terrible divorce with his wife Donna Hanover and may affairs before that, Giuliani dropped out and Congressman Rick Lazio. On 9/11 Mayor Giuliani delivered one of the best responses to the disaster. He put up departments for terror security and put together plans for reconstruction. He really met what New York needed at the time and was hailed as a hero for his excellent response. After the attacks Giuliani's approval rating among NY voters went from 36% to 79%! The name "America's Mayor" was given to Giuliani after a memorial service and he was now one of the most popular politicians in America. Also after the attacks Giuliani was named Time Magazine's "person of the year" for 2001. He was even noted to maybe even ebing able to run for a 3rd term as Mayor, but law forbidded it. He endorsed his elected successor Mike Bloomberg. The highest honor he recieved was an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. After he left the mayorship he was more popular then ever! He founded Giuliani partners LLC after he left office and made more business success. Giuliani made more success in politics, becoming a key-note speaker at the GOP Presidential Convention in 2004. When Homelnad Security Secretary Tom Ridge resigned Giuliani was at the top of the list to succed him , but because of past scandals Giuliani decided not to seek the postion. He was expected to seek statewide office like either Governor or Senator in 2006. Polls showed Giuliani ahead in both races, but he chose not to run for either, probably to prepare for a 2008 run for the White House. In early 2006 a Draft Rudy in 2008 group formed and in November he formed an exploratory committee. Last Month he filed a statement of candidacy with the FEC to run for president. Early polling shows him as the frontrunner, and he may become the liberal candidate nominated from the Republicans.

Decision 2007: The Races, and Politics-Central endorses Northup!

Here are some anaylsis on the upcoming races this fall:

Louisiana Governor: This race has surprised many in the past month with Governor Blanco's surprising announcement that she wont run for another term. Democrats are currently searching for a replacement, but they seem to be behind Fmr. U.S. Senator John Breaux. Breaux may not be eligble to run since he is a registered maryland voter, but he would be the Democrats strongest candidate at the moment. If Breaux can't run that will leave Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu as the Democrats last chance at keeping the Governor's Mansion. Landrieu if fresh off his New Orleans Mayoral defeat and many wonder if he can actually beat the state's GOP endorsed candidate Congressman Bobby Jindal. Jindal seems to be the strongest GOP force thus far, and could actually win the race without a runoff. I believe this will be the first GOP pick-up since the 2004 elections after the terrible 2006 midterm elections.
Politics-Central Rating: Leans Republican

Kentucky Governor: Unpopular Governor Ernie Fletcher continues to pursue a 2nd term even though the race seems more and more hopeless for him. Fmr. Congressman Anne Northup, who is fresh off her narrow 2006 re-election defeat, is challenging Governor Fletcher for the Republican nomination. Businessman Billy Harper is also running for the party's nomination. Right now polls show Fletcher in a close race with Northup; either tied or narrowly defeating her. Harper continues to poll in the double digits as well. The crowded Democratic field consists of Fmr. Lt. Governor Steve Beshear, Attorney Gatewood Galbraith, Fmr. Lt. Governor Steve Henry, Demolition contractor Otis Hensley, Health Care Corp. CEO Bruce Lunsford, State Treausurer Jonathan Miller, and State House Speaker Jody Richards. Polls show every candidate except for Hensley having shot at the nomination, with Henry and Beshear leading the pack. Everyone of those candidates could have a chance at beating Fletcher, but can they beat Northup? Of Northup ousts Fletcher the Democrats can't go negative. Fletcher has plenty of dirt while Northup doesn't. Northup could actually stand a better chance at holding this GOP governor seat.
Politics-Central Rating: Leans Republican

Mississippi doesn't need examining considering that Governor Haley Barbour should cruise to an easy landslide re-election.

We also want to note our first and probably only 2007 election endorsement. Politics-Central officially endorses Fmr. Congressman Anne Northup for Governor in 2007.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #18.

Here are this week's Presidential Power Rankings.


1st: Rudolph Giuliani (falling) Giuliani has fully regained his frontrunner status on Politics-central with continual leads in polls. Giuliani however didn't score so well among fundraising numbers. His numbers have fallen though with Thompson's entrance.

2nd: John McCain (rising) With a new finacial team, after his poor finish in fundrasing numbers, McCain could pcik up steam. He adds to list of early primary wins, with West Viginia. He now leads in NH and is gaining in IA as well.

3rd Tied: Mitt Romney (rising) Romney led the pack in fundraising this past quarter, so this may have given him a bit of momentum, but Thompson's entrance may hurt his top tier status.

3rd Tied: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson continues to recieve top tier poll numbers. If he jumps in you could see him make the race a 3 man stage.

4th: Newt Gingrich (steady) Gingrich's name still gives him high numbers. If Gingrich does jump in this may hurt or kill what chances Romney had left.

5th: This week we had a hard time choosing the #5 spot considering there is 3-4 candidates in this area so we rank, Chuck Hagel, Mike Huckabee, Sam Brownback, and Tommy Thompson in this spot.


1st: Hillary Clinton (falling) Edwards jump in polls caused Obama to decrease while Hillary remained double digits ahead, however Obama raised nearly as much money as the Hillary campaign stunning many. This is suppoose to be where Hillary has her edge. The Fmr. First Lady has lost her status as the presumptive nominee.

2nd tied: Barack Obama (rising) Obama stunned the political world by tying with one of the biggest names in Democratic politics in fundraising. This one woman show has turned into a 3-candidate stage and I would be surprised If Obama actually pulled off defeating Hillary and becoming the first African American to win a major party's nomination for president.

2nd tied: John Edwards (rising) His fundraising wasn't impressive, but his support in Iowa and New Hampshire makes us wonder if Neither a woman or a Black will make a first in taking the Democratic nomination.

3rd: Bill Richardson (steady) The 3 candidate race has left 2nd tier candidates in the dust, but Richardson some how holds onto being the leader of those candidates. Richardson may become the VP candidate of he works hard enough kissing up for it.

4th: Joesph Biden (steady) Biden still hsn't rebounded from his announcement fumble, but he may make something out of this race.

5th: Dennis Kucinich (steady) Kucinich is doing very will in separating himself from the 2nd tier candidates, but everyone knows he doesn't stand a chance.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Decision 2008: Jim Gilmore

After 2 months of Hiatus Politics-Central continues our "Candidate of the Week" section when we go by ABC's through every presidential candidate giving a brief biography of them. Today Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is our subject.

Governor Jim Gilmore was born on October o6, 1949 to a grocery store meat cutter in Richmond, Virginia. Gilmore when to school in Virginia and attended the University of Virginia. He went on a 3 year military tour in W. Germany in the early 1970's after recieving an undergraduate's degree. He entered UV's law school afterwards graduating in 1977. While in college he was elected s statewide officer in College Republicans. He also met and Married his wife, First Lady Contender, Roxane. He ran for county prosecuter and was elected in 1987. He was re-elected in 1991. Gilmore gambled his political career in 1993 when re ran for State Attorney General. he was considered a long shot, however he was elected that November. Gilmore was a legal wizard of the taxpayers and this gave him unfounding popularity. He announced in 1997 his candidacy for governor. He was an underdog, however he over came this and was elected Governor of Virginia in 1997. he became known for his immense tax cuts amking the largest tax cut in the state's history. Taxpayers gave the governor high marks. Governor Gilmore also worked to keep weapons out of criminals hands. Governor Gilmore earned national attention with his positive response to 9/11. He made his own commission to look into the attack and volunteered his own time to the victims of the attacks. After leaving the Governor's mansion in 2001, he was appointed Republican National Committee and helped his party gain seats in both houses of congress in the midterm elections. After the elections, Gilmore left the RNC. Governor Gilmore left the politcial field for 4 years until a "Draft Gilmore for President committee" was formed. he then formed an explorartory committee. Gilmore's campaign is considered the conservative alternate to Mitt Romney and his campaign expects him to be among Giuliani, McCain, and Romney by the end of the year. This may not happen with the appearence of new top tier candidate Fred Thompson who is also trying to become the conservative alternate to Romney.

This was this week's candidate stay tuned for "America's Mayor" Rudolph Giuliani soon. Since our Hiatus we may have up to 3 candidates just this week.