Monday, October 30, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #11: Another look at Wyoming

Since Wyoming is my homestate I want to give another look at the races there. This will be my last one before the election. In one of the most hotly contested U.S. House races in this election, 6-term incumbant Barbara Cubin is in the fight of her political career. Democratic challenger Gary trauner has rapidly been climbing in numbers. He is now almost in a virtual tie with Mrs. Cubin. According to a new poll out today, Mrs Cubin stands at 44%, Trauner is a 40%, and the Libertarian Candidate Thom Rankin is at 5% with a 4.2% margin of error. Cubin's numbers have been falling, because of her incident at the last debate. She threatened to slap crippled libertarian Thom Rankin, because of his stating of ner involvment in the Abramoff scandal which is false. Her numbers have also been falling, because if her negative campaign. Her negative ads have given Trauner the edge and ammunition in his ads. These ads make Trauner look like the honest candidate, by going positive. The race continues with a very tight race. This is definately one to watch!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #10: A look at the polls

Here is a look a polls from races across the country.

President George W. Bush's Approval Rating
Approve 41% Disapprove 57%

Latest Missouri U.S. Senate Polls
(R)Jim Talent 50%
(D)Claire McCaskill 48%

(R)Jim Talent 47%
(D)Claire McCaskill 47%
(L)Frank Gilmour 2%

Latest Montana U.S. Senate Polls
(D)Jon Tester 51%
(R)Conrad Burns 48%

Latest New Jersey U.S. Senate Polls
(D)Bob Menendez 48%
(R)Tom Kean Jr. 42%

Latest Ohio U.S. Senate Polls
(D)Sherrod Brown 54%
(R)Mike DeWine 43%

Latest Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Polls
(D)Bob Casey Jr. 54%
(R)Rick Santorum 38%

(D)Bob Casey Jr. 55%
(R)Rick Santorum 42%

Latest Rhode Island U.S. Senate Polls
(D)Sheldon Whitehouse 43%
(R)Lincoln Chafee 33%

Latest Wyoming Lone U.S. House Seat Poll
(R)Barbara Cubin 44%
(D)Gary Trauner 40%
(L)Thom Rankin 5%

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Politics-Central's 100 post and 3 month Anniversary!

Well folks we finally made it to #100. The 100th post of Politics-Central. I hope these 100 post have been helpful this elction year and over the past view years. If you would like to send a comment about politics-central go to comments or email it to me at or

My 2006 Midterm Election Poll Results

Here are the Results to my 5 2006 Midterm Election polls

(Note: this is an online poll so it isn't accurate polling data)

2006 Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race
(D)Bob Casey Jr. 77%
(R)Rick Santorum 23%

2006 Connecticut U.S. Senate Race
(D)Ned Lamont 56%
(I)Joe Lieberman 43%
(R)Alan Schlesinger 1%

2006 Missouri U.S. Senate Race
(D)Jim Talent 78%
(R)Claire McCaskill 22%

2006 New Jersey U.S. Senate Race
(D)Bob Menendez 68%
(R)Tom Kean Jr. 32%

2006 Texas State Governor Race
(I)Kinky Friedman 43%
(I)Carole Keeton Strayhorn 24%
(D)Chris Bell 23%
(R)Rick Perry 10%
Other 1%

Tommorrow I will give you the links to my new polls and a poll update!

Friday, October 27, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #9/ More Endorsements

Politics-Central is now adding these candidates to the list of endorsements.

(R)Rita Meyer for Wyoming State Auditor
(R)Katherine Harris for Florida U.S. Senator
(R)Tim Pawlenty for Minnesota Governor
(R)Bob Beauprez for Colorado Governor
(R)Tom Kean Jr. for New Jersey U.S. Senator
(R)George Allen for Virginia U.S. Senator

The GOP now just might retain the U.S. Senate with numbers up in Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri U.S. Senate Races. Sen. George Allen, though faces a very tough fight for his reelection only leading fmr. Naval Secretary Jim Webb by 1-3 points. One poll actually finds Webb ahead, but that was a week ago. Also slowly improving in numbers is Tom Kean Jr. up in New Jersey. He is only down by 1 point by Incumbant Bob Menendez. In Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Montana it looks like the GOP will lose seats. Sen. DeWine and Sen. Santorum are now down by double digits and Sen. Chafee and Sen. Burns are trailing by 6-8 points.

Here are my Predictions for the U.S. Senate Races

Arizona: GOP Hold Pederson wins by 8+ points
California: Strong Dem. Hold Feinstein wins by 15+ points
Connecticut: Independent Gain Lieberman wins by 8+ points
Delaware: Strong Dem. Hold Carper wins by 12+ points Florida: Strong Dem. Hold Nelson wins by 10+ points
Hawaii: Strong Dem. Hold Akaka wins by 30+ points
Indiana: Strong GOP Hold Lugar wins by 30-40 points
Maine: Strong GOP Hold Snowe wins by 40-50 points
Maryland: Slight Dem. Hold Cardin wins by 3-5 points
Massachusetts: Strong Dem. Hold Kennedy wins by 30-40+ points
Michigan: Dem. Hold Stabenow wins by 10+ points
Minnesota: Dem. Hold Klobuchar wins by 8+ points
Mississippi: Strong GOP Hold Lott wins by 30-40 points
Missouri: Very Slim GOP Hold Talent wins by 1-3 points
Montana: Very Slim Dem. Gain Tester wins by 1-5 points
Nebraska: Strong Dem. Hold Nelson wins by 15+ points Nevada: GOP Hold Ensign wins by 8+ points
New Jersey: Very Slim GOP Gain Kean wins by 1-3 points
New Mexico: Strong Dem. Hold Bingaman wins by 20+ points
New York: Strong Dem. Hold Clinton wins by 15-20 points
Ohio: Slight Dem. Gain Brown wins by 5-8 poitns
Pennsylvania: Slight Dem. Gain Casey wins by 4-8 points
Rhode Island: Very Slim Dem. Gain Whitehouse wins by 2-5 points
Tennessee: Very Slim GOP Hold Corker wins by 1-3 points
Texas: Strong GOP Hold Hutchison wins by 20+ points
Utah: Strong GOP Hold Hatch wins by 40+ points
Vermont: Independent/Democrat Hold Sanders wins by 15-20 points
Virginia: Slight GOP Hold Allen wins by 5-8 points
Washington: Slight Dem. Hold Cantwell wins by 6-10 points
West Virginia: Strong Dem. Hold Byrd wins by 30-40 points
Wisconsin: Strong Dem. Hold Kohl wins by 15-20 points
Wyoming: Strong GOP Hold Thomas wins by 40-50 points

Current U.S. Senate
Republicans 55 Seats
Democrats 44 seats
Independents 1 (Sen. Jeffords caused with the Democrats)

My Prediction for the U.S. Senate after the 2006 Election
Republicans 52 seats
Democrats 46 seats
Independents 2 seats (Both Sanders and Lieberman will caucus with the Democrats if elected)

Republicans Gains 1 Loses 4
Democrats Gains 4 Loses 1
Independents Gains 1 Loses 0

I will soon post my Governor and House predictions

Thursday, October 26, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #9/Poll Update: Evan Bayh Leads!

I have created 5 more polls for the Midterm elections coming up and here are their links.

These polls will close on Saturday and 5 new ones will be started until most close and interesting polls have been covered.

In My Democratic Presidential Poll has explpded with votes and a new front runner has emerged. Indiana U.S. Senator and Fmr. Governor Evan Bayh. Fmr. U.S. Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Russ Feingold are barely trailing Bayh with Warner right behind them. Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal who has played with the idea of running .

(Note this are not accurate Polling)

Current results for all Polls
2008 Presidential Poll
(D)Evan Bayh 16%
(D)John Edwards 13%
(D)Russ Feingold 12%
(D)Mark Warner 12%
(D)Dave Freudenthal 7%
(D)Al Gore 5%
(D)Wesley Clark 5%
(D)Hillary Clinton 5%
(D)Joe Biden 5%
(D)John Kerry 4%
(D)Mike Gravel 4%
None of the Above 11%

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate
(D)Bob Casey Jr. 75%
(R)Rick Santorum 25%
Others/None of the Above 0%

Conn. U.S. Senate Race
(D)Ned Lamont 53%
(I)Joe Lieberman 46%
(R)Alan Schlesinger 1%

Missouri U.S. Senate Race
(D)Claire McCaskill 78%
(R)Jim Talent 22%
Other or None of the Above 0%

New Jersey U.S. Senate Race
(D)Bob Menendez 67%
(R)Tom Kean Jr. 33%
Other or None of the Above 0%

Texas State Governor Racw
(I)Kinky Frideman 41%
(I)Carole Keeton Strayhorn 24%
(I)Chris Bell 24%
(R)Rick Perry 12%
(L)James Werner 0%
Other or None of the Above 0%

Keep voting in polls!

In Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee has fallen in the polls. Fmr. State Attorney General Sheldon Whithouse has held a 6+ point lead in polls and clearly won the last debate between the two. In Montana U.S. Senate Race Conrad Burns has started barely moving up in numbers, however Jon Tester clearly will win this race.
In Pennsylvania it seems that Ed Rendell will win reelection with almost 20 point lead over Lynn Swann.
Also in the Senate Race Rick Santorum has ended his bounce and is still trailing Bob Casey Jr. in his bid for reelection. The GOP and Dem. Big wigs like John McCain, Barrack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have been storming the country for support for their partes. You can sure tell the Election is in full swing! only 11 days left until the Big Midterm election!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #8: Thank You President Bush for your years of service!

15 days and counting till the election day of the year 2006. This will be the last election of the Bush presidentcy and will decide the fate of the rest of the president's term in office. If the GOP some how gets a miracle like catching Osama Bin Laden and holds on to congress the rest of the Bush years should be the same and maybe his numbers will improve. If the Democrats takeover both or just one houses of congress it will become a war between the President and Congress. The Democrats will most likely file articles of impeachment for the president and humilate him and his presidency. After coming out of the impeachment Bush will become very torn from the office and probably will be joyous to get out! I think Bush will become another Carter and will be more popular out of office than in. I for one have to applaud the presdent for handling the turmoil he has gone through and just want to say thanks for his past 6 years of service as President. I am probably the only one that is saying this about the president. I am not saying I totally agree with the president, but I do admire that he sticks with what he says and believes no matter what. No update on the Midterm races and I am thinking about cutting the Democratic Poll short and giving a hiatus in my polls for a while to move my full attention on 2006 midterm elections.

Friday, October 20, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #7

17 days left until the 2006 midterm elections, and candidates aree working around the clock to get votes. The race for the control of Capitol Hill has become the closest since the Mark Foley scandal. Polls show most races in a dead heat. In Maryland Senate race GOP Lt. State Governor has gained a little ground against Dem. Congressman Ben Cardin. Cardin now leads 49-44%. In the Virginia U.S. Senate race George Allen is still just barely holding on to his lead in his bid for reelection. Jim Webb is still putting up a good fight. Can this close reeleection bid effect George Allen in his possible White House Run. In Governor races across the country Charlie Crist has developed a double digit lead in his bid to succed Jeb Bush as Florida governor over Dem. Congressman Jim Davis(50-39%). In Iowa Dem. Secretary of State Chet Culver barely ahead of GOP Congressman Jim Nussle is his bid for governor. Nevada GOP Congressman Jim Gibbons is likely on his way to becoming the next governor beating State Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus 51-43%. In Wisconsin, Democratic Governor Jim Doyle is leading GOP challenger and congressman Mark Green, 51%-38%.
In Wyoming, Incumbant Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal is demolishing his GOP challenger Ray Hunkins 63-30%. He has increased his lead to double Hunkin's showing in polls. Also In my homestate of Wyoming, popular U.S. Senator Craig Thomas (R) is crushing his opponent Dale Groutage (D) 67-26%. That is all for today, but stay tune to politics-central as the clock winds down to Election Day!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #6

It looks as if the Democrats have sealed up control over the house, but the senate is still a heated fight. Just a little imput on the Wyoming U.S. House race, this usually GOP state may be turning more democratic this year. In new poll GOP Incumbant Barbara Cubin is leading her democratic challenger Gary Trauner 44-37% with Libertarian Thom Rankin recieveing 4%. Trauner has fell a few points from the last poll in May. It showed him down by 3 points. Trauner still is conducting a positive campaign to Cubin's negative campaign against him. Trauner still can win with his good showing at the debate between Cubin and Trauner. Rick Santorum has fallen in recent polls. He is now behind Bob Casey by double digits in his reelection bid. Also Sen. Dewine has fallen in numbers giving challenger Sherrod Brown a big lead. In California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a commanding lead over State Treasurer Phil Angelides. Arnold performed very well in their debate and still has improving approval rating numbers.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #5: 19 days and Counting

Well this is my 5th update on the upcoming election and only 19 days left until Election Day!!!!!!!!!!!! The GOP is in alot of trouble. NBC has a new poll out saying the President's job approval is down to 38% and the favoring of the party satnds at 37% tot he Democrats 54%. The Democratic Party now has triple the lead the GOP had in 1994 when they took over congress. Recent polling shows a small bounce in th house now with 4 new house polls out giving 3 out of the 4 to the GOP. This bring the new congress 225 dems and 206 Republicans and 4 ties. It still is possible for the GOP, but I don't think it is too likely. The Senate is now sevenly split 50-50. It will be a very divided senate in the 2007-2009 congresses. The Pennsylvania, Ohio senate races have gone from lean Democratic to just a Democratic gain. The Virginia Senate race is closer now more than ever. and the Missouri race has gone from a toos-up to leans democratic. Tennessee is dead even. It well with just 19days left the two parties better get in gear if either want control of congress from 2007-09.

My Poll Update: This Weeks Results

Well this will be the last post on my poll for the week. I will do less psoting on my poll and more on the midterm elections as they draw closer. Mark Warner is still in the lead and Russ Feingold and John Edwards are gaining slowly.

Current Results
(D)Mark Warner 16%
(D)Russ Feingold 11%
(D)John Edwards 8%
(D)Al Gore 7%
(D)John Kerry 7%
(D)Wesley Calrk 7%
(D)Joe Biden 7%
(D)Mike Gravel 7%
(D)Dave Freudenthal 4%
(D)Hillary Clinton 4%
None of the Above 16%

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Poll Update for Today: No real changes

Mark Warner continues to dominate my Democratic Presidential Poll. Russ Feingold is slowly gaining along with John Edwards, and the rest trail evenly behind them. T o support my new blog drafting Dave Freudenthal for President I will do a little advertizing.

Vote in the poll for him and go to

to sign petition to draft him for president.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Poll Update for Today: Warner still winning!

Today in my poll, Mark Warner continues to win in my poll. His lead from last week has been cut in half. Wisconsin U.S. Senator Russ Feingold is coming in at 2nd place with a close field of seven trailing barily behind him.

Current Results
(D)Mark Warner 17%
(D)Russ Feingold 11%
(D)Al Gore 7%
(D)John Edwards 7%
(D)John Kerry 7%
(D)Wesley Clark 7%
(D)Joe Biden 7%
(D)Mike Gravel 7%
(D)Evan Bayh 6%
(D)Hillary Clinton 4%
(D)Dave Freudenthal 1%
None of the Above 17%

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Poll Update for Today: Details on Warner not running

Well former Virginia State Governor Mark Warner has deided not to run for president in 2008, and he is the front runner in my new 2008 Democratic Presidential Poll. He will remain in the poll and if he advances to face McCain in my General Poll he shall also remain. I still would like to see the opinion of Mark Warner so keep on voting for him. His dropping out hasn't effected his showing in my poll and the other Warner Bloggers are still working to get him to run. This came as a real suprise to many. Warner had made several trips to early presidential contests, including Iowa and NH. He also put together a team for his campaign. He even raised alot of money for a possible White House bid. Others are gaining on Warner in my poll, but he is still winning by a huge landslide in my poll.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #4

Well the GOP is finally, but slowly gaining in numbers. Now they are barely losing the house and holding on ti the senate. Accroding to Rasmussen, President Bush's Approval is at it's highest since early September at 44%. Yes this still is very low numbers for the President, but his numbers are gaining. Democrats still though are riding strong in their attempt to takeover congress. If they stay cool and come up with a great plan they wll certainly succeed in their attempt. In one of the closest senate races in the history of the state, the Tennesse senate has become alot closer than many expected. Bob Corker is now only 2 points ahead of Harold Ford Jr. Corker has held a commanding lead earlier this year, but after the Foley scandal he has lost his huge lead and this race has become a dead heat. In Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is still running strong in his re-election attempt. He is now defeating ex-footbal star Lynn Swann by at least 15+ points. Swann needs to really tucker down and campaign if he wants to even have a shot at the Governor's Mansion. In Nevada the Governor's and Senator's races have become alot closer then expected. Sen. John Ensign still has a fairly big lead, but it has severly dropped. His challenger Jack Carter, son of President Carter is extremely gaining in numbers. Polls have the two between 15-9 points. In the Governor's race Congressman Jim Gibbons has alos lost his great lead over State House Minority Leader Dina Titus. He is now only 8-14 points ahead. That is all for today on Midterm Elections!

Poll Update: Warner is destoying the competition!

Today in my poll former Virginia State Governor Mark Warner has a huge lead. It appears no one can catch him. he now has a huge double digit lead over 2nd place finisher U.S. Senator John Kerry. It is way too early to call this poll, with only slightly over a 100 votes, but the others still need alot of help.

Current Poll Results
(D)Mark Warner 24%
(D)John Kerry 9%
(D)Al Gore 7%
(D)Evan Bayh 7%
(D)Russ Feingold 7%
(D)Joe Biden 7%
(D)Mike Gravel 7%
(D)Wesley Clark 4%
(D)John Edwards 4%
(D)Hillary Clinton 1%
None of the Above 22%
(Chris Dodd is included, but has yet to recieve any votes)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #3

Well the Missouri U.S. Senate Debate just ended nd Politics-Central rules that Claire McCaskill barely wins the debate for her quick answering and awesome answering. She really didn't attack Sen. Talent as musch as I thought she would and instead Talent attacked her rapidly. This race still remains a toss-up according to recent polling so it should be interesting to see who wins, because this is a crucial seat to decide who will win. New polls from Quinnipiac in Florida show a douple digit lead for Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist in the Governor's race.He stande 54-44% over Congressman Jim Davis. This is the biggest lead for him since before the primary. Sen. Bill Nelson still trounces Congressman Katherine Harris in his biggest lead since the primary 1 month age. He leads 61-33%. This seat of course is safe democrat. No Poll update for today again, but Warner is still well in the lead.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update #2

No poll update for today. I only will say Mark Warner has a commanding lead. In Pennsylvania the first Penn. poll in awhile from Rasmussen shows an end for Sen. Rick Zantorum's bounce. He is now down by 13 points to Bob Casey, 50-37. The New Jersey and Missouri Senate races are still closer than ever. Right now the Senate is almost spilt 50-50 and the House is over to the democrats by 2 seats. Here is my first prediciton for the control of congress:

The U.S. Senate
Republican 52
Democratic 47
Independents 1

The U.S. House
Democrats 219
Republicans 216

As you can see I predict a very split congress. I do feel the GOP will barily retain the senate, but the House I believe will go to the Democrats.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Poll Update for Today

Well not too many have voted yet and you have plenty of time! So far Mark Warner has a commanding lead in my poll. He is over 30 points ahead of Joe Biden and Al Gore. It is way early so the results I am about to post our very inaccurate and barily 50 peole have voted.

2008 Democratic Presidential Poll
(D)Mark Warner 38%
(D)Al Gore 8%
(D)Joe Biden 8%
Other 13%
None of the Above 33%

Sunday, October 08, 2006

2006 Midterm Election Update

With all my polls and interviews I have drifted away from the midterm election, but I'm to discuss them. Well it looks like a pretty grim year for the GOP. Scandal after scandal has plagued them. It looks as if the Democrtas will regain the U.S. House and is getting close to the U.S. Senate. U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has already formed her agenda for her first 100 hours as Speaker of the House. Many house Democrats have begun drafting articles of impeachment for the president, which I feel are ridiculous and a waste of time. If the democrats go through with the impeachment I feel this will become a do nothing congress and I will lose all respect I had left for them. Republicans still are full of scandals and I am starting to lose faith in them too. I will am thinking of becoming a registered independent. This weekend several debates have taken place. In Texas the 4 major contenders for the job of governor met to debate in what is most likely the only debate they will be featured in. Politics-Central gives the win of the debate to Governor Rick perry for just staying quiet. Democrat Chris Bell perfromed well also. I think the independents could of performed better. Kinky Friedman finally got a doise of real politics. He faced critizm on his staff about how barily any colored people are on. He didn't know his facts and just copied Bell's answers and tried making friends with only to have Bell turn on him. Independent Carole Keeton Strayhorn also stumbled with the time limit always being interupted. She also didn't even know the name of the president-elect of Mexico Calderon, but I still liked the fact of her non-partisan issues so I will not remove her from our endorsement list. In California GOP Incumbant Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic State Treasurer Phil Angelides met and debated. I will give the win to Gov. Arnold. He cleaned up his act from the Recall debate and actually stuck with the issues. He didn't say anything he shouldn't of and actually seemed to leave Angelides dumb founded. I have recieved a new found respect for the actor-turned politician. I didn't see the Tennessee Senate Debate, but from what I hear Bob Corker won.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

President 2008 Interviews

Here is another interview with a Presidential candidate. Independent Hopeful Steve Adams was kind enough to give us an interview.

Politics-Central: What do you feel is one of the most important issues for this presidential campaign?

Steve Adams: Federal spending is a big issue. The fedral budget, with its yearly deficitand overall debt, will crippleour country if it is not fixed very soon. Our military strength, abililty to fight terrorism, our ability to care for our own people, our ability to carry out any plans at all is tightly linked to this issue. I stand for reduced federal spending and a mandatory balanced budget surplus and include paying the principle on the debt to eliminate it. To accomplish these changes will require drastic change and so I support a sweeping overhaul of today's tax code similar to that which is being proposed now in Congress (HR 25/s 25) and is detailed at

Politics-Central: Never has an Independent Presidential Candidate been elected president so do you think you can and why?

Steve Adams: Absolutely. I am not here to be an "also ran", but to win this race. The internet is a powerful force which is availiable now in ways never seen before. I also offer a solution that is not offered elsewhere. President Kennedy once said, "Mothers may still want their favorite sons to grow up to be president, but... they do not want them to become politicians in the process". President Bush's approval rating is even low. Congress's is even lower. The reason for low ratings is that the governmentis not doing what people want. People are waking up to that fact more and more and I hope to capitalize on that knowledge as well.

Politics-Central: Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Bush has done and why?

Steve Adams: As most would probably answer, both. I approve of the way the President handled 9/11, started to handle the war on terror, and his love for our country. I do believe the time has come to bring the troops home from Iraq and make our borders secure from all threats including illegal immigration.

Politics-Central: What is one thing you would like to sat to the voters about yourself and your qualities to become president?

Steve Adams: I am one of them. We live in a representitive democracy where our elected officials vote on matters for us. Therefore the American people need elected officials that are most like them. I have children to raise, parents with health issues, friends in the military, friends who are unemployed... just like they do. I pay my mortgagr and worry about debt, taxes and job outsourcing just like they do. Who better could represent them in the oval office?

Here is a little about the Candidate
Steve Adams
Age: 40
Home: Cinncinnati, Ohio
Occupation: Local Technology
Company Employee. Software
Designer. Local Pastor of Untied
Methodist Church
Education: B.S. in Computer Science
from University of Cinncinnati
Political Experience: He appears to be a
first time candidate

For more info. go to

The 2008 Democratic Presidential Poll

The Next Presidential poll has opened. My New Poll is asking out of the possible Democrats who would you vote for as the Nominee for President in 2008? I wont post current results, because there isn't enough votes for an accurate result. I will say fmr. Virgingins Governor Mark Warner is in the lead.

Here is the link:

vote in the poll!

Friday, October 06, 2006


U.S. Senator John McCain won my GOP Presidential Poll. McCain actually had to fight for the win. He faced constant challenges from Giuliani and Hagel, but ultimately won in the end! Congrats also goes to Chuck hagel who recieved the biggest recorded bounce in my polls and the greatest comeback. He was in 6th place a week ago and almost won the poll today. Giuliani also almost won bieng a fmr. front runner in th poll.

The Final Results
(R)John McCain 20%
(R)Chuck Hagel 19%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 13%
(R)George Allen 8%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)Condi Rice 5%
(R)Sam Brownback 4%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4%
(R)Newt Gingrich 3%
(R)Bill Frist 3%
(R)George Pataki 1%
None of The Above 16%

On to te Democratic poll. I have just created it and I will advertize it tommorrow in a post.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Poll: The Last Day is tommorrow

Tommorrow is the lst day for my poll and and the race has come down to just U.S. Senators John McCain and Chuck Hagel. It appears Hagel is barily in the lead with one day left. To Hagel bloggers you are succeding. Giuliani has fallen behind and the rest are not even a threat. Tommorrow I will also start the Dem. Presidential Poll.

Current Results
(R)Chuck Hagel 19%
(R)John McCain 19%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 14%
(R)George Allen 8%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)Condi Rice 5%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4%
(R)Sam Brownback 4%
(R)Bill Frist 3%
(R)Newt Gingrich 3%
(R)George Pataki 1%
None of the Above 16%

Remember tommorrow is the last day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Poll The Last Days, and Hagel vs McCain

Only two days left and my poll has well exceeded it's goal of 300 votes! Chuck Hagel and John McCain are now officially tied! This has seemed to heat up this poll. McCain bloggers and Hagel bloggers are in a battle for the winner of my poll. Giuliani is way to far behind to catch up I feel and it is now only between McCain and Hagel. Continue voting you have only 2 days and 5 hours to vote in the poll before it closes!

Current Results
(R)Chuck Hagel 19%
(R)John McCain 19%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 14%
(R)George Allen 8%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)Condi Rice 5%
(R)Sam Brownback 4%
(R)Bill Frist 3%
(R)Newt Gingrich 3%
(R)George Pataki 1%
None of the Above 16%

Monday, October 02, 2006

Poll Update: The clock is widing down and only 12 more votes till I reach my goal!

Today leaves only 4 more days to vote in my poll until the closing of my GOP Presidential Poll. Also in 4 days is the premiere of my Dem. Presidential Poll. That poll will end on October 29th, 2006 at 10pm eastern time. On that day The General Election Poll comparing the winners of the poll to see who you choose as the next president will air. I will ultimately end these series of presidential polls on Nov. 24th, 2006 at 10pm. After that a brief Hiatus will occur of polls until around Christmas when we will end my series of Polls with the Greatest President Poll. Today's update for my poll is McCain seems to be regaining a strong lead. He use to be neck and neck with Hagel by he now has a very slim 2 point lead. Giuliani seems to of ended his brief session of momentum and George Allen continues to gain in numbers. He is definately one to watch. Condi Rice has recieved a slight bounce along with Bill Frist, but both are unlikely to win my poll. Mitt Romney, Winner of my Greatest Governor Poll is still trailing badly. To make a brief change is subjects I just wanted to say Vice President Dick Cheney visited my hometown of Casper, Wyoming today! This is his 2nd visit this year and the 1st I was lucky enough to meet him! Coming Soon! 4 more interviews with 2008 presidential candidates. That is all for today!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Poll Update: Time is running out

Well McCain is barily holding on to his lead and now Giuliani is gaining. He might have something to say in this poll. Hagel has held on to current position for sometime. Continue voting only 5 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Results
(R)John McCain 18%
(R)Chuck Hagel 18%
(R)Rudolph Giuliani 16%
(R)George Allen 7%
(R)Condi Rice 5%
(R)Mitt Romney 5%
(R)Mike Huckabee 4%
(R)Newt Gingrich 4%
(R)Sam Brownback 4%
(R)Bill Frist 1%
(R)George Pataki 1%