Friday, June 29, 2007

Decision 2008: End of the Month Presidential Power Rankings #27

Here's your annual end of the Month Rankings, the day before the 2nd quarter of the Presidential Campaign ends.


1st Tied: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson now has 5 state leads and is raking up the potential delegate numbers. His nationwide polls show him near the lead now. Rasmussen has him on top in their polling. Thompson's campaign hasn't even begun and he is on his way to dethrowning Rudy as the frontrunner.

1st Tied: Rudy Giuliani (rising) Rudy is expected to come out on top in fundraising tommorrow and he remains 7-10 points ahead nationally in most polls. The only problem Giuliani is facing is that he has yet to make a pulse in early contests in most polls. Only one has shown him in 2nd in the 3 early states on NH, IA, and SC.

3rd: Mitt Romney (steady) Romney remains on top in NH and IA, but his national polls are still hanging around at 10%. That is still very weak. Mitt was also on top in fundraising last quarter and now he is expected to come in 2nd or maybe even 3rd if McCain pulls a miracle which is very VERY unlikely.

4th: John McCain (falling) McCain is in it for the long haul calling the people who think hes going to quit crazy. McCain remains in double digits and one nationwide poll showed him tied for the lead. He isn't out of this race yet, but he still is lagging in support.

5th: Newt Gingrich (steady) With Thompson's huge surge into the lead, will the unstatisfactory of the current list of candidates surge him into the lead as well when he joins the race. Gingrich is lagging however in most polls.

6th: Mike Huckabee (rising) Improving his fundraising numbers and leading the 2nd tier everywhere could he crack the code to get into the top tier? It isn't likely but if I recall weren't Clinton and Carter in this situation as well?

7th: Tommy Thompson (rising) New polls out of Iowa show him tripling his support. He is now nearing double digit zone there, but it is unlikely that that we happen.

8th: Sam Brownback (steady) Brownback sure is trying hard, but he just isn't going anywhere.

9th: Ron Paul (rising) I think the debates had a positive effect on his campaign and he has surged now to lead the 3rd tier if there even is one.

10th: Duncan Hunter (steady) Hunter has jumped 2 positions in our rankings, but still isn't doing too well.

11th: Chuck Hagel (steady) Hagel really looks like he wont run in 2008 as a Republican and he now is looking into a tough re-election battle to the Senate or a independent run on a national ticket.

12th: Jim Gilmore (falling) We now dub him "Who the Heck is Gilmore". His name recognition is probably the worst out of any candidate and he now isn't even registering in polls. His homestate isn't even giving him double digits. Many now think he will drop out and run for John Warner's seat in the Senate if he retires.

13th: Tom Tancredo (steady) Dead last may be a little harsh for Tancredo, but he really is registering anywhere in any poll or in fundraising.

Democrats: (Note: We still do not feel Former Vice President Al Gore will run in 2008 so we will not include him in our rankings)

1st: Hillary Clinton (steady) Not really surprising that Hillary is on top again with her continual lead in 90% of polls. Her only challenge is winning Iowa and South Carolina and holding on to NH. Obama is expected to pass her in fundraising, and that isn't good for the Clinton camp, but as her support weakens look for more appearences of Bill.

2nd: Barack Obama (steady) Fundraising totals this quarter may prove that there is more to the Obama campaign than meets the eye.

3rd: John Edwards (steady) Edwards is going to do poorly it appears for fundraising, but he still remains on top in Iowa and thats all he needs to keep his campaign alive.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) New Early contest polls show Richardson is alive and well in this campaign and could pull a miracle. I wouldn't count him out yet either.

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Biden like Brownback is campaignng around the clock, however it isn't having an effect in his numbers. 2 great debate performances haven't done a thing for him and he could just quit early and focus on his re-election bid in 2008.

6th: Christopher Dodd (steady) Dodd did well in fundraising in the 1st quarter for a 2nd-3rd tier candidate. Don't think it will do him any good though.
7th: Dennis Kucinich (steady) Remains about 1% in polls and is likely going to stay there.

8th: Mike Gravel (steady) Getting invited to debates has helped him a little, but really we all know he is just running to run. He can't win. Sam goes for Dodd, and Kuncinich and maybe more.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Decision 2008: Stephen Colbert for President?

Is Comedy Central's Colbert Report Host Stephen Colbert really considering a bid for the White House in 2008? Just recently 2 petitions have been formed to get Colbert to run and Unity'o8 seems to be drafting Colbert to run for their nomination for president. They have recently formed a poll asking whether Colbert should run or not. Unity'08's Doug Bailey will be on the show to tell Colbert about the poll and maybe Colbert will give us a little insight on 2008. Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee already asked him to be his running mate, probably asa joke and so did Tom Delay. Now it looks like we may have to look into a possible Colbert run in 2008 to add to the growing number of possible independent runs. Could Colbert sum up to Bloomberg, if Bloomberg makes a run in 2008. Will he just be a spoiler if he runs. Colbert is seen sometimes as conservative and could attract alot of votes if Giuliani, Clinton, and Bloomberg were the candidates he faced off against considering they are all liberal. Colbert has been stated as a crazy journalist and is remembered for his White House Correspondence dinner 2 years ago when he was the comedy act. He put together a video putting forward his name for White House Press Secretary as a joke. His stunt stunned Washington and the President. Colbert could seriously change the status quo is he did run. However one must also consider is this just another political stunt? We will soon find out tonight on Colbert's show.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Decision 2008: Governor and Senate Races Update.

We have been so caught up in the 2008 Presidential race that we haven't taken a look at the other races happening in 2008.

Here are some contested races in 2008:

U.S. Senate:

Arkansas U.S. Senate:

Senator Mark Pryor may face a tough challenge, but its not likely. Ex-US Attorney Chuck Banks is looking to be his GOP challenger, however if Former Governor Mike Huckabee ever leaves the 2008 presidential race early he could easily unseat Pryor.

Our Rating: Leaning Democratic Hold

Colorado U.S. Senate:

2 term incumbant U.S. Senator Wayne Allard (R) stood to his owrd of only serving 2 terms and announced he wont seek a 3rd term. That leaves this seat as a possible pick-up for the Democrats. Democratic Congressman Mark Udall is seen as the wide favorite to become Allard's successor. Former Congressman and State Board of Education Member Bob Schaffer will likely challenge Udall in the General Election.

Our Rating: Leaning Democratic pick-up

Georgia U.S. Senate:

Senator Saxby Chambliss remains popular and looks to be safe but he faces alot of Democratic challengers. Attorney General Thurbert Baker and Ex Governor Roy Barnes are considering a run and both could but a decent fight against the Senator.

Our Rating Leaning Republican Hold

Illionis U.S. Senate:

Sen. Dick Durbin has become less popular, but Illionis voters are liekly to give him another term. State Senator Bill Brady is his likely challenger and he wont go far.

Our Rating: Safe Democratic Hold

Iowa U.S. Senate:

Tom Harkin is facing some challengers, but his popularity should cruise him to an easy re-election. Congressman Steve King is his only challenge.

Our Rating: Safe Democratic Hold

Louisiana U.S. Senate:

With the likely Governor mansion pick-up in 2007 the GOP hope that momentum will surge to win a Senate seat as well. Incumbant Mary Landrieu barely won her 2002 election and the GOP sees her as very vulrenable. GOP Congressman Richard Baker and State Treasurer John Kennedy are looking to unseat Landrieu. State Secretary of State Jay Dardenne is also expected to run.

Our Rating: Leaning Republican pick-up

Maine U.S. Senate:

Incumbent U.S. Senator Susan Collins faces a tough re-election challenge this year and the Democrats see another possible pick-up to increase their control in the Senate. Collins remains popular in her state, but her party isn't. Former Sen. Lincoln Chafee was just like this when he lost his seat. However early polls and fundraising numbers prove that Collins holds the advantage of Democratic Congressman Tom Allen.

Our Rating: Leaning Republican Hold

Massachusetts U.S. Senate:

Sen. John Kerry is seen as verey unpopular in his state but not a strong enough candidate will run against. The only way I see this Democratic leader losing is Fmr. MA Governor Mitt Romney running, but he now actaully has a shot at the White House so I dont see that happening.

Our Rating: Safe Democratic Hold

Minnesota U.S. Senate:

1st term U.S. Senator Norm Coleman was looking to be a possible unseater, but the Democrats cant pick a strong enough candidate to beat Coleman. Coleman currently leads Comedian Al Franken and Mike Ciersi by double digits. He may just sneak by again with luck.

Our Rating: Leaning Republican Hold

Montana U.S. Senate:

The state has turned very Democratic and doesn't look likely to change, but if Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg ran Senator Max Baucus might be in trouble.

Our Rating: Safe Democratic Hold

New Hampshire U.S. Senate:

Sen. John Sununu is probably #1 on the Democrats hit list in 2008. Sununu barely was elected and his old opponent Former Governor Jeanne Shaheen is looking to be a serious challenger. Even popular Governor Lynch is considering a possible run against Sununu. Either candidate will likely defeat Sununu.

Our Rating: Leaning Democratic pick-up

North Carolina U.S. Senate:

U.S. Senate Elizabeth Dole is looking to steam right past a challenge and cruise to an easy re-election. Democratic Congressman Brad Miller decided not to seek the U.S. Senate next year and there goes any thought that Dole would be unseated.

Our Rating: Safe Republican Hold

Oregon U.S. Senate:
Sen. Gordon Smith is seen as vulrenable in 2008, but his approval remains high and no strong Democratic Candidate has put forward his name for consideration. Smith is a moderate in a Democratic state, but without a strong challenger Smith should glide to an easy re-election. However Legislature big wigs could take him on and make this a close race so we cant say this seat is completely safe.

Our Rating: Leaning Republican Hold

South Dakota U.S. Senate:

Sen. Tim Johnson has just started recovering from his stroke that nearly killed him and he faces a tough election year. If Governor Mike Rounds runs Johnson might be out of a job, but that really so far is he only challenge. The GOP faces an injured Senator with high approvals. Sp far we have to give this seat a Democratic lean, but that could change if Rounds runs in 2008.

Our Rating: Leans Democratic Hold

Wyoming U.S. Senate Special Election:

Newly Sworn-in U.S. Senator John Barrasso already faces an election. Barrasso faces possible challenges from within his party, such as Former State Treasurer Cynthia Lummis and Former U.S. Attorney Matt Mead, but he should survive those challenges and since the state is so heavily Republican the Democrats shouldn't be able to defeat Barrasso. Gary Trauner who narrowly lost to Rep. Barbara Cubin for here seat may very likely be Barrasso's challenger. State Senator Mike Massie has also stated interest in 2008. Paul Hickey an attorney and son of a former governor may also throw his hat into the ring. Governor Dave Freudenthal has stated little interest and will likely not run and finish his term as governor.

Our Rating: Safe Republican Hold

Senate Projection for 2008
Democrats 50
Republicans 48
Independents 2

Governor Contested Races

Delaware Governor:

State Lt. Governor John Carney is widely seen as Ruth Minner's successor, but the 5 GOP candidates may give him a slight challenge. State Treasurer Jack Markell may also run as a Democratic.

Our Rating: Leans Democratic Hold.

Missouri Governor:

Governor Matt Blunt, who narrowly won re-election and currently has low approval numbers could be in danger. Democrats hope State Attorney General Jay Nixon can win back the Governor's mansion and he just might do that. It looks as if he will, with Blunt's numbers falling. State Treasurer Sarah Steelman hopes to defeat Blunt in the GOP Primary and save the Governorship from Democratic hands.

Our Rating: Leans Democratic pick-up

Montana Governor:
Governor Brian Schweitzer will likely stay in the Governors mansion with his high approval numbers. Schweitzer faces little challenge from Fmr. State Senate Minority Leader Bob Keenan. Businessman Steve Daines might also run.

Our Rating: Safe Democratic Hold

North Carolina Governor:

This seat is up for grabs by any party. State Treasurer Richard Moors and Lt. Governor Bev Perdue are vying for the Democratic Nomination and the GOP struggles to find a strong candidate. State House Speaker Richard Morgan may run, and Attorney Bill Graham and State Senator Fred Smith and Ex. State Supreme Court Member Bob Orr are currently the only GOP candidate running.

Our Rating: Leans Democratic Hold

Washington Governor: Christine Gregoire narrowly and I mean narrowly won in 2004. She won by only 130 votes. Her old opponent Former State Senator Dino Rossi is widely seen as a candidate. Rossi leads Gregoire by double digits in early polls, but this could still be a close race.

Our Rating: Leans Republican pick-up.

Governor Prediction for 2008:
Democrats 28
Republicans 22.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

End of a Legacy, and the start of a new: Blair years are over.

Tommorrow British Prime Minister Tony Blair will step down after long years of serveice to his country. His administration began with immence popularity and an overwhelming landslide, however he ends his leadership in complete unpopulatiry. His approval numbers are even lower than President Bush's. Blair led Great Britain through the tragic death of Princess of Wales, Diana, Sept. 11th, the London train bombings, and the War in Iraq. He was the first to stand at our President's side in fighting the global War on Terror. He sent British troops into Iraq and made sure the United Kingdom and the United States were stable allies. Blair's popularity has slipped lately because of the War in Iraq and has been called Bush's puppet. I feel the Prime Minister had a mind of his own and only acted in the best interests of the United Kingdom. The new Leader of the Labour Party, which currently holds the most seats in the British Parliament, Gordon Brown will become the next Prime Minister tommorrow continuing on the Blair legacy. Brwon has been seen as Blair's likely successor for years. He currently serves as Chancellor of the Exchequer or finance minister. He will likely represent his party in the upcoming elections in 2009 where his party is in jeopardy of losing control to the tories or conservative party. Brown and Blair haven't agreed completely on several issues and Blair never supported his candidacy to succeed him as Prime Minister, however they will have to put aside their differences as Queen Elizabeth II will ask him to become her 8th prime minister.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just a quick notice.....

Soon Politics-Central will celebrate its 1 year anniversary from its founding. We will have presidential candidate interviews as well as debates and more power rankings and Candidate spotlight posts to celebrate. But after the celebration possibly in August or September we may take a 1 month hiatus and then end the site do to my busy schedule. I may just take a break and come back to posting, but the site may be coming to a close soon. Look for my continual posting on the Political Side if this site does end.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Decision 2008: Nader going for a 4th.

Ralph Nader has said he is now considering a 4th run for the White House, likely as an independent. In 2000 he reieved almost 2 million votes and swung the election to then Texas Governor George W. Bush. However in 2004 he only recieved 400,000 votes. In 2000 he ran as the Green Party Nominee. Nader's runs have usually swung the election to the Republican Candidate or usually Bush. Bloomberg is also considering a run so can he be as effective as he has been in the past. He alos has issues about getting on the ballot as an Independent. Nader didn't even make it on the ballot in my homestate of Wyoming. He recieved 10% in one state in the 2000 election however. Bloomberg would probably steal his spotlight. Nader is currently supperting Ron Paul and Mike Gravel in the presidential race. Both are considered long shots. He probably did this to put his name forward after they lose.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings Week #26: Romney and Clinton on top!

Its been awhile but here is your end of the week Rankings. Next week we will restart our candidate spotlight posting. GOP Debate postponed to July. Republicans:

1st: Mitt Romney (steady) Thompson is starting to have an effect on Romney's lead in Iowa and NH but new polls in California put him on top so in the race for delegates he is nearly tied with McCain. Romney is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

2nd Tied: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson now has a consistant lead in South Carolina and adds Texas to his growing list of state leads. He now is either tied with McCain nationally and one Rasmussen Poll (which tends to be inaccurate) shows him leading nationally. Could this actor actually win?

2nd Tied: Rudy Giuliani (falling) Giuliani is now in trouble nationally. He has lost his leads in big states like NY and CA and is slipping to 3rd and 4th in key states. Still doing well fundraising and keeps his national lead.

4th: John McCain (falling sharply) McCain is at the lowest level of his campaign. He now is in 3rd or 4th in key states and slipping fast nationally. McCain needs a big pick up soon or he could reach the point of no return. I still feel McCain isn't dead and that is too early. He can rebound.

5th: Mike Huckabee (rising) Now tied with McCain in Iowa and close to double digit territory there. Can he make it to the Top tier?


1st:Hillary Clinton (steady) Well this is her 26th top spot win this week. She now holds leads in even Iowa some polls suggest. Could Hillary surge so far to become uncatchable? I doubt it. Obama and Edwards still have a shot of a comeback but a small one.

2nd: Barack Obama (steady) The only things keeping him in the race is his fundraising and his national poll numbers, but both dont count for nothing when Iowa and NH are held. He needs a bounce in NH and Iowa. South Carolina is leaning his way though.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards is starting to lose his Iowa lead and he needs that lead to stay in the race. His national numbers are faltering too.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) Richardson holds Biden off after poor debate performances. Impressive for his campaign.

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Just cant find that edge to surge into the top tier.

We have a Senator!

Wyoming State Senator and Casper Surgeon John Barrasso will succeed Craig Thomas as Wyoming's new US Senator. Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal appointed Barrasso early this afternoon. Barrasso has been stated as a frontrunner to replace Thomas since he was diagnosed with Leukemia in November. Everyone knew Thomas wouldn't run in 2012 and Barrasso would. Barrasso was chosen over Former State Treasurer Cynthia Lummis and Tom Sansonetti. Barrasso recieved the 2nd most votes at the GOP central committee meeting. John Barrasso will serve until 2008 when he will likely run in a special election to win the rest of Thomas's term. Barrasso likely faces a crowded primary field form those who lost this process like Lummis, Former Speaker of the House Randall Luthi, Sansonetti, Former US Attorney Matt Mead, and many more. It should be an interesting 2008 here in Wyoming. All 3 of our congressional seats are up for election.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Decision 2008: Is the McCain Campaign in trouble?

Many are questioning whether Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain is already out of the race for presiden.t He had poor fundraising totals in the 1st quarter and is expected to have about the same. His polls in Key state of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have dropped to almost single digits. Nationally McCain has slipped to 3rd. What has happened to this once presumed nominee? Well McCain supports unpopular legislation like the current immigration bill, and the troop build up resolution. Also Fred Thompson's entrance has moved him to 3rd. Mitt Romney's surge in Iowa and NH have taken his lead away. Giuliani remains in control nationally. The only area McCain is performing decently is in Democratic match-ups. There he is usually tied with Giuliani and leading Thompson and Romney. I dont feel that McCain if out yet. He still has the polls to remain in the top tier, and if we remember back to 2004 John Kerry was in this kind of trouble numerous times. Kerry was the early frontrunner slipped in fundraising and key states regained his lead but lost it again and fell to all time lows. It wasn't until the week before Iowa that he came back and won the nomination. It is too early to declare a campaign dead and I feel this si just another bumpy stage for McCain. Now if he recieves poor fundrasing totals again and his momentum completely deteriates. Then the McCain camp will be in trouble.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Decision 2008: Will Bloomberg make a run for President in 2008?

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has officially left the Republican party pretty much ending any speculation that he would run in 2010 to oust Newly elected Democratic Governor Elliot Spitzer. Now most our looking at whether he will run as an independent for president in 2008? With his new Independent affliation it make look like he is going to run. Bloomberg has yet to state he will or will not run as an independent, but he will not run as a Republican. Bloomberg stands well as a 3rd party or independent candidiate in polls coming close to winning several states and nationally he is nearing double digits. Could he be the Ross Perot of 2008? He is a billionaire and could finance a presidential run. He said he is ready to spend $50 million of his own money to get enough signatures to get on the ballot in all 50 states and run TV ads in those states. With that much money Bloomberg could put up a good fight against whoever the Democratic or Republican nominees will be. Bloomberg also met with US Senator Chuck Hagel at a Unity'08 event sparking interest that the 2 will run on the same ticket under the Unity'08 banner. We will just have to wait and see what happens in 2008.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wyoming GOP chooses its 3 nominees to replace the late Senator Craig Thomas

I have just recently returned from the Wyoming GOP central committee meeting and they have chosen Former US Assistant Attorney General and Former Chief of Staff to Then Rep. Craig Thomas, Tom Sansonsetti, State Senator representing Northern Casper, John Barrasso and Former State Treasurer Cynthia Lummis as their 3 nominees to replace the late Senator Craig Thomas. I got a chance to talk to the 3 nominees and Barrasso said if appointed he will work to continue Sen. Thomas's legacy and bills recently named after him, Lummis said if she was appointed she would work to keep Craig Thomas's staff and would work with Wyoming's congressional delegation. We are going to try to get an interview with one of the 3 nominees in the coming days before Freudenthal announces the next senator.

Ballot #2 For the Top 10

Tom Sansonetti 60

John Barrasso 59

Ron Micheli 40

Cynthia Lummis 37

Matt Mead 31*

Randall Luthi 31

Paul Kruse 30

Colin Simpson 28

Frank Moore 25

Bruce Asay 14

Ballot #3 for the Top 5

Tom Sansonetti 58

John Barrasso 56

Cynthia Lummis 44

Matt Mead 30

Ron Micheli 25

Barraso, Lummis and Sansonetti now have to wait for Governor Freudenthal's decision for who the next senator will be. Here is the nominees and their past positions:

Tom Sansonetti-Former Cheif of Staff to Rep. Craig Thomas, Former US Assistant Attorney General and Former GOP State Chairman.

John Barrasso-State Senator, Surgeon, and Former State GOP Treasurer

Cynthia Lummis-Former State Treasurer, Former State Senator, Former State Representative, Rancher and Attorney

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Politics-Central Endorses Colin Simpson for Wyoming U.S. Senate Seat Vacancy!

After a long hard process of searching for a replacement to an old friend, the late U.S. Senator Craig Thomas I have decided and we have agreed to publicly endorse Colin Simpson, State House Majority Leader and Son of Former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson to take Thomas's place in the senate. Simpson shows the leadership skills and kindness that Thomas showed and it is my opinion that he will carry out what Thomas would have. Simpson if not selected may run against Rep. Barbara Cubin in her primary next year. If that happens Politics-Central will endorse Simpson in that endeavor. Come on Wyoming lets get this guy in Congress!!!!!!!!!!

Wyoming U.S. Senate Seat: 30 candidates line up for Thomas's seat and begins what is called a wild 2008 in WY.

The candidates have already filed campaigned and participated in a forum in just 5 days. The campaign for a seat in congress is near over. Tuesday 71 Republican Central Committee members will meet with the 30 candidates and vote on 3 nominees for Governor Dave Freudenthal. After Freudenthal has until June 25, to pick the late U.S. Senator Craig Thomas's seat.

Here is the list on candidates:
(R)Bruce Asay, Attorney and 2004 U.S. House Candidate
(R)John Barrasso, State Senator and Surgeon
(R)Cale Case, State Senator, Attorney and 2004 U.S. House Candidate
(R)Doug Chanmberlain, Former State Representative
(R)Ben Henry Collins, Minister
(R)Dave Edwards, State Representative
(R)Dennis Fox, Unknown
(R)Larry French, Insurance Business and Party Activist
(R)Brian Gamroth, Radio Announcer
(R)Jan Charles Gray, Casper Attorney
(R)John Holtz, Laramie Attorney
(R)Ray Hunkins, Republican Nominee for Governor 2006, Unsuccessful candidate for Governor GOP primary 2002, Rancher and Attorney
(R)Paul Kruse, Cheyenne Attorney and Party Activist
(R)Nora Marie Lewis, Newspaper Columnist Unsuccessful Senate Candidate '90 and '88.
(R)Cynthia Lummis, Former State Treasurer, State Legislator and Attorney
(R)Randall Luthi, Deputy Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Former State House Speaker, and State Legistator
(R)Matthew Mead, Former U.S. Attorney, Grandson of Fmr. Governor and Senator Cliff Hansen
(R)Ron Micheli, Former State Legislator and Rancher
(R)Frank Moore, Former State Legislator and Rancher
(R)Bill Paddleford, Teton County Commissioner and Businessman
(L)Thom Rankin, Health Care Adm., Libertarian U.S. House Nominee 2006
(R)Tom Sansonetti, Former Chief of Staff to Sen. Craig Thomas, Fomrer GOP Chariman, Former US Assistant Attorney General
(R)Jack R. Sapp, Businessman
(R)Joe Schloss, U.S. Armey Sergent Major retired, Party Activist
(R)Colin Simpson, State House Majority Leader, Son of Former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson
(R)Randall Stevenson, Rancher and Party Activist
(R)Clark Stith, Rock Springs Attorney
(R)Nate Stratton, Unknown
(R)Jeanna Wright, Insurance Company Co-owner
(R)Charles C. Young, Physician

Very long list of Candidates but Politics-Central has narrowed it down to the frontrunners:
State Senator John Barrasso(R)
Ray Hunkins(R)
Former State Treasurer Cynthia Lummis(R)
Former State House Speaker Randall Luthi(R)
Former U.S. Attorney Matt Mead(R)
Tom Sansonetti(R)
State House Majority Leader Colin Simpson(R)

Possible Frontrunners
State Senator Cale Case(R)
Bruce Asay(R)
Ron Micheli

I will be at the GOP Party meeting to choose the 3 candidates and will be here imediately after to announce the 3 nominees.

Barrasso, Lummis, Mead, Sansonetti, and Simpson are all seen as possible conenders for the 2008 special election for the seat if not chosen as the replacement. Colin Simpson has announced if not selected as the replacement he will run against Rep. Barbara Cubin in the GOP primary for her seat. No republican has ever come close to beating Cubin, but with Simpson's famous last name and experience he could be the first. Last year an unknown recieved 40%! against Cubin in her primary. Democrats looking into the seat our Gary Trauner, who ran and narrowly lost to Cubin for her seat last year, State Senator Mike Massie, and Attorney, Son of Fmr. Governor Joe Hickey and Unsuccessful 2002 Gov. Candidate Paul Hickey. Even Govenor Freudenthal has been mentioned but will likely remain governor. Whatever happens in the coming weeks it sure will be a crazy 2008 here in Wyoming!

Contributing on a new Blog!

You can now catch me at Political Side!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be contributing to that site with Politics One's Daniel Myers, S T Ridge and This is Politics online radio show host and founder and former Publisher of Conservative President 2008, Ben Miller.

Here's the link:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fred Thompson surges in new polls!

New nationwide polls show Former Tennessee U.S. Senator and Law and Order Actor Fred Thompson near the top. He is tied for the lead according to Rasmussen and a LA Times/Bloomberg poll showed him in a close 2nd. Thompson has yet to officially join the race and he has constant publicity and strong polls. Many worried he couldn't catch up in fundraising but with this great numbers and the media attention he gets Thompson should easily earn enough money to competee with McCain, Giuliani, and Romney. The only area Thompson needs to improve is in early states like Iowa NH and SC. He currently leads in SC but trails by wide margins in Iowa and NH. Of course new polls havene't been amde since his huge surge in the most recent polls. Thompson really has surged into this race and thrusted McCain and Giuliani from their 2-man show. Romney is even getting pushed out of the spotlight for once. His lead in NH is dwindling since Thompson started his exploratory committee. Thompson is going for the ultra conservative role that Romney and Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore have been playing very poorly. He wants to gain conservative votes where frontrunners McCain and Giuliani struggle. 3 out of 4 conservatives will not vote for either McCain or Giuliani under any circumstances and that leaves a huge spot for someone to jump in and Thompson has taken that spot. Can Thompson continue this buzz? if you remember Obama had this same buzz but it died off after a month and Rudy held a 30-40 point lead until he dropped. Will Gingrich or other possible contenders like Hagel take the spotlight away and steal some of those conservative votes? There is a loyt of pressure on Thompson to hold this surge and we will find out if he can ery soon.

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings Week #25: Thompson on top of GOP while Hillary strengthens her lead.

I have to leave tommorrow on a trip so I decided to post the rankings now instead of Friday.


1st: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson now is about 2nd or 3rd in national polls and is leading in 3 states and he hasn't even jumped into the race yet. His name ID gives him a boost and is becoming the Reagan of the party only in 2007 instead of 1980. Could this surge this once unknown to the presidency?

2nd: Mitt Romney (steady) Thompson's rise might be Romney's demise. His numbers are slowly coming down since Thompson entered the race and if Fred enteres the Ames straw poll, a once seemed easy win might become a big loss for his campaign.
3rd: John McCain (falling) Thompson has begun to actually hurt McCain's campaign and it has begun to fall apart again. He barely holds onto 2nd nationally and is losing his lead in early states. Its still early and any of these top 4 can take the nomination.
4th: Rudy Giuliani (falling) This is once again an all time low for Giuliani in our rankings. The 2nd tier has stepped up and Thompson has really shaken up the top tier moving McCain and Rudy down.
5th: Newt Gingrich (steady) Thompson took Gingrich's chance about sneaking a 1st tier spot and he may have a hard time if he enters in Sept.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) New spikes in polls put her up double digits nationally and in NH and SC. She is only trailing in Iowa and not by much. Can the once-presumed nominee regain her title?

2nd: Barack Obama (falling) Obama's spike has ended and he is falling everywhere. His lead in SC is gone and he is almost in 3rd in both Iowa and NH. This isn't a good time for Barack.

3rd: John Edwards (steady) Edwards remains ahead in Iowa and as long as he holds onto that lead he will still have a shot at the nomination. New polls in NH show him in 2nd and closing in on Hillary and Barack.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) Iowa polls show him at 9% 3 times as much as he was a month ago. Good job Richardson for coming back after 2 poor debates.

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Biden remains strong after 2 great debates. He still hasn't gotten a boost from those debates and somehow Richardson has.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wyoming U.S. Senate Vacancy.

With the death of beloved Senator Craig Thomas comes a vacancy in the Senate. The State Republican Party has 15 days well now down to 10. So many names are out there from Thomas's widow Susan Thomas to the Vice President's wife Lynne Cheney. Today began the selection with the end of the Thomas funeral. I was there to personally see the casket and all the dignateries. I will extremely miss the senator and so will the rest of Wyoming. The Wyoming GOP central committee will choose 3 names in the next few days and those names will go to Governor Dave Freudenthal to choose to replace Thomas. Then in November of next year the Replacement will run in a special election for the seat. Here are the list of possible candidates for the position:

Possible Candidates for Craig Thomas's U.S. Senate Seat.
(R)Susan Thomas-Wife of the late Senator Craig Thomas.
(R)Colin Simpson- State Rep. and Son of Former Sen. Alan Simpson.
(R)Randall Luthi-Former State House Speaker.
(R)Fred Parady-State GOP Chairman, Former State House Speaker and Candidate for State Treasurer '06.
(R)Max Maxfield-State Secretary of State, Former State Auditor.
(R)Cynthia Lummis-Former State Treasurer.
(R)Tom Sansonetti, Cheyenne Lawyer and Party Activist.
(R)Matt Mead, Former U.S. Attorney
(R)John Barrasso, State Senator representiting Casper.
(R)Eli Bebout, State Senator representiting Riverton, Former State House Speaker, and 2002 Republican nominee for Governor.
(R)Ray Hunkins, 2006 Republican nominee for Governor, 2002 candidate for GOP nomination for governor.
(R)Lynne Cheney, Vice President Cheney's wife.

Who are the frontrunners for the job?
(R)Susan Thomas-She is the first to be asked whether she will take his seat or not.
(R)Colin Simpson-Good Friend of the Thomas family and the GOP.
(R)Eli Bebout-Recently chosen to replace a dead state senator, and a strogn party leader
(R)Max Maxfield-2nd in command in the state and long time politician.
(R)John Barrasso-The only state senator that really knew the family and has been known to have wanted this seat.
(R)Matt Mead-Resigned as U.S. Attorney to go for the position, friends with Governor Freudenthal.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Decision 2008: Independent Candidates Online Reading Forum

Here is our forum. We asked independent candidates 5 questions each and they have answered. We hope this gives you a look at the numerous candidates running. We asked the candidates various questions like from Immigration and Iraq to their views on Unity'08.

We apologize but only 2 candidates responded to the forum. Several have stated they are too busy for the forum but may do it later so we will add their interviews later.

Steve Adams (I) Questioning

Politics-Central: In recent days many leading presidential candidates have been asked their view on the topic of abortion and overturning Roe v. Wade. What are your views on this topic?

Adams: I am pro-life and believe that scientifically, ethically, and morally, life begins at conception. The Declaration of Independence counts life as an "unalienable right" and therefore that must extend to a life even at its very beginning. Life must be protected by law or judicial interpretations of the law.

Politics-Central: You have recently formed a website with fellow independent presidential candidate Bob Hargis, who may be seeking Unity'08's nomination for president in order to get on the ballot in all 50 states. Do you have any interests in seeking their nomination and why did you and Mr. Hargis choose to form this site?

Adams: I have explored the plans as listed at the Unity '08 site. The people behind Unity '08 seem to be more interested in a ticket comprised of candidates from the main two parties. While they do mention the possibility of an independent on the ticket, I do not see that as a realistic end goal for them.

Bob and I formed because we are both long shots without support from big money and political parties. We needed to band together to better use the resources and information we have both gathered. We also thought it was important to show that aspiring politicians can be men of integrity and put the concerns of the nation before our own individual pride and ambitions. Should one of us see a surge in our campaign, the other will be cheering and helping as opposed to tearing the other down.

Politics-Central: On the topic of the War in Iraq nearly 2 out of 3 Americans want our troops withdrawn. If elected president would you choose to send troops home or keep them in Iraq ?

Adams: I would bring the troops home as soon as it would be possible to do so. Neither your readers nor I have access to the facts. We see and hear bits and pieces of information filtered by the media and the government. Once I find out what is really going on, I will instruct the commanders of the military to plan and execute a safe and quick exit strategy. At the same time, I would inform the government and people of Iraq that their national destiny was in their hands.

Politics-Central: Is there any other presidential candidates that you would support besides your self, what's the name of this candidate and why would you support him or her?

Adams: At this time, there is no other candidate from the two major parties that I would support. I see no individual who would gain support of a national party who could also break free from the stranglehold their party has on their actions. The "first tier" candidates have been bought by years of financial and logistical support. They would serve their party instead of the American people and we can no longer prosper as a nation with that type of environment. No third party or independent candidate other than Bob Hargis has impressed me to this point.

Politics-Central: What is the most important problem or potential crisis facing America today and if elected president what would you do to avert this problem or crisis?

Adams: We have several pressing issues which are the war in Iraq and illegal immigration which affects so many aspects of our society. But the one issue that overshadows all the other issues is our budget. Our yearly deficits and overall debt will bankrupt our country; and a country that is not financially stable cannot field an army, defend its borders, keep any of its promises, or take care of its own people in any way. If we do not fix our spending habits, no other issue will matter in the long run.

The plan to fix the problem is to work with Congress to stop any discretionary spending and focus on the essentials alone. I will veto any spending bill or budget that contains pork/entitlements/earmarks, or payback to any special interests. An alternative tax or fairtax should be investigated for the long term.

Frank McEnulty (I) Questioning

Politics-Central What are your views on Abortion?

McEnulty: Personally I am against it. However, having spoken with people who have been faced with the decision of getting an abortion or not, I realize it is probably one of the most difficult decisions most women can ever make in their lives and one rarely forgotten. My preference would be that no one would ever feel that they have to get or contemplate an abortion for any reason. However, I also believe that this is a moral issue that is best decided by a woman, her family, friends and religious beliefs and legislated by the states.

Politics-Central: What are your plans for our involvement in Iraq?

McEnulty: In spite of what the media wishes to portray, most of Iraq is in pretty good shape. The northern Kurdish section is doing very well with lots of new houses. The Southern British controlled regions are in much better shape. The problem child is the one in the middle and I believe the solution to that section has to be to allow the military to do what needs to be done to remove as much resistance as possible without political interference. That will make a lot of "human rights" people howl to the heavens, but what about the rights of all of those who are being forced to live a horrible day-to-day existence because of the few bad ones.

Politics-Central: Why are you choosing to run as an Independent?

McEnulty: I believe that both political parties are only in it for the good of the party and have lost all sense of trying to do what is good for the country. When a member of the opposite party "never" says anything that you can agree with then you are only operating on party ideology and not good sense.

Politics-Central: Many Independent Candidates have sited interest in Unity'08's nomination for president, such as Bob Hargis, do you plan on seeking their nomination and what are your views of Unity'08?

McEnulty: I applaud their efforts and am watching them closely. As of yet I have not decided what to do concerning them.

Politics-Central: How do you plan to get your ideas well known since you are running as an independent with not too much money or party support?
McEnulty: I send out emails and press releases on an almost weekly basis. I pick up a few more people each week and am fighting hard to get some recognition in the press.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings Week #24: GOP swap moves Mitt to #1 and Clinton remains on top.

We are going to post our power rankings today instead of tommorrow since I am going to busy tommorrow.

1st: Mitt Romney (rising) Still on top in NH and Tied in Iowa and coming back in South Carolina I think after 3 solid debate performances Romney's campaign got a surge in early state polls. National Polls he remains in 3rd, 4th or 5th. Romney has a strong fundraising base still and he has emerged as the rockstar of the republicans running.

2nd Tied: Fred Thompson (steady) The media buzz and early support for Thompson thrusts him to #2. He remains in the double digits in polls and 2 polls now have shown in him 2nd nationally. He now leads in 3 states now.

2nd Tied: John McCain (steady) His immigration and Iraq troop surge views are really starting o have an affect on him. These debates have been to kind to his campaign . He has come off as too old and not as firey as he was back in 2000.

2nd Tied: Rudy Giuliani (steady) His early state polls are falling but he remains on top nationally. He is still considered the frontrunner but he has certainly lost his huge lead.

5th Tied: Newt Gingrich (steady) Has entered the race still and wont until Sept., but still gets double digit support in many states and is in 3rd of 4th nationally. His name recongition helps just a little

5th Tied: Mike Huckabee (rising) Huckabee has emerged as the leader of the 2nd tier and is the most likely dark horse. He has had great pulses from the debates. His christian look helps him among party voters.

1st: Hillary Clinton (steady) Hillary is somewhat falling again with one national poll for the 2nd time ever showing her behind Obama. Most polls show her up by at least 10 points but her poularity nationally is decreasing and her early state leads in NH and SC are evaporating.

2nd Tied: Barack Obama (steady) Strengtrh nationally put at this spot but polls in early states such as Iowa and NH are weak . He must win South Carolina or he will have to quit and currently he narrowly leads. His Debate performances haven't helped at all.

2nd Tied: John Edwards (rising) His lead in Iowa and growing support nationally drwas us to put him next to Obama. His national polls and fundraising need help. His strength against Republicans in the general election is impressive however.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) His strength in early states helps him, but his debate peformances may be his downfall.

5th: Joe Biden (rising) Great debate performances may later give him a boost.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Decision 2008: Republicans debate. Rudy vs. McCain and Romney refuses to battle them.

Sorry I haven't posted my thoughts on the site, but with the news about Senator Thomas on the same day I decided to take a day off to mourn the late senator's death. as i have stated many times Sen. Thomas was my senator and he will greatly be missed here in Wyoming. Also 2 more candidates have joined the forum but that isn't enough for it to be held this Saturday so it will once again be postponed until a later date.

The Debate:
There were a couple sparks and lighting threats on Rudy but it was really a calm debate. The GOP's chose to attack the Democrats, namely Hillary instead of each other. McCain and Giuliani debated a little on immigration and it is my opinion that neither emerged victorious. Rudy and Romney once again had strong performances, but we have to give the win to Senator McCain. Paul made another fool of himself, and the rest weren't that impressive. Gilmore critized the frontrunners of not being conservative and added Fred Thompson to the list. Tommy Thompson stated he was the most conservative having the most vetoes and cutting taxes the most apparently. Brownback had another poor performance. Tancredo is slowly improving. Huckabee had another greta performance and shot the evolution question out of the park! Well thats it. Onto next month's debate!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Craig Thomas 1933-2007. R.I.P.

Last Night U.S. Senator Craig Thomas passed away after a fight with Leukemia. Senator Thomas is at peace now in heaven so we can't be too saddened by his death. Please to the viewers of this site please pray for the Thomas family and for Susan Thomas.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Pray for U.S. Senator Craig Thomas

Wyoming Senior Senator, My Senator and a good friend has been entered into hospital in serious condition. Thomas currently is enduring Leukemia and has so since November of last year. He is not responding to the 2nd round of treatment, but is still able enough to do Senate work from the hospitial. Please pray for Sen. Thomas that he fully recovers and for his family especially his wife Susan.

Decision 2008: Republicans meet in NH for debate.

Tune in tommorrow for CNN's GOP presidential debate between the 10 announced presidential candidates for the republican nomination.

Here are the most recent GOP national Polls.
National Polls-WA-Diageo-FOX-Cook-Gallup
(R)Giuliani 32% 26% 24% 25% 29%
(R)McCain 19% 17% 17% 24% 23%
(R)F. Thompson 11% 9% 8% 8% 12%
(R)Romney 9% 8% 9% 9% 8%
(R)Gingrich 9% 10% 6% 7% 6%
(R)Huckabee 2% 2% 1% 2% 1%
(R)T. Thompson 1% 1% 2% 2% 1%
(R)Brownback 1% 2% 2% 1% 2%
(R)Gilmore 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
(R)Hunter 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
(R)Hagel N/A N/A -% 1% -%
(R)Paul 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
(R)Tancredo 1% 2% 1% 1% 1%

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Decision 2008: Democrats meet in NH. Edwards attacks Hillary and Obama while Biden shines.

Well last nights debate between the 8 Democratic Presidential Candidates showed how a campaign can turn violent. Edwards attacked Hillary and Obama for their late votes against the Iraq War Funding Bill saying they were followers not leaders. Obama responded by saying your vote was 4 1/2 years late to the mistake of the war. Obama showed he was against the war from the start and really didn't impress us much. He sang the same tune. Edwards was the same way, but he was very aggressive and showed that he could be a leader. Hillary had a positive performance but sang a familiar tune. Biden the most aggresive of the candidates really impressed us. He showed his plans and said what was right and was was wrong. he really looked like the leader while Hillary, Obama and Edwards bickered. Could this be the neccessary code to break to get into the 1st tier of candidates? Richardson the apparent leader of the 2nd tier in recent polls showed another poor performance. Gravel and Kucinich were rather tame and Chirs Dodd, was he even there? I dont recall one rememberable moment from him. I have to say that we have to give the win last night to Joe Biden for an excellent performance.

Here are the Latest National Democratic Polls
Polls-CNN-ARG-Gallup-Cook-Fox-Diageo-Wash. Post
(D) Clinton 38% 39% 35% 35% 35% 31% 35%
(D)Obama 24% 22% 26% 24% 20% 21% 23%
(D)Gore 12% N/A 16% 10% 13% 13% 17%
(D)Edwards 12% 19% 12% 11% 13% 10% 8%
(D)Richardson 5% 2% 2% 2% 4% 2% 2%
(D)Biden 2% 3% 2% 1% -% -% 2%
(D)Dodd 2% 2% 1% 1% -% -% 1%
(D)Kucinich 1% 1% 1% 1% -% 2% 1%
(D)Gravel -% -% -% 1% -% -% -%

Decision 2007: Kentucky

New Polls out show a landslide win for Fmr. Lt. Governor Steve Beshear over incumbant Governor Ernie Fletcher. Fletcher still faces the fact that nearly half his party voted against in the primary and that Beshear has most of his party's backing. Fletcher needs to unite his party in order to come back. These new polls are impressive so we will have to move this race into the Leaning Democratic. Governor Fletcher can't be counted out yet since there have been many comebacks. President Gerald Ford back in 1976 was trailing by 30 points 3 months before Election Day and he was able to gain a 29 point comeback and almost win re-election. Beshear has entered this campaign from a bitter and close 4 way divided primary so he still faces problems so we cant call him the Governor-to be.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Still waiting for more candidates........

We are still waiting for many other candidates to join us for the forum.

Here's who we invited
Steve Adams
Orion K. Daley
Mark B. Graham
Bob W. Hargis
Arthur Regan
"Average Joe" Schriner
Ben Thompson
Daniel Imperato

These are just the independents we have asked to attend.

We have decided to hold a Minor Republicans Forum and a Minor Democrats Forum as well. Possibly even a Libertarian and Green party Forums.

Here are the schedules for each: (Note: these are subject to change due to candidates replies)
Independent Candidates Forum June 9th 4pm
Republican Candidates Forum Some time in July
Democratic Candidates Forum Sometime in August
Libertarian Candidates Forum Sometime in September
Green Candidates Forum Sometime in October
That should keep you all busy this summer.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings Week #23: McCain and Clinton remain on top and Thompson to join the 1st tier.

Here are this week's rankings.


1st: John McCain (steady) We thought we might have to switch Rudy and Mitt with McCain, but his numbers from ARG and Fred Thompson's announcement allowed McCain a 3rd week on top. If Romney doesn't fall from Thompson's announcement or Rudy gets better numbers in Iowa and NH we may have switch the 1st spot around.

2nd: Mitt Romney (steady) Romney still remains #1 in early states in many polls and his fundraising and publicity is skyrocketing. If Thompson hadn't of made his announcement this week we would have ranked him #1.

3rd Tied: Rudolph Giuliani (falling) this is the lowest position for Rudy since we included him in rankings. Rudy remains on top nationally, barely, but he is in 3rd in most early states. Rudy may be hurt by these early losses.

3rd Tied: Fred Thompson (rising) His announcement this week put him in a tie for 3rd, but not strong enough to make #1 or 2. Thompson hasn't even campaigned yet and he has double digit poll numbers.

5th: Newt Gingrich (falling) Gingrich had begun to fall rapidly with Mitt's surge, and Thompson's announcement. He still looks like a candidate though so dont count him out.


1st: Hillary Clinton (steady) Hillary still remains well ahead of her challengers nationally, but remains weak in Iowa, NH, and South Carolina.
She still remains barely #1 in NH and SC but trails by 13 points in Iowa and is in 3rd place. She is certainly no longer the nominee-to be.

2nd Tied: Barack Obama (falling) Obama still remains in the 20's nationally, but is falling apart in early states. He is in 2nd or 3rd in all of them and isn't carrying a one.

2nd Tied: John Edwards (rising) Polls in Iowa and NH are improving for Edwards and that earns him a tie for #2. Edwards now is in 2nd in NH and well ahead in Iowa.

4th: Bill Richardson (rising) New national polls show Richardson back on top of the 2nd tier. An ARG Iowa poll had him almost in the double digits. Could a spark be happening?

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Well his campaign still remains dead and hasn't recovered. Maybe next week's debate he can show he deserves to be in the 1st tier.