Sunday, September 30, 2007

Politics-Central U4prez Election Coverage

Politics-Central On Air is excited to announce that after each party convention we will sit down and speak with each nominee on why they should win in Nov. After we shall have the final U4prez Debate 2007 with the Republican, Democratic, and Independent nominees. Politics-Central is putting this on so you the voters can get to know your candidates for president. We gave you 3 previous debates they pitted leading candidates for primaries and nominations so you could get to know the major candidates. Now we are back with the nominees the actual candidates who have made it to the final stage.

Show Schedule: (schedule subject to change to meet with the candidates's schedules)

Oct. 13th 3 PM EST: Interview with the U4prez Democratic Nominee.

Oct. 20th 3 PM EST: Interview with the U4prez Republican Nominee.

Oct. 27th 3 PM EST: Interview with the U4prez Independent Nominee.

Nov. 3rd 8 PM EST: U4prez Nominee Debate between the 3 candidates.

Nov. 7th 8 PM EST: Election Night Coverage Coverage will continue throughout the night and days until the winner is known on

Decision 2008: Newt Gingrich out!

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich who seemd to be leaning towards entering the 2008 race decided not to yesterday. Ginigrich said after the end or his nationwide workshop he will not be a candidate for president in 2008, likely because he couldn't raise close to the money he needed to start a run for president. He said he needed $30 million and his FEC has raised only $3-6 million. With Ginigrch out more conservative voters are likely to support Fred Thompson, or John McCain in the top tier. Maybe Mike Huckabee will also get a bounce out of Gingrich's exit. Gingrich hasn't endorsed a candidate yet, and will likely not endorse a candidate until the convention when the nominee is selected. With Gingrich out that leaves the top tier candidates set for January and Feburary.

Top Tier candidates: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and John McCain

2nd Tier candidates: Mike Huckabee, Sam Brownback, Ron Paul, and Tom Tancredo.

3rd Tier candidates: Duncan Hunter, Al Keyes, and John Cox.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Decision 2008: End of the Month Presidential Power Rankings #37

Here are September "End of the Month" Rankings.

1st: Rudy Giuliani (steady) His surprsing rsie on Mitt Romney in NH keeps him on top. He continues his dominating 7-10 point national lead in polls and remains this months frontrunner.

2nd: Mitt Romney (falling) His support in Iowa and NH as well as overall support is starting to drop. We could see a new 2nd place finisher next week. Romney has been in our #1 or 2 spot for the past 3 months.
3rd Tied: John McCain (rising) Most Pundits are eating their words when they said the McCain campaign was dead. He is onw only 5 points from the lead in both NH and SC and tied for 2nd in National Polls. McCain is now confident enough that his campaign willl start airing ads in NH and soon South Carolina.
3rd Tied: Fred Thompson (falling) His announcement bounce has died, and qucikly and he is back to his stable 4th-2nd polls in early states and 2nd nationwide. Thompson seems not be working too hard for the nomination and it is costing him dearly.

5th: Mike Huckabee (steady) Iowa is the only state he is polling above 5% which isn't a good sign for this campaign. He still leads the 2nd tier, but isn't quite 1st tier material.

6th: Newt Gingirch (rising) New buzz is out the Newt could annouce his campaign for president as early as next week. Gingirch seems to be moving closer to making a decision. If he does deicde to run he has a alot of ground to make up.

7th: Sam Brownback (steady) Brownback just isn't getting support anywhere except for his home of Kansas. His must-win Iowa isn't even giving him 3%. He may have to concentrate on 1 contest namely Iowa to even get in the high single digits.

8th: Ron Paul (steady) His popularity among young voters and the odd Republicans gives him broad support. If he doesn't do well here in the GOP look for the Libertarians to beg for him to come back.

9th: Tom Tancredo (steady) Congressman Tancredo is already planning his re-election campaign and not his Presidential General Election campaign. The signs are all over the wall. He isn't going anywher, but Colorado.

10th: Duncan Hunter (steady) Hunter seems to be traveling the country doing whatever he can to attract votes, but no one seems to be interested.
It seems as if this will be Hunter's last campaign.

11th: Alan Keyes (steady) Just recently joined the race and several don't even realize it. Keyes was invited to the All-American Forum so maybe just maybe he can get some support but hsi past 4 campaigns hvae ended no where near victory.

12th: John Cox (steady) We have decided to include Cox since he just got invited to the MSNBC GOP debate. Cox is the most successful non-major candidate running and the most conservative.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary now leads in every early state and nationwide according to recent polling. In fact I believe if today were Nov. 4th, 2008 Hillary would be elected president. Its along way to go and hopefully things will change. Note: Hillary has always recieved the #1 spot from Politics-Central.

2nd: Barack Obama (steady) Obama's campaign is losing steam and losing it fast! He has to get in gear to beat the Hillary train. The only way he can win is if he beats Hillary in Iowa.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Hs support is dwindling very quickly. His efforts our now maninly concentrated on winning Iowa. Without it the campaign is done.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) Richardson continues to show poor debate performances. He really needs to improve. Look for hom to shoot for VP soon.

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Biden usually always holds this spot, because the rest of tier just stays about where it is.

6th: Chris Dodd (steady) Dodd has the experience, but he is just too unknown. His skill at debating does give him the very little support he does have.

7th: Dennis Kucinich (steady) His peace and anti-war antics give him attention but not support. This campaign will likely be like his 2004 one.

8th: Mike Gravel (steady) Gravel is the favorite at debates, but he is too unknown and we all know he wont go anywhere.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Decision 2008: 4 Presidential Hopefuls coming to Wyoming!!!

I have exciting news. I will attend a GOP President Forum here in my hometown of Casper, Wyoming where 4 candidates for president will attend. Unfortunately I can not record the forum for my listeners and none of the candidates have accepted interviews yet. I will keep trying but I can assure you I will be there to personally meet the candidates.

Expected to Attend:
Fmr. TN U.S. Senator Fred Thompson
KS U.S. Senator Sam Brownback
CO U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo
CA U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter

Unfortuantely the 6 other candidates turned down the offer to previous engagements. Former Governor Mitt Romney is still expected to visit Wyoming before the primaries are over.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

U4prez Convention Rankings.

Well the convention schedule and primary winners are finally up and the race for party nominations begin:

Democratic Convention Oct. 1st-4th
Oct 1st: Faustus37 and Welborn
Oct 2nd: A.L.L. and Bluproject
Oct: 3rd: Faustus37 and Lucky_num1
Oct: 4th: Bluproject and Faustus37

Republican Convention Oct. 8th-12th
Oct 8th: Mduminiak and Sentinal
Oct 9th: Copulate and Efferiss
Oct 10th: Hawk and Musicman
Oct 11th: Hawk and Hedrick

Independent Convention Oct 15th-18th
Oct 15th: MejicoJohn and Maditude
Oct 16th: CoryF and BigDaddy
Oct 17th: Bob W. Hargis vs. Icababe

Our Rankings:


1st: Harold Hedrick "Hedrick" (rising) according ro recent polls and recent support Hedrick seems to be the frontrunner for the nomination, hwoever we can't be too sure. The other candidates will give a tough race and an 18 year old winning the whole thing seems unlikely.

2nd: Tim Austin "Hawk" (steady) His 2 primary slots give him an advantage over the other candidates. His unactiveness on the site however doesn't make him the frontrunner.

3rd: Frank Scoblick "Efferiss" (steady) He looks to be a challenge to Hedrick, so we shouldn't call any winners yet.

4th: Ike J. Friday "Friday" (steady) Just when it seemed Friday was done Duminiak gave him his primary spot. It it unsure the mod. will allow this , but if it did he would be a leading candidate.

5th: Mike Duminiak "Mduminiak" (steady) He seems not to want the nomination too much with his GOP Leader spot coming up for election. Don't look for him to go far.


1st: Lane Startin "Faustus37" (rising) The Democrats have pretty much confirmed that Startin or Faustus will be their nominee. Lucky and Kt2020 2 leading Deomcrats endorsed him for the nomination, (Lucky looking to be VP). His only real challengers are now Welborn and Bluproject.

2nd: Danny "BluProject" (steady) With Lucky's endorsement of Faustus it appears only BluProject who is also a mutiple primary winner has the only real chance of defeating Faustus. His popularity needs to some serious work with Faustus' already huge advantage.

3rd: James Welborn "Welborn" (steady) Faustus has too wide of an advantage of this 1st Democratic Primary winner. His unactiveness will be his un-doing.

4th: Lucky-Num1 (steady) His endorsement of Faustus pretty much hands him the nomination, and him his VP slot. Look for a Faustus?Lucky Ticket out of the convention.

5th: Anthony Lacy "A.L.L" (falling) He is just too unknown and will likely recieve a poor number of support at the convention.


1st: Cory Froelich "CoryF" (steady) He does have a slight advantage being the most active Iny it appears, but he certainly does have a hand full with this spilt convention.

2nd Tied: Bob W. Hargis (steady) He has surged quickly to success on the site and will his freshness to the site be his undoing? Not really. His popularity overrides it too well.

2nd Tied: Barry Davidson "Icababe" (steady) Immense popularity in the Independents. Davidson should perform well in the convention. He is the favorite for re-election as Independent Party Leader.

4th Tied: Mike Weinheimer "Maditude" (steady) His popularity on the site and his early primary win may surge him to victory. No Independent can be counted out on this one.

4th Tied: John Averitt "MejicoJohn" (steady) His unorthodox ways have made him very successful on the site. Look for him to do well also.

5th: BigDaddy (steady) His just recent switch to Independents gives his oppoents a big advantage, but It shouldn't hurt him too bad. Just bad enough to be last in rankings.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #36


1st: Rudy Giuliani (falling) his numbers now in early states are slipping and his lead nationally is slipping fat with McCain and Thompson gaining on him. We may see a new frontrunner soon.

2nd: Mitt Romney (steady) Still leading in Iowa and NH, he holds a good shot at becoming the nominee. Romney's Ames Straw Poll bounce has died though and with his poor national numbers he could miss out of the nomination.

3rd Tied: Fred Thompson (steady) His announcement bounce has finally died out and he is back to his old numbers. He has poor numbers in Iowa and NH, but comes in 2nd in most polls nationally and leads in South Carolina.

3rd Tied: John McCain (rising) Everyone must agree McCain has been experiencing a modest bounce in polls since his great appearence in the FOX News debate 2 weeks ago. He is tied nationally for 2nd in several polls and comes in close 3rds and 1 2nd in polls in NH and South Carolina. Dont count McCain out yet.

5th: Mike Huckabee (steady) His bounce has also ended since Ames and is starting to struggle again. If Next does jump in he could be in some serious trouble.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) Clinton now is seen as the one to beat out of the whole presidential race. Everyone is aiming at her and she could benefit from this. Democrats seem to be backing her more and more. She may have the nomination locked up soon.

2nd: Barack Obama (falling) Obama continues to fall in national polls and his lead in South Carolina is gone. Obama may just be getting his name out there for another run in 2012 or '16.

3rd: John Edwards. (falling) Edwards has lost his must win state lead in Iowa to Hillary. His support is also falling nationally. His only hope is Iowa.

4th: Bill Richardson (falling) Richardson remains about the same as last time we posted there, but his debate opinions and many other things have gotten him into trouble.

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Biden continues to campaign hard and doesn't look to quit for awhile eventhough he is just getting worse and worse in polls

Friday, September 21, 2007

U4prez Rankings #5.

Well we are almost ready for the conventions. The primary winners in the parties are ready and have won their slots. Here are the candidates we know are in the running.

Confirmed Primary Winners for each party
Harold Hedrick (Hedrick)
Mike Duminiak (Mduminiak)
Tim Austin (Hawk)
Alias Pseudonym (Copulate)
Frank R. Scoblink (Efferiss)

Lane Startin (Faustus37)
Anthony Lacy A.L.L.
Mike Weinheimer (Maditude)
John Averitt (MejicoJohn)
Barry Davidson (Icababe)
Cory Froelich (CoryF)
Big Daddy
Bob W. Hargis


1st: Harold Hedrick "Hedrick"(rising) Hedrick won the last primary slot with a come from behind win. He now has his sights on the GOP nomination. Can an 18 year old college student win it? Harold certainly will have something to say about that.
2nd: Tim Austin "Hawk" (steady) With Kempite out Hawk now seems to be the favorite among the GOP with 2 primary wins an several votes. Hawk will certainly be a contender at the convention.

3rd: Alias Pseudonym "Copulate" (rising) Busting Kempite, calling for MD's resignation as GOP Leader and winning Kempite's primary slot. Boy he has been busy. Cop who has been seen as a leader this past 2 weeks in the wake of the huge cheating scandal may surge to victory with his strong raw score, but now in the convention that doesn't matter.

4th: Mike Duminiak "MDuminiak" (falling) Calls for his resignation as GOP leader have been made and his invlovement with the unpopular Kempite have made him very unpopular. His support, or what support he had left is dwindling.

5th: Frank K Scoblink (Efferiss) His priamry win puts him in the running as well.


1st: Lane Startin "Faustus37" (rising) His 3 primary wins give him the advantage over his two challengers will primary victories. His experience and popularity could cruise him to victory.

2nd: Lucky_Num1 (steady) His last primary win gives him a good shot at defeating the undefeatable Faustus. He seems to be coming down to both the leading Democrats on the site.

3rd: Anthony Lacy "A.L.L." (steady) His only primary win makes him a viable candidate and he will likely get all the votes that dont like the top 2.

4th: Katherine Siebert "Kt2020 (steady) She will likely just support the nominee than promote her write-in candidacy. Newt week she will be out of our rankings.

5th: No other strong contender.


1st: Cory Froelich "CoryF" (rising) High rankings Indy and recent primary winner. His campaign will likely go far. He seems to be leading the field as of now.

2nd: Mike Weinheimer "Maditude" (rising) Gearing up for the convention. It seens his run may make this a near 4-way race.

3rd: Barry Davidson "Icababe" (rising) He also win a primary slot and is also Indyleader. Being both gives him a good advantgae.

4th: John Averitt "MejicoJohn" (steady) He does have a primary win but he doesn't seem to be trying too hard for the slot.

5th: Bob W. Hargis (steady) Being an actual presidential candidate and huge popularity on the site gives him some clout on the site.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Decision 2008: Johanns runs in Nebraska.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns will soon resign from the Bush Administration to run for Nebraska's now open U.S. Senate seat. Johanns, a former 2 term Governor of Nebraska, enters had the current favorite in the GOP state. He leads Attorney General Jon Bruning by almost 10 points in the primary and if the GOP in Nebraska has half a brain they will lose Bruning and go with Johanns. Johanns currently holds the advantage over Former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey who also served as Governor. Kerrey, a Democrat currently resides in NY and hasn't been in contact with Nebraska since he left the senate and almost ran for Mayor of New York City. Johanns left to serve in the cabinet but has stayed into contact with Nebraska for some time. I am going to change our rating for this race and say it Leans Republican Hold. Kerrey will have a tough race against Johanns.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Decision 2008: U.S. Senate Races

Here are our 2nd look at the U.S. Senate races in 2008:

Arkansas U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Mark Pryor is looking for another term and will likely get it with his wide popularity, but if Former Governor Mike Huckabee were to drop out early of the presidential race and run for the seat like the GOP hopes, this race will become competitive.

Our Rating: Likely Democratic Hold

Colorado U.S. Senate Race: With GOP Incumbent Wayne Allard retiring it looks as if the GOP will lose this seat. Former Congressman Bob Schaffer will likely lose to Congressman Mark Udall who currently has the most support. Schaffer still holds a chance in the race, but a very slim one.

Our Rating: Likely Democratic Pick-Up

Idaho U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Larry Craig who was expected to resign, but now seems to be looking to fight on makes this Safe GOP seat vulreable. If Craig remains and somehow wins renomination by his party with his challenegr Former Congressman Larry LaRocco is praying for, we could see this once immpossible sceneiro come true. Dont look for to happen though. Craig is expected to resign and Lt. Governor Jim Risch will take his place and crush LaRocco, and even if Craig doesn't resign and runs Risch or some other GOP will likely defeat him.

Our Rating: Likely Republican Hold

Iowa U.S. Senate Race: Longtime Incumbent Tom Harkin will likely cruise to an easy re-election. Congressmen Steve King and Tom Laham may however decide to jump in and give Harkin a challenge.

Our Rating: Safe Democratic Hold

Louisiana U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Mary Landrieu is on the GOP's target list but no one wnats to run against her. She may squeeze by. The only possible challenger left is Democrat turned Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy (No relation to the famed Kennedy's in MA). Kennedy is expected to run making this race a toss-up as of now.

Our Rating: Toss-Up

Maine U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Susan Collins leads her likely challenger Congressman Tom Allen by a wide margin, but Allen's will surely pounce on Collins for breaking her promise of only serving 3 terms. Look for Collins's lead to dwindle, but for her to likely hold on.

Our Rating: Likely Republican Hold

Minnesota U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Norm Coleman has fallen 10 points in the polls to possible challengers, Comedian Al Franken. and Attorneys Mike Ciresi, and Jim Cohen. Coleman who seemed in danger and then safe is back in danger and #1 on the Democrats hit list next year.

Our Rating: Slight Republican Hold

Nebraska U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Chuck Hagel's exit from the race makes this once safe GOP seat become wide-open. Attorney General Jon Bruning currently leads the race for the GOP nomination over Fmr. Congressman and Omaha Mayor Hal Daub, but should U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, and Former Governor Mike Johanns run for the seat, a bitter primary race would arouse. A new primary poll shows Johanns leading Bruning 39-30%. The Democrats are trying to draft Former U.S. Senator and Governor Bob Kerrey into the race. If Kerrey did run he would certainly get the nomination and lead the race to succeed Hagel. Kerrey is widely popular in the state and is expected to announce his intentions soon.

Our Rating: Toss-Up

New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race: Sen. John Sununu is #1 on the Democrats' sights to defeat in 2008. Former NH Governor and 'o2 Challenger Jeanne Shaheen has announced she will run next year against Sununu and currently enjoys a 15-20 point lead. Sununu needs to seriously concentrate if he wishes to win next year.

Our Rating: Likely Democratic Pick-Up

New Mexico U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Pete Domenici is expected to cruise to re-election even though his popularity has dwindled. Democrats can't seem to recruit a strong enough candidate and Domenici is leading in polls by wide margins.

Our Rating: Likely Republican Hold

North Carolina U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Elizabeth Dole is expected to cruise to re-ecltion with Congressman Brad Miller backing out of the race. Dole is very popular and no strong candidates dare challenge her.

Our Rating: Safe Republican Hold

Oregon U.S. Senate: Sen. Gordon Smith is expected to win re-election next year, but State Speaker of the House Jeff Merkley could give him a run for his money. Democrats will likely pay no attention to this race and let Smith slide.

Our Rating: Likely Republican Hold

South Dakota U.S. Senate Race: Sen. Tim Johnson after his recovery has become so popular that he should glide to a easy win next year. The only way he would lose would be if Governor Mike Rounds ran against him.

Our Rating: Likely Democratic Hold

Virginia U.S. Senate Race: Sen. John Warner's retirement pretty much hands the seat to the Democrats. Former Governor Mark Warner who was thought to be thinking about running for president in 2008, deicded to run for the now open seat next year. He is the wide favorite, but Sen. Warner's choice and several other prominent GOP's in the state's choice Congressman Tom Davis and Former Governor and RNC Chairman Jim Gilmore who just ended his presidential bid, will have something to say in this race. Gov. Warner leads in the state by 20 points in early polls.

Our Rating: Likely Democratic Pick-up.

Our 2008 Predictions
U.S. Senate
Democrats 53 +3
Republicans 45 -3
Independents 2 +0
Toss-Ups 2

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #35

Sorry about the 2 week break from these rankings:


1st: Rudy Giuliani (steady) Gaining in early states and still holds on to a narrow national lead over Fred Thompson. Giuliani's didn't get a bounce out of 9/11 and he shouldn't have. Mr. Giuliani don't use a tragedy to spark your campaign.

2nd Tied: Fred Thompson (rising) New national polls have Fred Thompson nearly tied with Giuliani, probably a bounce from his announcement last week. It will surely die down soon.

2nd Tied: Mitt Romney (steady) Still leads in Iowa and NH, but Romney is slowly losing ground in alll 3. Dont expect the other candidates to let him cruise to the nomination.

4th: John McCain (rising) After the FOX debate McCain is riding on his biggest bounce since his campaign fell apart. All rumors of him dropping out after his funds are matched have died and he is considered a major candidate again. New National polls show him in single digits of the lead and NH and SC polls are brightening for him.

5th: Mike Huckabee (rising) Iowa polls all show him in 3rd or 4th keeping him a viable darkhorse candidate. If one of the 4 major candidates fall a part Huckabee could talk his place.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary rises to the top by wider margins than before. Now leading by 20 points nationally. If she picks up leads in Iowa and strengthens her lead in South Carolina she could very easily clinch the nomination before Super Tuesday.

2nd: Barack Obama (falling) The Hillary train is leaving him at the station will huge leads nearly everywhere. Obama is dropping out of attention as Hillary centers news and the GOP race takes the news.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards has lost steam in Iowa even though he is rising with Al Gore certainly not running in 2008 as several expected. Edwards is also seeing Hillary pass right by him in his all important Iowa.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) His bounce has halted and he slips to the high single digits in most polls. He leads the 2nd tier of candidates, but it doesn't seem he can crack the doe to get into the top tier. Richardson seems to be vying for Hillary's VP.

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Doing everything he can to keep his near dead campaign alive. Biden is expected to quit after the 1st primaries and campaign for re-election.

Friday, September 14, 2007

U4prez Rankings #3

Here are this week's u4prez Rankings.


1st: Anthony Del Pellegrino "Kempite" (steady) Has been leading the U4prez GOP in raw scores and votes for quite some time. His early primary win entitles him for the GOP convention, but will his recent scandals and unpopularity hurt his chances. The GOP might bank on a more winnable candidate.

2nd: Tim Austin "Hawk " (steady) 2 primary wins gives him the electability factor. He hasn't been involved in scandals or unpopularity so he might upset Kempite.

3rd: Mike Duminiak "MDuminiak" (steady) Looking for his 2nd primary win since his recent runoff victory. 2wins would give him some clout in the convention.

4th: Harold Hedrick "Hedrick" (steady) Looking for a win in this month's primary with his recent runoff victory. He faces 2 tough challenges though for the primary.

5th: Tyrone Carr "tyronecarr"(rising) He just recently joined u4prez and amazed us all with gaining 1000 votes so quickly and getting in the finals for this month's primary. If he doesn't win this primary he certainly does have a good shot as a write-in or in next years' season.


1st: Lane Startin "Faustus37" (rising) for the 3rd week in a row Startin leads the rankings among Democrats. Startin has his 3 primary wins and his huge popularity to bank on. Really his only real challenge for the nomination is Lucky_num1.

2nd: "Lucky_num1" (rising) Just off his September Democratic primary win over KT2020. This huge win positions him in line to challenge A.L.L. and Faustus in the convention. The other primary winners have dropped out.

3rd: Anthony L. Lacy "A.L.L. (steady) He won the August Primary so he is entitled to face off in the convention. Not much is known about him so he won't go far.

4th: Katherine Siebert "kt2020 (steady) Now she is going to have to run a write-in campaign with Lucky's win. I see her more leading as the Dem. leader then running her own campaign.

5th: No real other candidates in line.


1st: Mike Weinheimer "Maditude" (steady) Seems to be one of the most popular independents and a primary win makes him eligable.

2nd: Cory Froelich "CoryF" (steady) Leads rankings, but doesn't have a primary. Maybe his write-in strength may bring him to the top.

3rd: James Averitt "MejicoJohn" (steady) His primary win and popularity on the site keeps him in the running, but he rally doens't seem to interested.

4th: Barry Davidson "Icababe" (steady) Just became the new Indyleader. His new position may strengthen his rankings and help his write-in campaign if he doesn't win the primary.

5th: Randall Sobien"RSobien" (steady) Still a high ranking independent. maybe the upcoming runoffs will be kind to him.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the tragedy of the attack on September 11th, 2001. That was the day we all remember as the day terrorists hijacked planes flew them into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and fields of PA and destroying the center killing 3,000 innocent civilians. Tomorrow please pray for the loved ones of those who lost their lives that faithful day and please say a prayer for our troops who are fighting because of that horrific attack.

Decision 2008: Hagel Out

Today officials stated Nebraska U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel will announce his retirement from politics this week. Hagel will not run for re-election in 2008 nor will he run for president or vice president as a Republican or an Independent. Hagel has been called one of President Bush's harshest critics of the War in Iraq and the troop surge. The decision comes as General Petreaus delivers his report to congress. Hagel opens his U.S. Senate seat for contest. Republicans already running are State Attorney General Jon Bruning, and Financial Analyst Pat Flynn. Former Congressman and Omaha Mayor Hal Daub is also considering a run and is looking to run since Hagel will not. Bruning had already been leading Hagel in priamry polls and leads Daub and Flynn by double digits. Democrats are trying to recruit Former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska to run. Kerrey almost ran in 2005 for Mayor of New York City hwoever decided against it. Kerrey has yet to leave a comment about Hagel's retirement. Republicans are also trying to recruit Former Governor and Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns to seek the seat if Kerrey jumps in. This seat will obviously be very contested.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

U4prez Candidate Rankings #2

Here are your u4prez Rankings as the runoffs for the site for the last slots for the conventions are being fought for.


1st: Anthony Pel Pellegrino "Kempite" (rising) Having won a primary and recieved over 8000 votes, Kempite has gone above and beyond in seeking the GOP nomination. His constant popularity on the site makes him very viable and the leader with Friday's loss last month.

2nd: Tim Austin "Hawk" (steady) Active member and winner of 2 primaries. He may be a formidable challenge to Kempite come the convention.

3rd: Mike Duminiak "MDuminiak" (steady) Several forget he has won a primary, but he is entitled to move on in the nominating process. Being GOP leader, makes him a very viable candidate, but his "C0-Most Evil Republican" will not be easy to beat.

4th: Harold Hedrick "Hedrick" (steady) Doing well in rankings and a frequent debator. I see him as a possible September Primary winner.

5th: Ike J. Friday "Friday" (falling) After his stunning defeat a few weeks ago in the August Primaries, Friday is in trouble. He does well in the rankings, but if he doesn't win this one he is out. He faces an uphill battle.


1st: Lane Startin "Faustus37" (steady) More of the Hillary Clinton on the u4prez race leading in every way. He has won 3 primaries and recieved over 5,000 votes. Oh and did we mention he is running for Governor of Idaho in 2010? Startin or Faustus has it all.

2nd: Katherine Siebert "Kt2020" (steady) The current Democratic Party Leader is on her way now to winning the final primary slot by winning a runoff a few days ago. Her only challenge seems to by Lucky_num1.

3rd: Name Unknown "Lucky_num1" (steady) He is currently in the ranks for the final primary slot, and nearly beat Faustus in a monthly primary so watch for him to do well.

4th: Anthony L. Lacy "A.L.L." (steady) Hasn't breached the 1,000 vote mark yet but won the August Primary. Not quite sure how that workssince his rankings aren't that high and he doesn't have too many votes to his raw score can't be that high. He still won a primary and thats what counts.

5th: Corey P. Cronin "Corkey" (steady) Still hoping to be included in a runoff, with 2,000 votes and being in the top 5. Its not likely so better luck next year Corkey.


1st: Cory Froelich (steady) Still leading in rankings and and in support. Could win this month's primary.

2nd: Mike Weinheimer "Maditude"(steady) Winning a primary and remaining popular on the site gives him an advantage compared to others.

3rd: John Averitt "Mejicojohn" (steady) His unorthodox ways seem to make him popular on u4prez. He won a primary and has nearly 6,000 votes so that is impressive.

4th: Barry Davidson "Icababe" (steady) Looking for a primary win. His numbers and supporters just may do it for him. He remains in the Top 5.

5th: Randall Sobien "RSobien" (steady) Sobien is also in the fight for the last primary slot. He will also put up a good fight.

Decision 2008: Fred Thompson is FINALLY in!

Last night Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson announce on the Tonight Show he was running for president and ran an ad during the GOP Debate. Today he kicked off his campaign by touring Iowa. He is off to NH and South Carolina now. I feel this was a bad move for Thompson. While McCain got a small bounce out of last night's debate, Thompson being a no show helped his opponents steal the spotlight. Thompson may have come acrossed as inexperienced. Thompson is only a 9 year senator compaired to McCain's 3 decade career in congress and Giuliani's 8 years as Mayor and 20 years of Legal experience. Thompson and Romney suffer in the experience issue and coming across as the most staright forward. Last night most saw McCain as the most startight forward and oepened the race to a 4 way horse race maybe a 5 way with Huckabee gaining. McCain gains 4 points according to Rasmussen nationally since the debate and has remained in 3rd in NH and Sc. If he can win NH which is a must win for him at this point he can cap an amazing comeback. The numbers and fundraising isn't quite there yet however. Thompson's chance has come and gone in my opinion. Everyone has lost excitement over him.He waited too long to enter and fundraising may also be his downfall. If Newt Gingrich got in look for him to kill Thompson's chances and open a 4 way with Romney and Rudy leading and McCain and Huckabee nearly trailing.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Decision 2008: 1st Woman President....Hillary??

Can New York U.S. Senator, and Former First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton really win the White House and become the first female president? Recent polling data show her well on her way to becoming the 1st woman president. New General Election Match-up Polls have her leading all of the GOP frontrunners, but Rudy Giuliani. Clinton now is seen as the presumptive nominee of the Democrats with a 20-point nationally and her leads in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina growing. Barack Obama and John Edwards are doing poorly in trying to stop her rise to becoming the 1st woman nominated by a major political party. Hillary Clinton now leads in Battleground states of Missouri Arkansas, California, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illionis, and New York (againsit Rudy) which if she carried all the other states Kerry carried in 2004 she would have the neccessary votes to win the presidency. Currently if the GOP nominates Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton may cruise into the White House. National Polls have her defeating Romney by double digits and he is losing even in the red state Colorado to her according to Rasmussen. Another possible GOP loss would be the nominating of Fred Thompson who loses Ohio and Florida to Clinton and those 2 states decided the past 2 elections. Only Rudy Giuliani and John McCain seem to have the polling power to defeat Hillary. McCain polls poorly in the GOP but wins Ohio Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri and early ARG polls had him defeating her in NH and New jersey but isn't likely now. Rudy Giuliani loses his homestate of NY by wide margins, however he also wins over Florida, Ohio, and several New England states. Even with this Rudy is neck and neck in polls with Hillary Clinton. Hillary's favorablitliy numbers are higher than her husband's and President Bush's before they won their elections to office. Hillary certainly has the fundraising, and the media attention to win the White House. Also having a Former President on the campaign with her helps gain support. The Comeback Kid has a few roots in NH and other early states and won the White House twice before so having Bill Clinton on the campaign gives her a plus. The attacks she has been recieving is as if she is the incumbant running for re-election and thats how her opponents see her. To sum this up we should really keep an eye on the Hill campaign, because she seems to be skyrocketing to becoming the first women in the Oval Office.