Saturday, September 30, 2006

President 2008 Exclusive!

Here is an exclusive interview with GOP presidential candidate John Cox.

Politics-Central: What do you feel is one of the most important issues in this presidential campaign?

John Cox: The most important issues are the security of our people, the growth of our economy and the retention of our values. Our security is assured by a strong military and a projection around the world of America as a force for peace and economic opportunity for all people.

Our country cannot be secure with an open border and an immigration policy that fails to achive personal and economic security. We need a secure border, but more importantly, we need to enforce the immiagration laws. I don't favor guest worker plans; I want immigrants to come here and be legal Americans.

We need to address the need for economic growth. We have made a lot of promises to our people and the only way to meet those obligations is to grow the overall economy. I favor a completely new tax system and the end of the IRS. We should tax consumption, not investment and savings. We need to stop the excessive spending in Washington and the end the outrageous growth of government. This acts as a constraint on the private economy and doesn't work to solve our problems.

We also need to stand up for our values. Wee need to respect life and care for each other. We have to encourage marriage of one man and one woman because solid families are the foundation of America.

Politics-Central: Do you feel you can put up a good fight for the GOP presidential nomination and why?

John Cox: I do feel I can win the Presidency. People are tired of career politicians who put us in more debt so they can get reelected. An outsider is what we need to focus on ideas not partisanship and personal profit. I am going to work hard at it as I have done for the past six months. We need another Ronald Reagan and a return to principles.

Politics-Central: Do you support President Bush on the war in Iraq and do you approve of his job as president?

John Cox: I do agree with the president on bringing the war to the terrorists instead of fighting it here at home. I believe we should do a better job of developing Iraq's economy so that that country can stabilize and people will support that government. That country has an ocean of oil and should be paying of their own reconstruction. They should be a prosperous country and a valued future ally of the US.

Politics-Central: If you could tell the voters one thing about yourself what would you say?

John Cox: I am an example of the American Dream. I grew up as the son of a single mom, worked my way through school and achieved great success in business. That can only happen in America and that is a message we need to bring to the rest of the world as well as to all young people in America who are concerned about the future. The future of America is limitlesss if we only recognize and give flight to the talents we all have, without the restriction and the corruption of large intrustive government. I am proof of that.

Politics-Central: If elected what would you do as president?

John Cox: The proper answer to that could fill a book, which I have already written and can be obtained through my website. The American people will know exactly where I stand on just about every issue before they choose me as their next leader.

In short, I want to reintroduce the American people to the dynamism and the problem solving potential of a truly free market and open competition. I believe in competition and its ability to drive progress , innovation and efficiency. Whatever the issue:energy, education, health care -you name it - a great deal of the solutuions can be found in greater consumer choice, greater supply to choose from and freer markets. I will work hard to bring those principles to the forefront, because they work.

Here is a little about John Cox
Age: 51
Home: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Lawyer, Founder of Law
and Accounting firm, Real Estate
Education: Degree in Acounting and
Political Science from the University
of Illionis at Chicago.
Political Experience: Republcian Activist,
President of Cook County, Illionis
Republican Party, Unsuccessful candidate for
the U.S. House 2000, The U.S. Senate 2002
Presidential Candidate 2008

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