Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #50

These will be our final Presidential Power Rankings for this election season. Ill post General Election Rankings after the conventions. After 50 rankings here is how we stand:


1st: John McCain (rising) McCain now is officially crowned GOP frontrunner with big win out of Florida. McCain now rides the winds of ths win into Super Tuesday where he leads in most polls in almost every state. McCain is now inching closer to capping this thing, and we crown him nominee-to-be. I see no scenerio where McCain doesn't win the nomination for the Republicans.

2nd: Mitt Romney (falling) Doing well in the debate tonight, but it was more of just for show. Romney is too far behind and trails in too many states to win the nomination unless something huge happens causing McCain too slip, but that is very unlikely.

3rd: Mike Huckabee (steady) Could win one or two states in the South next week, but he doesn't have the startegy or the money to continue much farther than Super Tuesday. he'll stay in to steal votes from Romney and to be a VP running mate.

4th: Ron Paul (falling) Paul isn't showing any support above 5% now and is support is slipping quickly. Congressman Paul is running a spoiler campaign just with alot of money nothing more.


1st: Hillary Clinton (falling) Hillary is slipping, with the momentum again in Obama's corner however she still holds leads in Super Tuesday states. Clinton's national lead is slipping, but I still see her as the frontrunner, and the advantage is in her corner.

2nd: Barack Obama (rising) Obama is rising, but he has a wide gap to close and only in 6 days. Obama could pick up a lot of delegates and I won't count Obama out until Texas and Ohio on March 4th, where I bete Obama can do well in.

Super Tuesday Predictions (final predictions on 2/4)
Alabama: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Alaska: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Arizona: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Arkansas: Huckabee wins, McCain 2nd
California: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Colorado: Toss-Up between McCain and Romney
Connecticut: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Delaware: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Georgia: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Illionis: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Massachusetts: Romney wins, McCain 2nd
Minnesota: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Missouri: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
New Jersey: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
New York: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
North Dakota: Toss-up No Polling???
Oklahoma: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Tennessee: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Utah: Romney wins, McCain 2nd
West Virginia: McCain wins, Romney 2nd

States to watch: CA, MO, CO, AL, OK, GA, TN

Alabama: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd
Alaska: Clinton wins, Obama 2n:d
Arizona: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Arkansas: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
California: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Colorado: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd
Connecticut: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Delaware: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Georgia: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd
Idaho: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd,
(Lane Startin persuaded me otherwise in this state)
Illionis: Obama wins, Obama 2nd
Kansas: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Massachusetts: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Minnesota: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Missouri: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
New Jersey: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
New Mexico: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
New York: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
North Dakota: No Polling???
Oklahoma: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Tennesee: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Utah: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
States to watch: AL, CA, MA, CO, CT

Decision 2008: Governor Schwarzenegger to endorse John McCain

Right before the Super Tuesday primaries in which California will hold its primary, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain for President Thursday. The Governor had been neutral in most of the race, however he has chosen to support McCain before this crucial primary or the crown jewel of the primaries, California. Polls right now have McCain leading by double digits in California and now with Giuliani and Schwarzenegger's endorsements, McCain can not put New York and California the biggest primaries in the election in his pocket. Also tonight the candidates debated and we saw the most vicious feud between Romney and McCain. Romney was trying to close the gap of McCain's huge lead and advantage coming into Super Tuesday. This debate really had no effect although Romney did seem to benefit from their feud. As we approach Super Tuesday I will post my power rankings, and predictions for which states will go for which candidae. (Note: I haven't been wrong on official predictions of contests yet.) Oh yeah and Super Bowl predictions,GO PATS!!!!!!

Decision 2008: John Edwards withdraws.

Former North Carolina U.S. Senator John Edwards is set to withdraw his candidacy for President of the United States after disappointing finishes in all of the early contests. Edwards was the first Democrat to enter the race in December of 2006, and entered a leading contender for the nomination following a previous presidential campaign, and being the Democrats's 2004 Vice Presidential Candidate. Edwards finished 2nd in Iowa and needed a win there, and finished no better fir the rest of the campaign. Many suspected he would stay in until the convention to be the King or Queen maker. Edwards isn't endorsing any candidate at the moment, and probably won't for awhile, but I suspect he leans towards Obama.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Decision 2008: Rudy Giuliani to withdraw and endorse McCain.

After a disappointing finish in FL, in which he was expected to win months ago, America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani is withdrawing his candidacy for President reportedly and endorsing John McCain for President. Rudy Giuliani who once led the polls nationally and was the frontrunner, will be ending a campaign that was more disappointing than the others. He wanted a win tonight and needed it badly now that he is trailing in NY. Giuliani's strategy since the beginning was to skip the early states and win FL and Super Tuesday. After losing all the early states quite hadnily his numbers slipped quickly. This will likely solidly deliver McCain the Northeast on Super Tuesday and he can put NY and NJ in his pocket. Giuliani now after losing all of the contests so far, he is withdrawing according to the AP, and endorsing McCain. Giuliani is rumored to be considered as a possible VP contender now with his campaign and political career seeming to be over after this sad night for his campaign.

Decision 2008: McCain wins Florida!

Well is there any doubt now that John McCain is the frontrunner for the nomination. McCain now with his win tonight leads, in votes, states, polls, and delegates. McCain is well on his way to the nomination and we are predicting the next Republican Nominee for President will be John McCain. McCain now goes on with wind in his sails and already a huge lead in Super Tuesday. Rumors are already afloat he will withdraw tomorrow and endorse McCain tomorrow. We''l have to wait and see as the candidate himself says he will participate tomorrow in the CNN Debate. Romney moves on severly hurt, but not completely dead. We'll see how long he fights McCain for the Nomination. Hillary Clinton won a beauty contest in Fl, by a wide margin but no deleagtes awarded so really it didn't matter.

Florida Republican Presidential Primary Results
(R)John McCain 693,508 36% 57 Delegates
(R)Mitt Romney 598,188 31%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 281,781 15%
(R)Mike Huckabee 259,735 14%
(R)Ron Paul 62,063 3%
(R)Fred Thompson 22,288 1%
(R)Duncan Hunter 2,787 0%
Florida Democratic Presidential Primary Results
(D)Hillary Clinton 857,208 50%
(D)Barack Obama 569,041 33%
(D)John Edwards 248,604 14%
(D)Dennis Kucinich 9,537 1%

Friday, January 25, 2008

Decision 2008: South Carolina and Florida.

Dems South Carolina:Well this weekend we have another contest for the Democrats, however this one is very crucial than the past Nevada. Polls have Barack Obama with a 7-22 point lead, but most show his lead slipping and Edwards is rising. Obama's support among white voters is gone which is surprising, since he carried Iowa and did well in NH, by winning the white votes because of the few minorities. Clinton is doing well and some have polls of her within single digits of the lead and if she can at least come within 10 she can spin that as a comeback and it will not hurt her standgins at all on Super Tuesday. Edwards needs a very strong finish, but I doubt he has the time to come in 2nd. He'll finish 3rd, but might break 20%. Our predictions, Obama will win by less than 7, Clinton close 2nd, Edwards not too far behind. Congressman Kucinich is dropping out of the race, so whatever support he had will go to Obama likely. Im kinda surprised I though Kucinich '04. would stay in the race till the convention liek he did in. He faces a tough re-election so that might have contributed.

GOP Florida: I'm getting really tired of this close races. I hopes there is a blowout, soon. This one 4-way race is now a 2-man race between guess who? John McCain and Mitt Romney. Who else. These two have been top rivals for most of the campaign and with this being their what well I guess 3rd 2-way race both 1 for 2. McCain held a small lead 3 days ago, however he and Romney our now deadlocked. 3 polls have McCain with a 2-5 point lead and 3 polls have Romney both with a 3-4 point lead. All the polls however show Giuliani slipping to a fight for 3rd, instead of first with Mike Huckabee. Giuliani needs a win here to continue. I expect McCain to eek out a narrow victory, but I wont count out the Mitt Machine as I have in the past. Either will be in 1st or 2nd, Giuliani 3rd, and Huckabee 4th. This will force Giulaini out, but surprisingly Huckabee still leads in some southern states such as Georgia, so I'm not willing to count him out. McCain leads in the Northeast, and whomever wins Florida may get a boost in CA where McCain currently leads. If McCain can hold on to the lead should he not win, he will be the nominee, and if wins FL, he will nearly clinch this thing on Super Tuesday. Romney needs a win here to make it an overall 2-way race.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Decision 2008: Fred Thompson withdraws

Today after a disappointing 3rd place finish in must-win South Carolina, Former U.S. Senator and Actor Fred Thompson withdrew his candidacy for President. Sen. Thompson at one time was the frontrunner for the Republicans over the summer, but of his funding, and very late start in the race hurt his chances significantly. His lazy campaiging also hurt his candidacy and his look as the only real conservative candidate in the race. Sen. Thompson's strongest finish in the race was a 2nd place finish in Wyoming, and he needed a win in South Carolina however came in a distant 3rd. Thompson hasn't yet endorsed any candidate at this time, however endrosed Sen. John McCain in 2000 and is expected to do so once again. Thompson's campaign in SC helped carry Sen. McCain to victory, drawing away evangelical votes from Mike Huckabee, and giving McCain a much needed win. Thompson is also mentioned as a possible VP candidate in the fall, but no sources have confirmed this.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #49: McCain vs. Clinton?

Iowa, NH, Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina for the GOP are done, and here is how the race is shaping up.


1st: John McCain (rising) McCain emerged as the frontrunner with a win in SC. McCain has even picked up the surge yet in Florida from SC and he already leads there. His national lead and Super Tuesday state leads also remain strong. Unless there is a major upset in FL I can't see any other situation, but McCain winning the nomination. He still has a strong enough showing among the GOP and Independents to probably clinch the nomination not that long after Super Tuesday.

2nd: Mitt Romney (steady) Romney won NV in a landslide but no one really cares. he skipped the important SC primary and they showed him what happens when you do and dealt him the worst finish yet in the race. Romney needs an upset win in FL to win the nomination however that isn't likely. Romney is McCains only real challenger now.

3rd Tied: Rudy Giuliani (steady) Giuliani is still in the runnignf or hsi do or die state and if he wins there he can pull another comeback in this different race, however I think the nation is tired of comebacks and they will show that Rudy's poor finishings in the early states will kill his chances.

3rd Tied: Mike Huckabee (falling) He needed a win in SC to keep his lead in the South, but with that gone and his FL support diminshing his win in Iowa will likely be forgotten and McCain is looking to sweep the South on Super Tuesday with Huckabee severly wounded.

5th: Fred Thompson (falling) Thompson finished 3rd, but he needed a strong 2nd or a win in SC and he didn't get anywhere close, so I think its safe to say Thompson is out of the race.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary is surging in SC and everywhere else and the Obama momentum has ended. Hillary did ahve to work for it, but if she finishes strong in SC, and wins FL plus big wins in Super Tuesday she can clinch this thing.

2nd: Barack Obama (steady) Obama needs a strong win in SC, too comeback to frontrunner status and win some states on Super Tuesday but its looking like Hillary has the advantage. Obama can't be counted out yet hwoever.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) I apologize. I actually thought Edwards could win Nevada when polls had him standing pretty good, in the upper twenties, but shows how you an't trust them. His 4% finsih did indeed kill whatever chance he had left. Edwards is now the King or Queen maker, and he could set himself up for a VP of cabinet position, if he sways his support the right way.

Other Candidates disqualified from rankings.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Decision 2008: McCain wins SC, Romney wins NV and Hillary wins NV

Well the big news of the evening is Senator John McCain who was left for dead over the summer, has emerged as the Republican Frontrunner and won the South Carolina Primary. McCain emerges after his triumphant win here to go into Florida where he already leads and close the deal or come close to it. McCain does face a challenge from the Nevada Caucus Winner today, Mitt Romney, however the caucus was minor and uncontested by the other candidates. Hillary Clinton surprised Obama's union endorsers and won the Democratic frontrunner spot, with a win in Nevada, and a strong chance to surprise us next week and shut down the Obama campaign. Obama leads in the polls in SC and McCain leads in Florida but will that hold? Congressman Duncan Hunter also exited the race for what its worth.

South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary Results 99% Reporting
(R)John McCain 143,224 33% 19 Delegates
(R)Mike Huckabee 128,908 30% 5 Delegates
(R)Fred Thompson 67,897 16%
(R)Mitt Romney 64,970 15%
(R)Ron Paul 15,773 4%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 9,112 2%
(R)Duncan Hunter 1,035 0%

Nevada GOP Presidential Caucus Results 100% Reporting
(R)Mitt Romney 22,649 51% 18 Delegates
(R)Ron Paul 6,087 14% 4 Delegates
(R)John McCain 5,651 4 Delegates
(R)Mike Huckabee 3,616 2 Delegates
(R)Fred Thompson 3,521 2 Delegates
(R)Rudy Giuliani 1,910 1 Deleagate
(R)Duncan Hunter 890 2%

Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus Results 98% Reporting
(D)Hillary Clinton 5,355 State Delegates 51% 12 Delegates
(D)Barack Obama 4,773 State Delegates 45% 13 Delegates
(D)John Edwards 396 State Delegates 4%
Uncommitted 31 State Delegates 0%
(D)Dennis Kucinich 5 State Delegates 0%

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Decision 2008: Nevada and South Carolina

2 contests this weekend and here how hey are shaping up.

Dem. Races: Hillary Vs. Obama goes to its worst, as the bitter fight moves to actual contest the first since Hillary's upset win in NH. In Nevada Clinton and Obama are neck and neck with some showing Edwards in the hunt, so what does this mean for each candidate. For the Clinton Campaign she is hoping to pull another upset in NV and some polls showing her in the lead. With the unions organizing Obama's supporters for the Caucuses she is going to have to work overtime to win here. For the Obama campaignhe hopes his recent endorsements and excitement of his campaign pulls off win #2 in a caucus. Obama needs to win to keep the momentum away from Hillary who leads him in most upcoming contests. Edwards is also hoping for a strong finish this weekend in NV. He hopes to at least come in 2nd, but he really needs a win here and polls showing him in striking distance. South Carolina for the Dems isn't till next Sat., but we thought we would give a little mention of it. In South Carolina with the overwhleming Black vote in SC, Obama has the advantage but the white is swinging Hillary's direction, and with her rising numbers she hopes she can end the Obama phonamonan this weekend with an upset win. Edwards will likely lose this primary, a state in won in 2004, and by a huge margin. Predictions: Hillary prevails in Nevada Obama 2nd Edwards 3rd and Obama edges Hillary out in SC by 5+ points.

GOP Race: Both contests for the Republicans is up this weekend, and the field may finally narrow after the weekend. Fmr. Sen. Fred Thompson who is polling about a tie for 3rd place in SC needs a win here, however that is very unlikely. 2 other men need wins this weekend. John McCain and Mike Huckabee and both say they win win. McCain is hoping history does repeat itself. In 2000 Governor Bush overwhelmed McCain here in SC and ended his campaign. McCain is leading all the polls and the momentum is still in his corner but can he hold on to it? Huckabee being from the South and he needs a win here. Huckabee is now in a fight for the South for McCain, and a win here would cripple his biggest rival according to polls. Romney is pulling out of SC however did make one stop there and re-aired his campaign ads so he hopes that will get him a strong 3rd place finish. He is hoping for a win in Nevada, where polls show him in another fight with Sen. McCain, but with McCain focusing entirely on SC, Romney will likely get win #3, but it may be his last. McCain is hoping his momentum helps him pick up a few delegates in Nevada and the rest of the candidates aren't concerned about Nevada. I predict McCain will win SC and Romney will revail in Nevada, with Thompson dropping out and endorsing McCain and the Huckabee campaign seriously wounded.

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #48

Iowa, NH, and Michigan are up, and we have 3 diffent winners. The most complexed Nomination race is on the way.


1st: John McCain (steady) Michigan was a sad upset for the McCain campaign, but with his lead holding in SC McCain still holds the frontrunner spot. His huge lead nationally and growing leads in Super Tuesday states, will catch up his weak funding. McCain needs a win in SC to keep frontrunner status. Without it his campaign will far all apart again and dont look for another comeback.

2nd: Mitt Romney (rising) Michigan put him back in the race and he leads the pack in fundraisng votes, states and the all-important delegate count. Romney is looking for his 3rd win in Nevada this weekend with polls favorable. Romney will need it with a likely 3rd or worse finish in South Carolina. The only question I have is where does the Romney campaign go after this weekend. he trails in every Super Tuesday state except his other 2 homestates of Utah and MA. Hs money is gone and he is speanding his own now. Romney will need some wins and a bounce to become viable.

3rd: Mike Huckabee (steady) Huckabee is rising in polls in SC slowly, however his slipping numbers in his stronghold of the south he needs a win this Saturday, or his win in Iowa will be long forgotten.

4th: Rudy Giuliani (falling) Giuliani is now in a 4-way fight for a win in Florida, his do or die state. Without a win there his Super Tuesday standing will fall apart quickly, and another candidat or candidates will emerge without him.

5th: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson is rising and is up to 17% in SC but that is still only a fight for 3rd. He needs a win here to continue and without one he will be done. I expect Thompson to quit the race next week and endorse McCain.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary won a meaningless beauty contest in Michigan, however Hillary is closing the gap in SC, and even if she finishes in a strong 2nd she can spin it as a win. If she upsest Obama in Nevada as recent polling suggests she can hold the momentum into Florida and Super Tuesday where she holds substaintial leads in both.

2nd: Barack Obama (steady) Obama will likely win this weekend in both states and will ned both wins to overtake Hillary's wide Super Tuesday lead. If things hold Hillary could wipe Obama out in Super Tuesday in one fowl swoop. Obama needs convincing wins to hold onto the momentum in the race. Obama is far from out, but his campaign needs to be doing some manuvering.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards absolutel needs a upset win in Nevada and close 3rd in Sc to even be considered now and both seem unlikely. Edwards who was a serious candidate just so shortly ago, is a spoiler in the race to the 2-person primary battle.

4th: Dennis Kucinich (falling) Kucinich has neer been in the race but when he only got 5% in Michigan competing against Mr. Uncommitted and lost badly. The spoiler lives on however.

5th: Mike Gravel (falling) Gravel is done and you probably dont even know who he is.

Delegate Count
Republicans (1,191 in order to clinch nomination.)
(R)Mitt Romney 41
(R)John McCain 19
(R)Mike Huckabee 17
(R)Fred Thompson 8
(R)Ron Paul 4
(R)Duncan Hunter 1
(R)Rudy Giuliani 1

Democrats ( 2,208 in order to clinch nomination)
(D)Barack Obama 25
(D)Hillary Clinton 24
(D)John Edwards 18

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Decision 2008: Romney wins Michigan

Well Former Massachusetss Governor Mitt Romney has indeed won the Michigan Primary, but the media is already getting ahead of themselves and calling Romney the frontrunner again. Romney is creditted for his win tonight, however this is his homestate. Romney now moves on with the money and the organization, but the race is wide open. No clear frontrunner tonight, with this being Romney's homestate. Well on to Nevada and South Carolina this weekend. Romney is contending in Nevada and will be McCain vs. Romney round 3 overtime and in South Carolina, McCain vs. Huckabee. Romney may recieve some momentum tonight but with it being his homestate it shouldn't matter as much. After whoever wins South Carolina will contend in Florida against Giuliani and right now its a near 4-way tie! This could be a long fight for the nomination for the Republicans
Michigan Presidential Primary Results
(R)Mitt Romney 337,847 39% 20
(R)John McCain 257,521 30% 7
(R)Mike Huckabee 139,699 16% 3
(R)Ron Paul 54,434 6%
(R)Fred Thompson 32,135 4%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 24,706 3%
Uncommitted 17,971 2%
(R)Duncan Hunter 2,823 0.33%

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #47

With NH and Iowa done how is the race shaping up? I will be gone for 3 days but will be back to post about the Michigan Primary after the weekend.


1st: John McCain (rising) New polls show McCain leading nationally, and in the upcoming primaries in Michigan, and South Carolina. McCain has done it when no one else thought he could. He is the frontrunner for the first time in 7 months. McCain is focusing this week on South Carolina with a brief stop in Michigan. South Carolina is critical to his campaign as in 2000 McCain won NH, but lost SC and the momentum was gone afterwards. McCain hopes tonight's debate keeps his momentum going.

2nd: Mike Huckabee (rising) Stong in Michigan and South Carolina, Huckabee seems to be focusing on South Carolina. Huckabee may have McCain's worst nightmare of 2000 become his 2008 nightmare with polls showing him trailing McCain. Huckabee also hopes for a strong performance tonight and pray for this race to become a McCain-Huckabee fight to the finish instead of more comebacks.

3rd: Mitt Romney (falling) Romney is in trouble. His campaign has ignored South Carolina, and is now focusing on Michigan his birth state. He wins there Romney could start to comeback after his disappointing 2nd finishes in IA and NH. Romney has pulled his tv spots and recources out of SC, FL and Super Tuesday. Michigan is his do or die state.

4th: Rudy Giuliani (falling) Giuliani needs a win in Florida and a Romney win in Michigan, but both look unlikely. Polls have the once claimed America's Mayor Giuliani running 4th in Florida Giuliani is in trouble and with 2 poor 6th and 4th finishes in Iowa and NH. Giuliani the once frontrunner is in trouble, but I think all the candidates in the top 5 have held the spot of frontrunner.

5th: Fred Thompson (falling) Thompson's do or die state now is South Carolina with his entire campaign in the state. Thompson is in 4th and very distant. Thompson is going to have to make alot of ground.


1st Tied: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary's surprise win in NH put the momentum back in her corner, but she trails in South Carolina, and needs wins in Super Tuesday to keep a strong campaign and remain a frontrunner. Clinton's experience factor may weigh in if she can perform well against Obama in upcoming debates.

1st Tied: Barack Obama (rising) Obama is still a strong force with his popularity remaining high. He just wont get a cornation neither candidate will. They will both ahve to work for it. Obama will likely win South Carolina, but I better not make any predictions yet with polls proving wrong in NH. We really do have a race now, but a 2-person race.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards has slipped to 3rd in his homestate and his birthstate he trails by a wide margin. Edwards is finished. He will not make any wins and the only thing to consider about his campaign is how long stay in and steal vtes from Obama. Edwards will quit maybe as soon after South Carolina.

4th: Dennis Kucinich (steady) Kucinich is in it till convention like the last campaign, and will be a small spoiler.

5th: Mike Gravel (falling) Another weak spoiler hes done, but we needed 5 spots, but something tills me in 2 weeks will be down 3 or 2.

Decision 2008: John Kerry endorses Barack Obama

2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee, and U.S. Senator John Kerry endorsed Barack Obama for president. Sen. John Edwards, Kerry's running mate in 2004, was expected to pick-up Kerry's endorsement earlier in the campaign, but Kerry chose to snub Edwards and select Obama. Kerry narrowly lost the 2004 Presidential Election to President Bush as we all remember, and Obama is continually picking up support and endorsements, despite Sen. Hillary Clinton's victory last Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Decision 2008: Bill Richardson to end Pres. Campaign.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson after two disapointing finishes of under 5% and 4th place finishes and with dried up funding sources say he will end his presidential campaign. Richardson never really had a strong hold on this race although early campaigning and polls showed him at double digit level. Richardson is a Vice Presidential Hopeful should Hillary Clinton become the nominee, and now seems to be focusing on that or positioning for a later presidential run without the big celebrities in the race. Richardson is now the 3rd Democratic victim of the primaries, preceded by Senators Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, and he will not be the last. Sen. John Edwards and Congressman Dennis Kucinich are expected to remain in the race until Super Tuesday. No candidates on the Republican side have ended their campaigns since Congressman Tancredo did back in December before the Holidays.

Decision 2008: Night of Comebacks. On to Michigan and South Carolina.

Last Night certainly was the night of comebacks. Sen. John McCain who was left for dead in the presidential campaign by the media last summer, upsetted Governor Mitt Romney in NH. Both needed to win the state to move forward. It will be very difficult for Romney to move on back to frontrunner status and now his state has put all his resources in his birth state, Michigan. Without a win there Romney will likely end his presidential ambitions, or will just lag on. On the Democratic side the Former Frontrunner Hillary Clinton is now close or is the frontrunner again. After polls showed a huge Obama victory Hillary didn't let that stop her and she beat yes beat Sen. Barack Obama and the Obama phenomanon is over and we have a race on our hands. Obama holds a big lead in SC but no polls have shown Hillary's victory boost so I expect the state to be close. Next Tuesday is Michigan and with Hillary the only major competitor on the ballot, she will win big but, no delegates will be at stake on the Democratic side. On the Republican side this is looking to be Romney's last stand without a win there is campaign is certainly if not already finished. McCain needs a win there to keep frontrunner status alive and the momentum so he can start rolling in the money. Huckabee will need at least another 3rd, but he would hope for a stronger win. Even with polls showing Huckabee strong in Michigan he seems to be ignoring Michigan and focusing on South Carolina where he leads by a wide margin.

Actual New Hampshire Primary Results:
(R)John McCain 88,46637%
(R)Mitt Romney 75,343 32%
(R)Mike Huckabee 26,768 11%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 20,395 9%
(R)Ron Paul 18,303 8%
(R)Fred Thompson 2,886 1%
(R)Duncan Hunter 1,220 1%
(R)Alan Keyes 220 0%

(D)Hillary Clinton 112,251 39%
(D)Barack Obama 104,772 36%
(D)John Edwards 48,681 17%
(D)Bill Richardson 13,249 5%
(D)Dennis Kucinich 3,919 1%
(D)Joe Biden 628 0% Dropped Out
(D)Mike Gravel 402 0%

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Decision 2008: John McCain wins NH!!!! THE MAC IS BACK! Dems too close too call

Last post for this evening. Senator John McCain caped a major comeback and won a convincing victory over Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. Polls showed the race much closer but McCain proved true and won the race and is now the Frontrunner for the GOP Nomination. On the Democratic Sideits too close too call with Sen. Clinton ahead apparently. The race could go on all night should Hillary continue to lead Barack Obama. More to come tomorrow! Final Results posted tomorrow!

Decision 2008: The First in the Nation Primary!

New Hampshire citizens are now as we speak casting there ballots deciding whom they would prefer as President of the United States. Instead of going and declaring your preference like in a caucus and gathering in groups, and such NH is like a regular election where you go into a voting booth and cast a secret ballot. Barack Obama and John McCain are the favorites to win NH today, however the latest polls shiw a close race on both sides. The candidates are circling the state today with last minute events to win over undecideds. Hillary Clinton is desparate for a win today but Obama's surge may prove to overtake her. She needs to get within 7% of of Obama or she will be in trouble. I predict McCain will defeat Romney by 5+ and Obama will defeat Hillary Clinton by 7+. For up to the minute results go to , and

Monday, January 07, 2008

Decision 2008: Our Poll Results

Here are our Poll Results for the past month for the Presidential Race:
(New Polls will not include candidates with X)

(R)Huckabee 23%
(R)Romney 19%
(R)Paul 19%
(R)McCain 14%
(R)Giuliani 14%
(R)Thompson 9%
(R)Cox 4%
(R)Hunter 3%
(R)Tancredo 3% X
(R)Brownback 1% X

(D)Obama 21%
(D)Richardson 21%
(D) Edwards 14%
(D)Biden 14% X
(D)Clinton 12%
(D)Gravel 12% X
(D)Kucinich 10%
(D)Dodd 1% X

(L)E. Thompson 35% X
(L)Jackson 22%
(L)Kubby 19%
(L)Smith 12%
(L Phillies 9%
(L)Root 9%
(L)Jingozian 9%
(L)Imperato 3%

(G)Nader 36% X
(G)Rotzler 18%
(G)Swift 15%
(G)Schriner 9%
(G)Mesplay 9%
(G)Kangas 9%
(G)Bell 6%

Decision 2008: New Hampshire Primary Eve

Tomorrow is the "First in the Nation" Primary and the race and for most this is a do or die state. On the Republican Side Mitt Romney and John McCain both need wins here to have a shot. Rudy Giuliani needs a 3rd place finsi, but the Iowa Winner Mike Huckabee is expected to steal the position. John McCain is leading in the Polls but that could all change by tomorrow. Romney is hoping his finish in the debates this weekend and his non-stop campaigning to put him over the top. Huckabee is becoming the king of Late Night Comedy in politics to get a few free spots on the TV to help get his name out there for future contests. He is hoping on a win in South Carolina. The same goes for Fred Thompson. Thompson is likely going to finish near the bottom in NH, and he is making South Carolina his make or break state. Giuliani is focusing on a top 3 finish in NH and in South Carolina and a win in Florida. Then he can go after the big delegate states on Super Tuesday. On the Democratic Side Barack Obama is riding off his Iowa win and his message of change with a near double digit lead in NH over Hillary Clinton. Clinton's attacks on Obama have had no effect on Obama's growing lead. Edwards and Richardson trail far behind. The other candidates should have no effect on the rest of the race.

RCP Polling Averages
(R)John McCain 33.6%
(R)Mitt Romney 28.7%
(R)Mike Huckabee 11.5%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 8.8%
(R)Ron Paul 7.4%
(R)Thompson 2.7%

(D)Barack Obama 36.9%
(D)Hillary Clinton 29.1%
(D)John Edwards 18.8%
(D)Bill Richardson 5.9%

Friday, January 04, 2008

Decision 2008: On to New Hampshire

Iowa is over till 2012 and the race steams on to NH. This is actually a change for our politics because our Iowa winners may not win in NH.

NH-GOP Race: Its certain this is also a 2 man race between John McCain and Mitt Romney. This state is do or die state for both candidates. Romney is just off from his resounding defeat in Iowa, and with no momentum and money clearly not translating into votes, Romney has to hope his support doesn't falter. It is clear if Romney doesn't win this neighboring state he will be finsihed, even if he doesn't withdraw. John McCain is leading and the momentum is in his corner but the tracking polls still show a tight race and if some how Romney wins McCain is also finished. His momentum will be gone and Romney will be back in the race. Iowa Winner Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani will fight it out for Third. Ron Paul may also prove strong, and Fred Thompson will be at the bottom. I dont get that Fox isn't allowing Paul in their debate but ehri allowing Thompson who is polling at 2% in NH in.

NH-Dem Race: Barack Obama is riding under the Iowa wave of momentum and that may be enough to overcome Hillary's lead in the Granite state. This is a two man well man vs. woman race. Edwards and Richardson will fight for 3rd with Edwards probably on top. Obama and Hillary should play every trick in the book in attack ads in NH the next 4 days. The debates this weekend shouldn't have too much affect on the race and I believe Obama will win NH with an Iowa win but Hillary still has the Clinton comeback facotr so the race wll be far from over.

Our Predictions:

1st: McCain
2nd: Romney
3rd: Huckabee
4th: Giuliani
5th: Paul
6th: Thompson
7th: Hunter
8th: Keyes
9th: Cox

1st: Obama
2nd: Clinton
3rd: Edwards
4th: Richardson
5th: Kucinich
6th: Gravel

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #46

The race for President is on and we have a whole new race on our hands. Check the Post-Iowa Politics-Central Power Rankings.

1st tied: Mike Huckabee (rising) On the top of his Iowa victory, Huckabee could be on his way to frontrunner status but he better get a strong showing in NH and win Michigan and South Carolina if he wants to hold frontrunner status. Huckabee has proved himself, with Iowa coming from behind to beat the seemingly unstoppable Mitt Romney. Congrats to Governor Huckabee!

1st Tied: John McCain (rising) Romney's defeat allows McCain to surge t vicotry in NH and he is now in the best position to win the nomination hwoever he must win NH. People must remember Romney is still in a statistcal tie with McCain in NH so Romney isn't out quite yet. McCain has been given a 2nd chance so can he make something out of it?

3rd: Mitt Romney (falling) Despite what the candidate said himself yesterday was a stunning defeat for his campaign. He now is in danger of going extinct and becoming the Howard Dean of 2008. No screaming involved however. He needs a NH Gold, however with the momentum in McCain's corner Romney is in trouble.

4th Tied: Rudy Giuliani (falling) After polling 10 months agao at 20% Rudy only recieved 4%. A very poor showing for America's mayor. Giuliani needs a 3rd place in NH and a win in Florida. He may also need to start campaiging in South Carolina and forget his startegy.

4th Tied: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson does need credit for a tie for 3rd place in Iowa, but a slight bronze isn't that great. Thompson has no startegy left and if McCain wins NH look for him to support McCain.


1st: Barack Obama (rising) For the first time in our 46 rankings Politics-Central felt a win last night puts Obama in the best spot now to win the nomination. Obama's victory, 9 points over Hillary, needs to be given huge credit. Hillary was inevitable and now Obama is the only 1-0 candidate while Hillary is 0-1.

2nd: Hillary Clinton (falling) Hillary now needs to re-group and get it together in NH. She can gain frontrunner status back if only she can win NH. Without it Hillary will have to rely on Super Tuesday to get her campaign back on top. NH has been good to the Clintons in the past, will it remain good to the Clintons.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards needed a win not another 2nd place finish in Iowa so that has stuck a knive in his campaign. Edwards is finished and should be out before Super Tuesday.

4th: Bill Richardson (falling) Richardson got in the top 4 in Iowa and his campaign is bragging about that but what they forget is they recieved 2%. Don't be fooled Richardson is a vice presidential candidate and not a presidential candidate anymore.

5th: Dennis Kucinich (falling) Shut out of this weekend's debates Kucinich is in trouble. He wont get over 1%.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Decision 2008: Dodd, Biden will drop out.

After poor finishings in Iowa, U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and U.S. Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee withdrew their candidacies for president. Dodd and Biden both recieved under 1% of state delegates in the Iowa Caucus. Dodd barely made a presence on the race and the same goes for Biden. They raised small amounts, however Dodd practically moved to Iowa and only recieved 1 Delegate vote an embarrassing finish. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson decided to stay in the race, and Former Alaskan U.S. Senator Mike Gravel denied rumors of his withdrawal. On the Republican side Fmr. U.S. Senator Fred Thompson decided to stay in the race after a distant tie for 3rd place finish in Iowa with Sen. John McCain. Thompson if he doesn't withdraw by this weekend will end his campaign after South Carolina where he is trailing.

Decision 2008: Huckabee and Obama emerge victorious in Iowa!

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee trounced Mitt Romney in Iowa by 9 points and Obama did the same to Edwards and Hillary by 8 points. Both now have the advantage, however, McCain picks up the Iowa momentum coming into NH and now could beat and eliminate Mitt Romney form the race in NH. Obama is now on to a possible victory in NH. He could severely hurt should she lose NH. McCain and Thompson are in a dead heat for 3rd place and have basically tied for the position. Ron Paul finished strong in Iowa with 10%. More to come.

2008 Iowa Caucus Results
Republican 95% Reporting
(R)Mike Huckabee 39,814 34% 17
(R)Mitt Romney 29,405 25% 15
(R)Fred Thompson 15,521 13% 3
(R)John McCain 15,248 13% 3
(R)Ron Paul 11,598 10% 2
(R)Rudy Giuliani 4,013 4%
(R)Duncan Hunter 515 1%

Democratic 100% Reporting
(D)Barack Obama 940 38% 16
(D)John Edwards 744 30% 14
(D)Hillary Clinton 737 29% 15
(D)Bill Richardson 53 2%
(D)Joe Biden 23 1%
(D)Chris Dodd 1 0%
(D)Dennis Kucinich 0 0%
(D)Mike Gravel 0 0%

Decision 2008: Today is the day!!!! Iowa kicks off Presidential Race

Today after a year of campaiging Iowa voters will go to churches, schools, living rooms, etc. and tell the world who they support for president and the world is at a stand still as we wait for results to come in. America is holding its breath (well the ones not watching football) as tonight we may be a step closer to knowing who the next president of the United States. On the Democratic side we are deadlocked in a 3 way tie between Illionis U.S. Senator Barack Obama, New York U.S. Senator and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and Former North Carolina U.S. Senator John Edwards. Obama holds the momentum with polls showing a surge for him. Sen. Obama needs a big turnout tonight inorder to cap a major comeback. On the Republican side Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee narrowly leads Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Both are neck and neck with polls showing the latest possible surge for Huckabee regaining the lead. Will that be enough to cap a huge darkhorse surprise? We'll just have to wait and see.

Iowa Poll Averages

(D)Obama 30.8%
(D)Clinton 29.2
(D)Edwards 26.0%
(D)Biden 5.4%
(D)Richardson 5.2%
(D)Dodd 1%
(D)Kucinich 1%
(D)Gravel -%

(R)Huckabee 29.7%
(R)Romney 26.7%
(R)McCain 11.8%
(R)Thompson 11.7%
(R)Paul 7.3%
(R)Giuliani 6%
(R)Hunter 1%
(R)Keyes -%
(R)Cox -%

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Decision 2008: Eve of the Caucus

This is probably the most competitive Iowa Caucus in decades. All polls show different alternatives. Anyone one of the frontrunners could emerge victorious in Iowa. On the Republican side the Polling Firms all sow either Huckabee or Romney winning Iowa and McCain or Thompson from in 3rd. On the Democratic Side we see Hillary, Obama and Edwards still deadlocked. They are within 2-3 points of each other and polls, all show a different order for each. All can't afford a 3rd place finish. Its certain we could even have a tie or near tie in the caucs. What does this mean for New Hampshire? For the Republicans if Romney win Iowa he will more than likely win NH, if Huckabee wins then either McCain or Romney could win NH. McCain has gained the lead in NH, and if he wins there Romney is finished. On the Democratic side Hillary needs at least a close 2nd in Iowa to hold on to NH. If Obama wins Iowa he could certainly come close to winning NH. If Hillary wins Iowa its over. If Edwards wins Iowa Hillary will hold on and Edwards will come in 2nd and Obama is finished.

Our Final Predictions
Iowa Republican
1st: Huckabee
2nd: Romney
3rd: McCain
4th: Thompson
5th: Paul
6th: Giuliani
7th: Hunter
8th: Keyes

Iowa Democratic
1st: Clinton
2nd: Edwards
3rd: Obama
4th: Biden
5th: Richardson
6th: Dodd
7th: Kucinich
8th: Gravel

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

HAPPY ELECTION YEAR 2008!!!!!!!!!!