Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Decision 2008: McCain wins Florida!

Well is there any doubt now that John McCain is the frontrunner for the nomination. McCain now with his win tonight leads, in votes, states, polls, and delegates. McCain is well on his way to the nomination and we are predicting the next Republican Nominee for President will be John McCain. McCain now goes on with wind in his sails and already a huge lead in Super Tuesday. Rumors are already afloat he will withdraw tomorrow and endorse McCain tomorrow. We''l have to wait and see as the candidate himself says he will participate tomorrow in the CNN Debate. Romney moves on severly hurt, but not completely dead. We'll see how long he fights McCain for the Nomination. Hillary Clinton won a beauty contest in Fl, by a wide margin but no deleagtes awarded so really it didn't matter.

Florida Republican Presidential Primary Results
(R)John McCain 693,508 36% 57 Delegates
(R)Mitt Romney 598,188 31%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 281,781 15%
(R)Mike Huckabee 259,735 14%
(R)Ron Paul 62,063 3%
(R)Fred Thompson 22,288 1%
(R)Duncan Hunter 2,787 0%
Florida Democratic Presidential Primary Results
(D)Hillary Clinton 857,208 50%
(D)Barack Obama 569,041 33%
(D)John Edwards 248,604 14%
(D)Dennis Kucinich 9,537 1%

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