Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Decision 2008: Fred Thompson withdraws

Today after a disappointing 3rd place finish in must-win South Carolina, Former U.S. Senator and Actor Fred Thompson withdrew his candidacy for President. Sen. Thompson at one time was the frontrunner for the Republicans over the summer, but of his funding, and very late start in the race hurt his chances significantly. His lazy campaiging also hurt his candidacy and his look as the only real conservative candidate in the race. Sen. Thompson's strongest finish in the race was a 2nd place finish in Wyoming, and he needed a win in South Carolina however came in a distant 3rd. Thompson hasn't yet endorsed any candidate at this time, however endrosed Sen. John McCain in 2000 and is expected to do so once again. Thompson's campaign in SC helped carry Sen. McCain to victory, drawing away evangelical votes from Mike Huckabee, and giving McCain a much needed win. Thompson is also mentioned as a possible VP candidate in the fall, but no sources have confirmed this.

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