Thursday, January 03, 2008

Decision 2008: Today is the day!!!! Iowa kicks off Presidential Race

Today after a year of campaiging Iowa voters will go to churches, schools, living rooms, etc. and tell the world who they support for president and the world is at a stand still as we wait for results to come in. America is holding its breath (well the ones not watching football) as tonight we may be a step closer to knowing who the next president of the United States. On the Democratic side we are deadlocked in a 3 way tie between Illionis U.S. Senator Barack Obama, New York U.S. Senator and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and Former North Carolina U.S. Senator John Edwards. Obama holds the momentum with polls showing a surge for him. Sen. Obama needs a big turnout tonight inorder to cap a major comeback. On the Republican side Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee narrowly leads Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Both are neck and neck with polls showing the latest possible surge for Huckabee regaining the lead. Will that be enough to cap a huge darkhorse surprise? We'll just have to wait and see.

Iowa Poll Averages

(D)Obama 30.8%
(D)Clinton 29.2
(D)Edwards 26.0%
(D)Biden 5.4%
(D)Richardson 5.2%
(D)Dodd 1%
(D)Kucinich 1%
(D)Gravel -%

(R)Huckabee 29.7%
(R)Romney 26.7%
(R)McCain 11.8%
(R)Thompson 11.7%
(R)Paul 7.3%
(R)Giuliani 6%
(R)Hunter 1%
(R)Keyes -%
(R)Cox -%

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