Friday, January 04, 2008

Decision 2008: On to New Hampshire

Iowa is over till 2012 and the race steams on to NH. This is actually a change for our politics because our Iowa winners may not win in NH.

NH-GOP Race: Its certain this is also a 2 man race between John McCain and Mitt Romney. This state is do or die state for both candidates. Romney is just off from his resounding defeat in Iowa, and with no momentum and money clearly not translating into votes, Romney has to hope his support doesn't falter. It is clear if Romney doesn't win this neighboring state he will be finsihed, even if he doesn't withdraw. John McCain is leading and the momentum is in his corner but the tracking polls still show a tight race and if some how Romney wins McCain is also finished. His momentum will be gone and Romney will be back in the race. Iowa Winner Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani will fight it out for Third. Ron Paul may also prove strong, and Fred Thompson will be at the bottom. I dont get that Fox isn't allowing Paul in their debate but ehri allowing Thompson who is polling at 2% in NH in.

NH-Dem Race: Barack Obama is riding under the Iowa wave of momentum and that may be enough to overcome Hillary's lead in the Granite state. This is a two man well man vs. woman race. Edwards and Richardson will fight for 3rd with Edwards probably on top. Obama and Hillary should play every trick in the book in attack ads in NH the next 4 days. The debates this weekend shouldn't have too much affect on the race and I believe Obama will win NH with an Iowa win but Hillary still has the Clinton comeback facotr so the race wll be far from over.

Our Predictions:

1st: McCain
2nd: Romney
3rd: Huckabee
4th: Giuliani
5th: Paul
6th: Thompson
7th: Hunter
8th: Keyes
9th: Cox

1st: Obama
2nd: Clinton
3rd: Edwards
4th: Richardson
5th: Kucinich
6th: Gravel

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