Monday, January 07, 2008

Decision 2008: New Hampshire Primary Eve

Tomorrow is the "First in the Nation" Primary and the race and for most this is a do or die state. On the Republican Side Mitt Romney and John McCain both need wins here to have a shot. Rudy Giuliani needs a 3rd place finsi, but the Iowa Winner Mike Huckabee is expected to steal the position. John McCain is leading in the Polls but that could all change by tomorrow. Romney is hoping his finish in the debates this weekend and his non-stop campaigning to put him over the top. Huckabee is becoming the king of Late Night Comedy in politics to get a few free spots on the TV to help get his name out there for future contests. He is hoping on a win in South Carolina. The same goes for Fred Thompson. Thompson is likely going to finish near the bottom in NH, and he is making South Carolina his make or break state. Giuliani is focusing on a top 3 finish in NH and in South Carolina and a win in Florida. Then he can go after the big delegate states on Super Tuesday. On the Democratic Side Barack Obama is riding off his Iowa win and his message of change with a near double digit lead in NH over Hillary Clinton. Clinton's attacks on Obama have had no effect on Obama's growing lead. Edwards and Richardson trail far behind. The other candidates should have no effect on the rest of the race.

RCP Polling Averages
(R)John McCain 33.6%
(R)Mitt Romney 28.7%
(R)Mike Huckabee 11.5%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 8.8%
(R)Ron Paul 7.4%
(R)Thompson 2.7%

(D)Barack Obama 36.9%
(D)Hillary Clinton 29.1%
(D)John Edwards 18.8%
(D)Bill Richardson 5.9%

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