Friday, January 04, 2008

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #46

The race for President is on and we have a whole new race on our hands. Check the Post-Iowa Politics-Central Power Rankings.

1st tied: Mike Huckabee (rising) On the top of his Iowa victory, Huckabee could be on his way to frontrunner status but he better get a strong showing in NH and win Michigan and South Carolina if he wants to hold frontrunner status. Huckabee has proved himself, with Iowa coming from behind to beat the seemingly unstoppable Mitt Romney. Congrats to Governor Huckabee!

1st Tied: John McCain (rising) Romney's defeat allows McCain to surge t vicotry in NH and he is now in the best position to win the nomination hwoever he must win NH. People must remember Romney is still in a statistcal tie with McCain in NH so Romney isn't out quite yet. McCain has been given a 2nd chance so can he make something out of it?

3rd: Mitt Romney (falling) Despite what the candidate said himself yesterday was a stunning defeat for his campaign. He now is in danger of going extinct and becoming the Howard Dean of 2008. No screaming involved however. He needs a NH Gold, however with the momentum in McCain's corner Romney is in trouble.

4th Tied: Rudy Giuliani (falling) After polling 10 months agao at 20% Rudy only recieved 4%. A very poor showing for America's mayor. Giuliani needs a 3rd place in NH and a win in Florida. He may also need to start campaiging in South Carolina and forget his startegy.

4th Tied: Fred Thompson (rising) Thompson does need credit for a tie for 3rd place in Iowa, but a slight bronze isn't that great. Thompson has no startegy left and if McCain wins NH look for him to support McCain.


1st: Barack Obama (rising) For the first time in our 46 rankings Politics-Central felt a win last night puts Obama in the best spot now to win the nomination. Obama's victory, 9 points over Hillary, needs to be given huge credit. Hillary was inevitable and now Obama is the only 1-0 candidate while Hillary is 0-1.

2nd: Hillary Clinton (falling) Hillary now needs to re-group and get it together in NH. She can gain frontrunner status back if only she can win NH. Without it Hillary will have to rely on Super Tuesday to get her campaign back on top. NH has been good to the Clintons in the past, will it remain good to the Clintons.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards needed a win not another 2nd place finish in Iowa so that has stuck a knive in his campaign. Edwards is finished and should be out before Super Tuesday.

4th: Bill Richardson (falling) Richardson got in the top 4 in Iowa and his campaign is bragging about that but what they forget is they recieved 2%. Don't be fooled Richardson is a vice presidential candidate and not a presidential candidate anymore.

5th: Dennis Kucinich (falling) Shut out of this weekend's debates Kucinich is in trouble. He wont get over 1%.

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