Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Decision 2008: Bill Richardson to end Pres. Campaign.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson after two disapointing finishes of under 5% and 4th place finishes and with dried up funding sources say he will end his presidential campaign. Richardson never really had a strong hold on this race although early campaigning and polls showed him at double digit level. Richardson is a Vice Presidential Hopeful should Hillary Clinton become the nominee, and now seems to be focusing on that or positioning for a later presidential run without the big celebrities in the race. Richardson is now the 3rd Democratic victim of the primaries, preceded by Senators Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, and he will not be the last. Sen. John Edwards and Congressman Dennis Kucinich are expected to remain in the race until Super Tuesday. No candidates on the Republican side have ended their campaigns since Congressman Tancredo did back in December before the Holidays.

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