Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Decision 2008: Night of Comebacks. On to Michigan and South Carolina.

Last Night certainly was the night of comebacks. Sen. John McCain who was left for dead in the presidential campaign by the media last summer, upsetted Governor Mitt Romney in NH. Both needed to win the state to move forward. It will be very difficult for Romney to move on back to frontrunner status and now his state has put all his resources in his birth state, Michigan. Without a win there Romney will likely end his presidential ambitions, or will just lag on. On the Democratic side the Former Frontrunner Hillary Clinton is now close or is the frontrunner again. After polls showed a huge Obama victory Hillary didn't let that stop her and she beat yes beat Sen. Barack Obama and the Obama phenomanon is over and we have a race on our hands. Obama holds a big lead in SC but no polls have shown Hillary's victory boost so I expect the state to be close. Next Tuesday is Michigan and with Hillary the only major competitor on the ballot, she will win big but, no delegates will be at stake on the Democratic side. On the Republican side this is looking to be Romney's last stand without a win there is campaign is certainly if not already finished. McCain needs a win there to keep frontrunner status alive and the momentum so he can start rolling in the money. Huckabee will need at least another 3rd, but he would hope for a stronger win. Even with polls showing Huckabee strong in Michigan he seems to be ignoring Michigan and focusing on South Carolina where he leads by a wide margin.

Actual New Hampshire Primary Results:
(R)John McCain 88,46637%
(R)Mitt Romney 75,343 32%
(R)Mike Huckabee 26,768 11%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 20,395 9%
(R)Ron Paul 18,303 8%
(R)Fred Thompson 2,886 1%
(R)Duncan Hunter 1,220 1%
(R)Alan Keyes 220 0%

(D)Hillary Clinton 112,251 39%
(D)Barack Obama 104,772 36%
(D)John Edwards 48,681 17%
(D)Bill Richardson 13,249 5%
(D)Dennis Kucinich 3,919 1%
(D)Joe Biden 628 0% Dropped Out
(D)Mike Gravel 402 0%

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