Thursday, January 10, 2008

Decision 2008: John Kerry endorses Barack Obama

2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee, and U.S. Senator John Kerry endorsed Barack Obama for president. Sen. John Edwards, Kerry's running mate in 2004, was expected to pick-up Kerry's endorsement earlier in the campaign, but Kerry chose to snub Edwards and select Obama. Kerry narrowly lost the 2004 Presidential Election to President Bush as we all remember, and Obama is continually picking up support and endorsements, despite Sen. Hillary Clinton's victory last Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

For all of you who keep lamenting about Obama talking in generalities:
This guy is extremely intelligent and knows our policy problems cannont be explained in sound bites. If you find people who say he's all flash and no show please direct them to his plan for America. Wow! Yes he really does have a detailed plan with even more to follow. Folks this has been on his website from the beginning. Please send all of the nay-sayers the pdf file of his plan.

Pat said...

Senator Clinton did not have a victory in New Hampshire, contrary to the above article. The purpose of the popular vote was to select delegates. The delegates won?

Clinton: 9
Obama: 9
Edwards: 4

That's a tie.