Thursday, January 10, 2008

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #47

With NH and Iowa done how is the race shaping up? I will be gone for 3 days but will be back to post about the Michigan Primary after the weekend.


1st: John McCain (rising) New polls show McCain leading nationally, and in the upcoming primaries in Michigan, and South Carolina. McCain has done it when no one else thought he could. He is the frontrunner for the first time in 7 months. McCain is focusing this week on South Carolina with a brief stop in Michigan. South Carolina is critical to his campaign as in 2000 McCain won NH, but lost SC and the momentum was gone afterwards. McCain hopes tonight's debate keeps his momentum going.

2nd: Mike Huckabee (rising) Stong in Michigan and South Carolina, Huckabee seems to be focusing on South Carolina. Huckabee may have McCain's worst nightmare of 2000 become his 2008 nightmare with polls showing him trailing McCain. Huckabee also hopes for a strong performance tonight and pray for this race to become a McCain-Huckabee fight to the finish instead of more comebacks.

3rd: Mitt Romney (falling) Romney is in trouble. His campaign has ignored South Carolina, and is now focusing on Michigan his birth state. He wins there Romney could start to comeback after his disappointing 2nd finishes in IA and NH. Romney has pulled his tv spots and recources out of SC, FL and Super Tuesday. Michigan is his do or die state.

4th: Rudy Giuliani (falling) Giuliani needs a win in Florida and a Romney win in Michigan, but both look unlikely. Polls have the once claimed America's Mayor Giuliani running 4th in Florida Giuliani is in trouble and with 2 poor 6th and 4th finishes in Iowa and NH. Giuliani the once frontrunner is in trouble, but I think all the candidates in the top 5 have held the spot of frontrunner.

5th: Fred Thompson (falling) Thompson's do or die state now is South Carolina with his entire campaign in the state. Thompson is in 4th and very distant. Thompson is going to have to make alot of ground.


1st Tied: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary's surprise win in NH put the momentum back in her corner, but she trails in South Carolina, and needs wins in Super Tuesday to keep a strong campaign and remain a frontrunner. Clinton's experience factor may weigh in if she can perform well against Obama in upcoming debates.

1st Tied: Barack Obama (rising) Obama is still a strong force with his popularity remaining high. He just wont get a cornation neither candidate will. They will both ahve to work for it. Obama will likely win South Carolina, but I better not make any predictions yet with polls proving wrong in NH. We really do have a race now, but a 2-person race.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards has slipped to 3rd in his homestate and his birthstate he trails by a wide margin. Edwards is finished. He will not make any wins and the only thing to consider about his campaign is how long stay in and steal vtes from Obama. Edwards will quit maybe as soon after South Carolina.

4th: Dennis Kucinich (steady) Kucinich is in it till convention like the last campaign, and will be a small spoiler.

5th: Mike Gravel (falling) Another weak spoiler hes done, but we needed 5 spots, but something tills me in 2 weeks will be down 3 or 2.

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