Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Decision 2008: Romney wins Michigan

Well Former Massachusetss Governor Mitt Romney has indeed won the Michigan Primary, but the media is already getting ahead of themselves and calling Romney the frontrunner again. Romney is creditted for his win tonight, however this is his homestate. Romney now moves on with the money and the organization, but the race is wide open. No clear frontrunner tonight, with this being Romney's homestate. Well on to Nevada and South Carolina this weekend. Romney is contending in Nevada and will be McCain vs. Romney round 3 overtime and in South Carolina, McCain vs. Huckabee. Romney may recieve some momentum tonight but with it being his homestate it shouldn't matter as much. After whoever wins South Carolina will contend in Florida against Giuliani and right now its a near 4-way tie! This could be a long fight for the nomination for the Republicans
Michigan Presidential Primary Results
(R)Mitt Romney 337,847 39% 20
(R)John McCain 257,521 30% 7
(R)Mike Huckabee 139,699 16% 3
(R)Ron Paul 54,434 6%
(R)Fred Thompson 32,135 4%
(R)Rudy Giuliani 24,706 3%
Uncommitted 17,971 2%
(R)Duncan Hunter 2,823 0.33%

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