Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #50

These will be our final Presidential Power Rankings for this election season. Ill post General Election Rankings after the conventions. After 50 rankings here is how we stand:


1st: John McCain (rising) McCain now is officially crowned GOP frontrunner with big win out of Florida. McCain now rides the winds of ths win into Super Tuesday where he leads in most polls in almost every state. McCain is now inching closer to capping this thing, and we crown him nominee-to-be. I see no scenerio where McCain doesn't win the nomination for the Republicans.

2nd: Mitt Romney (falling) Doing well in the debate tonight, but it was more of just for show. Romney is too far behind and trails in too many states to win the nomination unless something huge happens causing McCain too slip, but that is very unlikely.

3rd: Mike Huckabee (steady) Could win one or two states in the South next week, but he doesn't have the startegy or the money to continue much farther than Super Tuesday. he'll stay in to steal votes from Romney and to be a VP running mate.

4th: Ron Paul (falling) Paul isn't showing any support above 5% now and is support is slipping quickly. Congressman Paul is running a spoiler campaign just with alot of money nothing more.


1st: Hillary Clinton (falling) Hillary is slipping, with the momentum again in Obama's corner however she still holds leads in Super Tuesday states. Clinton's national lead is slipping, but I still see her as the frontrunner, and the advantage is in her corner.

2nd: Barack Obama (rising) Obama is rising, but he has a wide gap to close and only in 6 days. Obama could pick up a lot of delegates and I won't count Obama out until Texas and Ohio on March 4th, where I bete Obama can do well in.

Super Tuesday Predictions (final predictions on 2/4)
Alabama: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Alaska: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Arizona: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Arkansas: Huckabee wins, McCain 2nd
California: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Colorado: Toss-Up between McCain and Romney
Connecticut: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Delaware: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Georgia: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Illionis: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Massachusetts: Romney wins, McCain 2nd
Minnesota: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
Missouri: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
New Jersey: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
New York: McCain wins, Romney 2nd
North Dakota: Toss-up No Polling???
Oklahoma: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Tennessee: McCain wins, Huckabee 2nd
Utah: Romney wins, McCain 2nd
West Virginia: McCain wins, Romney 2nd

States to watch: CA, MO, CO, AL, OK, GA, TN

Alabama: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd
Alaska: Clinton wins, Obama 2n:d
Arizona: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Arkansas: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
California: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Colorado: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd
Connecticut: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Delaware: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Georgia: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd
Idaho: Obama wins, Clinton 2nd,
(Lane Startin persuaded me otherwise in this state)
Illionis: Obama wins, Obama 2nd
Kansas: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Massachusetts: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Minnesota: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Missouri: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
New Jersey: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
New Mexico: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
New York: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
North Dakota: No Polling???
Oklahoma: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Tennesee: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
Utah: Clinton wins, Obama 2nd
States to watch: AL, CA, MA, CO, CT

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faustus37 said...

RE Idaho: I don't think so. Idaho may very well be Obama's single best state on Super Tuesday, and his best finish to date. In fact, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Edwards finishes second despite being out.