Monday, February 04, 2008

Decision 2008: Super Tuesday Eve

Well as the campaign winds down the all-important Super Tuesday is finally here, and the height of the race has come. We may very well know the nominees tomorrow or this race will march on. We are certain however that tomorrow no one will officially clinch the nominations of either party.

On the Republican Side, Sen. John McCain leads everywhere and should sweep at least 14 states, but he does need to win California, and he likely will. I doubt the voters of CA would switch votes to man who has no chance of winning this state, than to vote for aman wh can win CA. Huckabee is hoping for wins in AR, MO, OK, GA and AL, but will likely only get about one win out of that and its his homestate. McCain appears to be well on his way to getting the force enough to cap this thing. If he wins California which he likely will, McCain will be officially unstoppable. Romney needs wins in the South and in CA, to actually officially make a 2-man race.

On the Democrats Side, Sen. Hillary Clinton has dramatically at the last minute fell in the polls and the race is a dead heat everywhere. National polls are tied. CA Polls lean Obama, but it coudl go either way. Hillary needs to upset Obama in the South and hold onto CA, to become the clear frontrunner again, but I doubt she can do both. This race will likely go on until March when Ohio and Texas decide, or maybe even in April when PA decides. This is the most interesting race in a long long long time, but with Edwards out this will not go to convention. Some one will have enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

My Overall Primary Predictions:

Sen. John McCain vs. Sen. Hillary Clinton for the right to become the 44th President of the United States.

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