Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Decision 2008: Post Super Tuesday Results, McCain surges, Hillary vs. Obama.

Well Yesterday was an exciting night, and the exit polls were wrong and my predictions were off yeah I know by alot. Well after half the nation has voted where do we stand now in the race for the presidency?

The Republicans: It wasn't the McCain sweep I had expected, but it was enough to make him unstoppable. McCain won all of the big winner take all delegate states, and the all important California Primary. That should be hard to overcome. Huckabee really surprised me. I thought he woudl only win Arkansas but he won all of ther Southern states, and crushed Romney's hopes. Romney did score wins in the rural caucus states and his homestate of MA, but nothing convincing enough to win the nomination, but enough for him to calim he can go on and write more checks to himself. Spend as much money as you can Romney this will do no good with party unity, when McCain does officially clinch the nomination which isn't too far off. McCain is likely to sweep Washington and Louisiana, but Kansas is another rural caucus, Romney could sweep, because of conservative support, but I still feel McCain is going to sweep almost every contest remaining.

The Democrats: Obama's momentum pulled off to win 13 states several of which were in Clinton territory. He didn't pull off a win in California, but Obama was able to pull off big wins in, GA, AL, MO, and CT. All 4 except GA were expected to go to Hillary 2 weeks ago. Hillary remains about 100 delegates ahead because she won the bigger contests, however Obama is looking pretty good in the upcoming schedule. He will probably win most if not all the contests on Saturday and on Tuesday and could catch Hillary by next week. It is looking to be a long Democratic contest battle to the nomination. I doubt we wont have this resolved until April or there is now a strong possibility this could go to convention, but I bet one candidate will clinch with just 2 candidates remaining. Coming out of this race Obama is hoping to sweep the smaller contests and hope that will keep his momentum going to win Texas and Ohio in March and PA in April. Howewer Hillary will be focusing on those big states and has an advantage there currently. This race could go either way
Delegate Counts
(Super Tuesday delegates still being tallied)
Republicans (1,191 to win)
(R)John McCain 680
(R)Mitt Romney 270
(R)Mike Huckabee 176
(R)Ron Paul 16
Democrats (2,025 to win)
(D)Hillary Clinton 818
(D)Barack Obama 730
(D)John Edwards 26

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