Thursday, February 07, 2008

Descision 2008: Thank Mitt! Gov. Romney departs Presidential Bid, giving McCain the ticket to the General

Today Former MA Governor Mitt Romney, who once was the frontrunner for the nomination, ended his campaign for the GOP Presidential Nomination. This comes after putting forward a strong campaign for the nomination raising millions of dollars, 200+ delegates, and winning 10 contests. At the CPAC he gave his concession speech and decided he should step aside stating he wanted the party to unite for the good of the nation. He didn't endorse any candidate, but after spending millions of his own money and no winning scenerio left, he has decided to quit. Romney is rumored to be considering another bid for the presidency in 4 to 8 years, however he better get back into politics if he wished for this to happen. Nonetheless he is a frontrunner should McCain lose this November. Romney's withdrawal has nearly given John McCain the title of Presumptive Nominee and a ticket to the General Election this November. Now all thats left is McCain's veepstakes. Huckabee has no shot at the nomination and will withdraw shortly giving McCain the official title of Presumptive Nominee. After being trounced this weekend it wont be long until he withdraws.

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