Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Decision 2008: Governor Schwarzenegger to endorse John McCain

Right before the Super Tuesday primaries in which California will hold its primary, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain for President Thursday. The Governor had been neutral in most of the race, however he has chosen to support McCain before this crucial primary or the crown jewel of the primaries, California. Polls right now have McCain leading by double digits in California and now with Giuliani and Schwarzenegger's endorsements, McCain can not put New York and California the biggest primaries in the election in his pocket. Also tonight the candidates debated and we saw the most vicious feud between Romney and McCain. Romney was trying to close the gap of McCain's huge lead and advantage coming into Super Tuesday. This debate really had no effect although Romney did seem to benefit from their feud. As we approach Super Tuesday I will post my power rankings, and predictions for which states will go for which candidae. (Note: I haven't been wrong on official predictions of contests yet.) Oh yeah and Super Bowl predictions,GO PATS!!!!!!

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