Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Presidential Election 2008: My Top 5 Rankings!

Well many can guess who will win in 2008 and I will take a crack on who are the frontrunners for the job.

The Republicans
1st: John McCain, I feel that he is the current frontrunner. He is not at the top of some opinion polls, but he has alot of momentum. He is at the top of nationwide general election races. His is also always in the spotlight and is thought to be a GOP big wig.

2nd: Mitt Romney, The winner of my Greatest Governor in America Poll I think has gained alot of support and stands well in big prizes like New Hampshire. I think towards 2007 when he actually starts campaigning he will a huge bounce and become a major contender for the job.

3rd: Newt Gingrich, The fmr. ftront runner in the 1996 GOP Presidential campaign is looking at another shot at the White House. I think popularity from the past campaigns and being Speaker of the House will give him a boost in support and should perform well in early contests in 2008.

4th: Rudy Giulaini, The front runner in most polls and in my poll Giulaini I think will lose steam and die out if he runs. I don't think the GOP will elect a man with so little experience and a man who has had 3 marriages.

5th: George Allen, has recieved a few good numbers, but is considered way behind. I think when Sen. Allen wins reelection he will recieve a boost in support and should perform well in Iowa.

The Democrats
1st: Hillary Clinton, I hate to say it, but she is standing very well in polls. She seems to be very popular within her party. Many are concerned that she can't win in November so that might drag her down, but I think she is the frontrunner for the democrats.

2nd: Al Gore, The old 2000 Democratic Nominee might be thinking about another run for the White House. He has stated that he might run again for president one day. he is gaining in numbers.

3rd: Mark Warner, Many are starting to look at this man and his radicacl speeches. With this lastest momentum he has started climbing in numbers and will likely perform well in early contests.

4th: John Edwards, I think after 2004 this fmr. senator reached the peak of popularity for a man who had briefly served in public office. He has always performed well in Iowa and in nationwide polls and could eprform very well.

5th: John Kerry, The old 2004 Dem. Presidential Candidate might try again and stands well in nationwide polls, but poorly in big contest polls. He will have to try hard to win and change the way he campaigns. He can't expect to campaign like'04 and win.

There you have it my top 5 presidential candidates in both parites

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