Monday, October 08, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #1

Well the first day of the Republican Convention is drawing to a close and surprisingly low totals for Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak and Sentinel/Charles Leivan. By now Faustus37 or Lane Startin and James Welborn were at about 15-20 votes half of what was needed to clinch the nomination, and MD stands at 10 while Sentinel trails at 8. This gives Musicman/Sandrow Belanger, Copulate/Alias Pseudonym, Harold Hedrick, Hawk/Tim Austin and Efferiss/Frank Scoblink hope in winning the nomination. Right not It seems we have about 3 frontrunners, Hawk, Hedrick, and Musicman. Those 3 have been the most active in campaiging recently. Hawk also has 2 primary wins, the only Republican that does. Copulate's well-known name on the site also puts him right in there. The other candidates will likely circome to what Mduminiak and Sentinel are experiencing today with such a wide field for the Republican Nomination. Mduminiak currently leads the field and Sentinel is out for the nomination. If either the candidates recieve more then 10 Mduminiak will be out as well. Tomorrow, Copulate and Efferiss go at it for the nomination and hopefully will pass today's low turnout. Several are likely waiting till the bigger candidates come up for runoff.
Republican Convention Results as of 10/8/07
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym X
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink X
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger X
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin X
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick X
X-Yet to be included in voting.
Bold-Leader at this point
Italics-Out of the Race for the Nomination

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