Tuesday, October 09, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #2

Well Day 2 ends with a new leader on top of the pack. Copulate/Alias Pseudonym surged to 26 votes doubling Mduminiak's total uesterday of 10 and crushing Efferiss's 5 and Sentinel's 8. That means a candidate now must recieve more than 256votes to win the nomination. Copulate surprised everyone today and even himself. I spokle with Copulate last night and he doubted that he could even win. Now he has a huge lead in the race. Of Course 3 candidates have yet to come to vote and all 3 are leading Republican candidates so he doesn't have this won. yet. Copulate's vote toal brought out the voter turnout. Only 18 voted yesterday and today 30 voted. Well tomorrow Musicman and Hawk go at it to try to beat Copulate's 26 votes. Now comes crunchtime. I am expecting bigger totals each day.

Republican Convention Results as of 10/9/07
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym 26
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink 5
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger X
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin X
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick X
X-Yet to be included in voting.
Bold-Leader at this Point
Italics-Out of the Race for the Nomination

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