Wednesday, October 10, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #3

Day 3 of the GOP convention comes to a close with a possible tie. Musicman/Sandrow Belanger came so close. Within the last 10 mins of voting he gained 6 votes to come 1 shy of leading the pack for the nomination. It was certainly close. Probably made cop sweat a little towards the end. What a rollercoaster. In 10 mins Musicman went from 20-26. Musicman gained 1 vote needed to tie, but I believe the time limit expired before he could get that last vote. We are still unsure however. The moderator has yet to state either way. Copulate has just stated he is unsure of his 27 vote total so we are now unsure of the leader at this point. It is just too close to call. The assumed frontrunner with 2 primary wins, Hawk stands dead last with only 3 votes. Hawk gets another shot tomorrow and is expected to do alot better, since he will be online to campaign, and Hedrick, a alongtime frontrunner for the nomination is also expected to do well. It now comes down to 4 men for the nomination. Copulate, Musicman, Hawk and Hedrick. Should be good to watch tomorrow. Once we know we have a nominee we will announce it to you so stay tuned. Tomorrow is the last day of the convention and when the dust is cleared we will have a nominee.

Republican Convention Results as of 10/10/07
(Note: Vote Totals are Unofficial.)
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym 26*
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger 26*
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink 5
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin 3
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick X
X-Yet to be included in voting
Bold-Leader at this Point
Italics-Out of the race for the Nomination
*Unsure of vote total could be tie.

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