Thursday, October 11, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #4: Musicman vs. Copulate!

Well what was suppose to be the last day of convention ended in surprise. We just got a ruling from the Moderator, Musicman/Sandrow Belanger did tie Copulate/Alias Pseudonym yesterday! Hedrick narrowly lost the convention with 19 votes finished 3rd for the convention. Hedrick picked up steam towards the end of the day, but not enough to win the nomination. Tomorrow Copulate and Musicman face off in the same time of runoff and winner takes all! It should be close tomorrow. Same format as the rest of the convention. Both men are strong candidates for the General. Copulate busted Kempite, the former GOP frontrunner for cheating and won his seat for the convention, so his work re-cleansing the GOP may have helped him come from behind to win. Musicman is the biggest surprise he was expected not even to come close, but his campaign pushed and pushed and he was able to tie! Hawk only recieved 8 votes today another poor showing for who we assumed was the frontrunner with 2 primary wins. Well we'll report from the convention 1 last time tomorrow and hope to interview the Nominee Saturday!

Republican Convention Results
(R)Copulate/Alias Pseudonym 26
(R)Musicman/Sandrow Belanger 26
(R)Hedrick/Harold Hedrick 19
(R)Mduminiak/Mike Duminiak 10
(R)Sentinel/Charles Leivan 8
(R)Hawk/Tim Austin 8
(R)Efferiss/Frank Scoblink 5

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