Monday, October 15, 2007

U4prez Independent Convention Update #1

Well after a long week of Republican Convention the Indys have their turn. 6 candidates are neck and neck for the nomination. There rules are a little different than the Republicans. Instead of daily highs and runoffs all 6 face off and the one who has the highest total wins the nomination. MejicoJohn/John Averitt leads the pack with 20 votes currently while the rest are not far behind. Should be an interesting week of convention. Who ever does become the nominee expect him on the show this Saturday!

Independent Convention Results as of 10/15/07
(I)MejicoJohn/John Averitt 20
(I)Icababe/Barry Davidson 19
(I)Mike Weinheimer/Maditude 15
(I)BobWHargis/Bob Hargis 13
(I)CoryF/Cory Froelich 12
(I)Big Daddy 9
Bold-Leader at this Point

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