Saturday, October 13, 2007

U4prez GOP Convention Update #10: MUSICMAN WINS!

Sandrow Belanger has come from behind to win the GOP Nomination! Musicman stunned us all this week when he tied Copulate's 26 votes 3 days ago and has shocked the u4prez world by winning the Republican Nomination. Ghost/Scott Wind has been selected as his running mate for vice president. Musicman is now a strong favorite for GOP Leader, and it seems his win tonight has put the Republicans back in the game for the General. Now we await the Independent Convention. Hopefully next week wont be as long a week as this one.

GOP Convention Receap:

Kempite's withdrawal from the race made the Republican nomination wide open. No clear favorite or frontrunner came in the convention and thats how we started the week. We moved on towards the end of the week with huge surprises! Copulate scored 26 votes stunning even himself while the other candidates didn't get over 10. Musicman then scored 26 as well. Then came the losses of Hawk and Hedrick who were expected to be leading the race. This week ended with a long drawn out runoff between Musicman and Copulate and finally we have a ticket!

Final Republican Convention Results
(R)Musicman/Ghost 100
(R)Copulate/RSobien 93

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