Thursday, October 18, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings # 39

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This is the first edition we will include a Independent/Third Party Rankings.


1st: Rudy Giuliani (steady) Satying strong nationally and in early states. Remains the frontrunner. No candidate seems strong enough to take that title away fromhim, but the GOP race is still a horse race.

2nd: Mitt Romney (falling) Losing support in Iowa and NH both must-wins for his campaign isn't good, however he still manages to hold on to the lead in both states.

3rd Tied: John McCain (steady) His rise from the dead has made political pundits and social conervatives take a 2nd look at McCain. With Brownback exitting he could get a small boost over the weekend.

3rd Tied: Fred Thompson (falling) His lack of visiting key states in the primary season has started to have an effect on his campaign.

5th: Mike Huckabee (rising) Huckabee stunned us all 2 months ago when he scored a 2nd place finish at Ames, and it has really paid off. Last week an Iowa Poll had him tied for 2nd place. The first 2nd tier candidate to do so. His national numbers, have doubled, and his strong performances at debates makes him a very viable candidate now. The only problem of his, is he can't raise the money he needs.


1st: Hillary Clinton (rising) Hillary opened a 30 point lead according to new national polls doubling, and nearly tribling her nearest opponent's numbers. If this holds steady she has the nomination locked up.

2nd: Barack Obama (falling) His support nationally is dwindling and pathetic compared to the frontrunner's. Barack needs a win in Iowa to stay alive and that looks pretty dim at this point.

3rd: John Edwards (falling) Edwards is down to the low double digits nationally, and in Iowa a must win state for his campaign, he has slipped to 3rd. Its not looking good for his campaign.

4th: Bill Richardson (falling) His bounce from his staunch campaigning has dwindled, and even in Nevada, he comes in a distant 4th. The only state he is carrying at this point is his home of New Mexico, however just by the skin of his teeth.

5th: Joe Biden (falling) New Polls out of his native Delaware show him in 3rd place behind Clinton and Obama, and not even winning his homestate shows he wont be the nominee. Maybe Secretary of State if a Democrat is elected

Independents/Third Parties

1st: Michael Bloomberg (steady) The spark of his once assumed Independent run is gone, but he still gets at least 9-10% nationally in General Election Polls. If Bloomberg runs, it pretty much gurantees a Democrat will be elected in 2008. (President Hillary)

2nd: Sam Nunn (steady) It looks as if he will mount an Independent run, but with being out of the senate and the spotlight so long can he make a dent in the General Election. It doesn't appear so.

3rd: Stephen Colbert (steady) The media is flocking to the comedian giving his somewhat of a joke of a campaign some spotlight. His campaign however is only in South Carolina so you know he isn't really trying.

4th: Brian Moore (steady) He gets his spotlight in our rankings for winning the Socialist Party Nomination this weekend.

5th: Steve Adams (steady) With Bob Hargis on board his campaign is ready for the general and maybe he will get on the ballot in Kentucky.

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We at fully believe the Colbert Campaign is not over. We have not yet begun to fight. But we're not fighters, we're righters. Of wrongs. And writers of updates and entries. Keep an eye on us for the latest Colbertian data.

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