Thursday, October 04, 2007

Faustus37/Lane Startin wins U4prez Democratic Nomination.

Faustus37 or Lane Startin today capped the Democratic nomination as many had expected with his 3 primary wins. Startin has been along time candidate and favorite on the site. He has picked Lucky_Num1 has his running mate. So far the Democratic nominee has the advantage with a decisive win over his opponents. Startin was the clear nominee of the Democrats and had been the frontrunner for months. Startin has put forward the Democratic platform and the Democrats are off for the General Election eagerly awaiting the Republican and Independent Nominees to emerge.

Democratic Convention Results
(D)Lane Startin (Faustus37) 45
(D)James Welborn (Welborn) 31
(D)BluProject 16
(D)Anthony Lacy (A.L.L.) 11

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