Saturday, October 06, 2007

U4prez Election Coverage #1: Startin on Politics-Central On Air

Well we just concluded a show with U4prez Democratic Nominee, Lane Startin or Faustus37. He and KT2020, or Katherine Siebert gave us an inside look at the Democratic platform and their campaign to win this November. After a few shaky parts it turned out to be a good show with Copulate giving us great questions and Donny or Lance Barnowitz making the show a little too interesting. The Faustus/Lucky ticket is already picking up steam likely from the "Rosty Bump" as we are now calling. We expect the U4prez GOP Nominee on the next week once he is selected by the Republicans this week. We expect a close race for the GOP Nomination between all of the candidates. Tim Austin or Hawk has the advantage with 2 primary wins, but Harold Hedrick's grassroots and Mduminiak's Name ID on the site gives them both equal shots. Efferiss, Copulate and Sentinel are also running. Copulate's wide base of support also puts him right in the fight for the nomination. I will continue posting about the GOP convention as the convention and voting unfolds. Remeber to vote this Monday-Thursday on for the Republican Nominee for President on

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