Saturday, January 27, 2007

Decision 2008: January Presidential Power Rankings; McCain vs. Hillary?

This is our end of the month Presidential Power Rankings. In our end of the month presidential pwer rankings we include every major party candidate.

1st: John McCain (falling) McCain is now on top in GOP preference Polls according to Time, however he is now tied or barily losing in Democratic Match-up Polls. McCain is only winning in NH, Missouri, and South Carolina among key early states. McCain's strength has yet to really come out so we could see McCain bounce back.

2nd: Rudolph Giuliani (steady) has just started campaigning in key states such as NH and Iowa. He just like McCain is falling in numbers against Democrats. They now are both tied or trailing leading Democrats. Giuliani also hasn't picked up any big endorsements like McCain or Giuliani. Giuliani still remains at or near the top of GOP polls and carries most early states. which still leaves him in good shape.

3rd: Mitt Romney (rising) Romney's poll numbers are slowly rising among the GOP, however he trails by double digits against most Democrats. Romney also continues to gain steam in the south with major endorsements out of key primary South Carolina. His fundraisign skills also seem impressive. Once the name reconigtion phase ends Romney could really gain in support.

4th: Newt Gingrich (steady) The fmr. Speakers numbers remai high, but his silence in the political field could hurt him later on in this campaign.

5th: Sam Brownback (falling) Brownback's announcement really didn't help and many don't know who he is let alone that he is running for president.

6th: Chuck Hagel (rising) His anti-war and anti-troop surge remarks and resolutions on Capitol Hill appear to be aiding Hagel's presidential efforts. Hagel remains strong in early states.

7th: George Pataki (steady) Pataki continues to remains in the top 5 to 6 in polls nationally, but in other support and in polls in early states he is doing poorly.

8th: Jim Gilmore (rising) His conservative views are swaying conservative votes one by one and if he becomes a serious hopeful and may mean trouble for Romney's campaign.

9th: Tommy Thompson (steady) Thompson remains strong nationally, however Thompson performs poorly in a do or die state of Iowa.

10th: Mike Huckabee (steady) Other power ranking sites put Huckabee near the top 5, however we look at support in recent polls and recent media attention and Huckabee remains weak.

11th: Duncan Hunter (steady) Hunter is dead last in polls everywhere and he is never mentioned on the web or in the media as a presidential candidate. Hunter better do something soon or he will remain near the bottom.

12th: Tom Tancredo (falling) Tancredo still needs alot of campaign help but maybe his 3-4% showing in Iowa may turn into something.

13th: Ron Paul (steady) Paul is a very weak candidate and his radical Libertarian views may hurt him.

(note: Keating stated he will not be a candidate in 2008 so he has been disincluded in our rankings)


1st: Hillary Clinton (falling) Clinton's first campaign trips begam this week in Iowa, however they did nothing to gte her numbers back on track in Iowa and New Hampshire. Her main challengers Edwards and Obama remain ahead of her in these key states. She might have something though with this "Let the conversation begin" thing.

Tied 2nd: John Edwards (rising) His strong Iowa showings have earned him his #2 spot back as Obama responds to more possible scandals being brought up liely form the Clinton campaign. Edwards could pull a move like Kerry back in 2004 and upset Hillary and Obama.

Tied 2nd: Barack Obama (steady) Obama is still trying to get over his involvement in a muslim school incident that was proven false. He should regain his strength soon.

3rd: Joe Biden (rising) Biden is likely to become the most gaining from the Kerry exit. This has moved Biden into Kerry's top 5 spot permanently.

4th: Bill Richardson (rising) His numbers are low but that could change with his charisma and experience

5th: Wesley Clark (rising) Clark remains strong in early states like Nevada. Clark could become a serious candidate soon when he announces and joins the campaign when it is in full swing.

6th: Tom Vilsack (falling) Now in 3rd or 4th in his homestate of Iowa, Vilsack is doing poorly everywhere.

7th: Dennis Kucinich (steady) His anti-war policies are a bit radical but could prove helpful later on in the campaign.

8th: Christopher Dodd (steady) Dodd is dead last in most pollings still but his experience keeps him from the bottom.

9th: Al Sharpton (steady) The reverend has just started toying with the idea of a another presidential run so he is ranked at the near bottom.

10th: Mike Gravel (steady) Gravel is too unknown for a presidential run and isn't doing too much campaigning.

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