Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Decision 2008: CNN Youtube Debate

Once again the CNN Youtube Debates showed how debates should go, but what I wish to talk about right now, instead of saying who won. I want to address what the Republicans want in 2008? I'm sure most of my readers know, I am a Republican always have been always will be, however I'm very dissatified with the Republican field of Presidential Candidates before me. Right now if the primaries were today (Thank Goodness they're not) Mitt Romney would likely be the nominee. Why? Well there I can not tell you. Governor Romney has flipped flopped on every issue, is only a 1 term Governor, and will surely lose the General Election to our worst fears, Hillary Clinton. To prove what I have said, Governor Romney is on record of being Pro-Choice. He did so to win an election. You can't be Pro-Life and win in Massachusetts. You can't be Pro-Choice and win the Republican Nomination for President and thats why he has changed his position. Not because he felt he was wrong about Abortion, but because the Republicans and the Conservatives who will get him elected feel that way. Romney currently trails Sen. Clinton in every General Election poll by 5-10+ margins. That could be a landslide. Romney than decided to switch sides on Gay Rights when he said tonight he isn't for Gays in the military, well he sorta avoided the question. What I found astouding was Romney could not look into the camera and answer any the questions he is acused of flip-flopping on. If he is our nominee Hillary will demolish him in the debates. Now Im not just saying this about Governor Romney. I'm also ashamed this party who has worked so hard for decades fighting against Abortion would make Former NY Mayor Rudy Giulani the leading candidate nationally. Giuliani came out tonight defending thr right to Abortion saying if he had the oppertunity he would not ban it. He also stated he doesn't believe in the words of the Bible entirely. In my opinon the Bible is the Holy Word of the one true God Almighty, and Mayor Giuliani says his word isn't entirely correct. Pat Robertson endorsed this which really steamed me. Robertson supposed is the face of Christian Conservatives. Then how America can Robertson Endorse a man who doesn't totally and absolutely feel the Word of God is correct? Giuliani and his line item veto is a scham. He didn't fight against the veto for justice he did it to protect the billions of dollars of pork and earmarks that got him elected to his position which Sen. John McCain pointed out. Giuliani and Romney say things you want to hear to hide their own selfish ambitions to keep their political careers intact and earn your vote. That is why I renew Politics-Central's Endorsement of U.S. Senator John McCain for President of these United States. I also announce our support of Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Both admirable men who stand by what they believe in and know what they are talking about. Sen. McCain has been in congress for nearly 3 decades, fighting against earmarks and pork which Mayor Giuliani used to filth New York legislation. Huckabee reduced 90 taxes in Arkansas the most of any running for president and in his states history. He held a long time Pro-Life record with John McCain. Both men stand by what they believed in not to get your vote and be in politics, but to fight for what's right. These are the men we need in the General. McCain currently is the only candidate who can beat Sen. Clinton. He is our last hope at keeping the White House. Sen McCain has 2x the experience ins ecurity issues than Mayor Giuliani. He was senator in the persian Gulf and fought in Vietnam. He was the only man to stand by the current successful strategy in Iraq. He proposed what the president is using and is credited as the most successful thing to happen to our stay in Iraq. Come America and the Republican Party. DONT ELECT ROMNEY OR GIULIANI! ELECT MCCAIN OR HUCKABEE. Now I know you ahve your right to your decisions, Im just saying a long time Conservative Republican who is fed of with 2008 politics's opinion.

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