Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Decision 2008: Obama vs. Clinton, VP Romney? Spitzer resigns

Sorry for the delayed posting, but here is another 2008 update: U.S.

Democrats: Senator Hillary Clinton moves on from two more losses in Wyoming and Mississippi, after her wins in TX and OH. Clinton trails Sen. Barack Obama now by 131 delegates. The campaign now moves to Pennsylvania, the last delegate rich contest in this season. Clinton needs a win there to drive this race into the summer, and possibly into convention where her campaign feels she can win in. Early polls have Clinton leading Obama by double digits in PA, but as we have seen in past races Obama can surely comeback. The race afterwards will go into North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, and Oregon and possibly do-over primaries and caucuses in Florida and Michigan.

Republicans: Whispers our now afoot that Mitt Romney is being considered as Presumptive Nominee John McCain's running mate as he has stated he is interested. McCain states he is a possibility but it is too early too tell. As we all know the two were bitter rivals in the primary race.

Spitzer: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer in the wake of his prositute sex scandal, is set to resign Monday, with Lt. Governor David Paterson, to succeed him as Governor. Spitzer was a prominent rising star in the party with a huge electoral victory in Nov. of 2006. Spitzer will step down after only holding the office of Governor for 1 1/2 years. Spitzer was known prior to the scandal as "Mr. Clean" for his years as Attorney General and busting corruption on Wall Street.

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