Saturday, January 06, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings

Here are our Presidential power rankings for the week. We also want to note note that this is our 150th post since our start last July.

1st: John McCain (rising) Senator McCain is rising in numbers against democrats and is out of his recent slump. Also according to new gallup polls McCain is tied with Giuliani in GOP nationwide preference polls and has tied with Giuliani in key state polls. McCain is also doing well in early fundraising.

2nd Rudy Giuliani (steady) Giuliani is in trouble with the slip of his campaign plans into the press. It wasn't tooo damaging, but any thoughts about him not runnign are gone. Giuliani has started to fall just by 2-4% in polls.

3rd: Newt Gingrich (steady) Gingrich is still performing well in numbers nationwide and really well in key states and is within striking distance, but by the time he decides whether to run or not the nomintaion could be locked up and he has said he won't run if it is locked up.

4th: Mitt Romney (steady may rise soon) Romney has just started his campaigningand could recieve the bounce he needs to get back into this campaign.

5th: Sam Brownback (steady) Brownback still is recieving poor media coverage and hasn't made a name for himself. He needs a win or a close 2nd place finish in Iowa to even go anywhere and that will take a miracle.

1st: Hillary Clinton (falling) The frontrunner has begun her decent and that could cost her the race. If Obama jumps in this month that will cause her to jump in earlier than she wanted. Clinton better hope for some early wins in IA, NH, and SC. These past few weeks have shown she isn't unbeatable.

2nd: Barack Obama (steady) The first serious black presidential candidate is performing well in IA and NH. He also could win in SC. He does need a win in one of these states and he better hope for a win in NH to knock Hillary out of the frontrunner slot if he hasn't dont it already.

3rd: John Edwards (steady) Leader or also ran. That is the question many people are asking about Edwards. His numbers are staying about the same and hsi plan to get a little early campaigning in before Hillary and Obama, doesn't seem to be working. Edwards needs a win in IA and SC. He could survive losing IA, but he absolutely needs SC.

4th: Joe Biden (steady) Biden will run, but hasn't done too much campaigning and really needs to do some work, but has moved up a few slots. I feel Kerry is falling, but his numbers show him in this slot.

5th: Wesley Clark (steady) Clark is strengthing in early states and could have something to say soon!

No new polls.

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