Saturday, January 06, 2007

Decision 2008: Romney enters Obama, Clinton and others to make decisions!

As I said about a month ago Outgoing Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has filed papers to form an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2008. Winner of our Greatest Governor Poll, Romney currently stands 4th in our rankings and could swing conservative voters over his way. Kansas U.S. Senator Sam Brownback will officially announce his candidacy for the Republican Presidential Nomination in his homestate and the end of the month. He will be the first major republican candidate to officially start his campaign. Illionis U.S. Senator Barack Obama was rumored to make his decision about 2008 this week, but it is now known he will decide by the end of the month of January. New York U.S. senator and Democratic Frontrunner Hillary Clinton is also expected to announce her camapign by the end of the month. Look for several others like Hagel, Richardson, Gilmore, Hunter, Huckabee, Clark, Dodd, and Kerry will decide in the next month or two.

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