Friday, December 28, 2007

Decision 2008: The Final Countdown, 6 days and counting

Well after nearly 18 months, of speculating candidates, announcements, exploratory committees, debates, and straw polls the final week of the primary campaign before the primaries start is on. Iowa has never been more important and NH could go either way. These two states could decode the fait of America for the next 4 years.

Iowa GOP: Well we all know this race is coming down to 2 men, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. We may see a darkhorse make this competitive, however if that was going to happen that candidate would be already breathing down the 2 frontrunners's necks. It appears Fred Thompson needs a strong finish here or it will be his last stand. Thompson's Iowa Tour has made him competitve with the surging John McCain for 3rd place, however McCain could survive without a 3rd place finish as he is banking on NH. Thompson needs this or his dead. McCain is starting to campaign now in Iowa so should be interesting to see if Thompson can survive. Huckabee's lead is holding on so I expect Huckabee to defeat Romney by at least 5 points. Even if this Bhutto crisis has hurt his foriegn policy stance. Romney can't get a bounce from that and likely it will only benefit McCain and Giuliani.

Iowa Democratic: The battle of the titans. The three frontrunners, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards, are in a tight neck and neck race and once the dust clears from this showdown, the race could completely change. Edwards is gaining and Hillary is rising while Obama is slipping. Should this continue, Obama could be severly wounded and Edwards could replace him as the Hillary Alternative. If Hillary wins Iowa its all over, she will lock up the nomination quickly adn we wont even need to tune in to Super Tuesday. Obama realy needs a 1st or 2nd finish here and Hillary can not win or the Democratic nomination race will be done.

New Hampshire GOP: This race is also a 2 man showdown. Mitt Romney and John McCain and we know this will be competitive. Romney began this 2 day ad war that may control the rest of this primary. McCain is rumored to be striking make with negative ads, since Romney already has gone negative. McCain's strategy is relying on his foriegn policy experience and his latest endorsements to swing his way. McCain seemed not interested in getting in Romney's attack battle, but it appears he may be pressured into it. Romney is slipping here and now is neck and neck with McCain and McCain is known for his comebacks in this state. McCain wins here he wil surge to frontrunner status, and Romney will be severly wounded. Giuliani is hoping for at least a 3rd place finish, but Huckabee could surge with a win in Iowa to get 3rd here.

New Hampshire Democratic: This race will likely be decided on Iowa's result. Hillary wins Iowa she wins here. Obama wins Iowa he wins NH. Edwards likely can't comeback to win here but Iowa's momentum can't be underestimated. This state is crucial however to Hillary's startegy. The Former First Lady could be damaged severly if she doesn't win here. Obama needs this state if he loses Iowa. We can't predict anything without any results from Iowa.


maditude said...

Don't be surprised if Ron Paul makes some noise in Iowa and especially in New Hampshire.

Brandon Rosty said...

Ron Paul wont get about 4th Place in either state.