Thursday, December 20, 2007

Decision 2008: Huckabee and McCain on the rise!

Well it seems the GOP listened to me when I said switch to Huckabee and McCain, because the two are going nowhere but up in polls. Recent Iowa polls have Former Governor Mike Huckabee 4-6 points ahead of Former Governor Mitt Romney in the first contest of the 2008 primary season. Sen. John McCain has now trippled in just the past two days his numbers in Iowa. He has gone from 6% to 20% according ARG, but I see him more around 15%. Hes definately in a solid 3rd place as of now, and the Des Moines Resgister Endorsement may have hekped. In New Hampshire McCain has surged from 18% last week to 26% now tied with Romney for the lead in NH. This comes after endorsements from endorsements from the Manchester-Union Leader, the Boston Globe, The Portsmouth Hearld and Sen. Joe Lieberman. McCain certainly has the momentum now, after 3 months of being "dead". I will once again precict a Huckabee win in Iowa and a 3rd place finish for McCain in Iowa, and a Win in NH for Sen. McCain. McCain and Huckabee will likely be the frontrunners, with McCain coming out on top! Just wait and see.

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