Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Decision 2008: Presidential Power Rankings #43

Sorry about not posting for 3 weeks. Been busy. Ill start posting once the Holidays start. Alot has chnaged since my last rankings. See where we are:

1st: Mike Huckabee (steady) I bet if you told someone 1 year ago Mike Huckabee would be the frontrunner that would have laughed. Now its a reality and a real possibility he could win the nomination. Huckabee leads now in Iowa, SC, Michigan and even Florida!

2nd: Mitt Romney (falling) Losing his lead fast! Romney could be out even before Super Tuesday if somehow Iowa and NH slip from his grasp. New Polls have him slowly gaining on Huckabee, but can he top Huckabee's mounting momentum. Romney better start to sweat.

3rd: John McCain (rising) New Rasmussen Polls have McCain barely trailing Romney 31-27% in NH and now at 14% in Iowa at 3rd place. McCain is also surging quickly and is far from politically dead. I have said it before and Ill say it again McCain will finish well in Iowa and win NH and then the nomination.

4th: Rudy Giuliani (falling) Giuliani now seems to be politically dead. His offices are closing in Iowa and NH, and now Giuliani must rely on winning Florida, a state he is now trailing. Giuliani is also falling in California a big state on Super Tuesday and Huckabee and McCain are gaining. Looks like you all took my advice and starting looking at the best candidates.

5th: Fred Thompson (falling) Thompson needs a 3rd in Iowa and with McCain gaining from the Des Moines Register Endorsement, Thompson may be out before NH. Thompson needs a 3rd just to raise money and keep voters in tact until South Carolina where he's slipped to 4th. I really can't see anyway Fred can win this one. I expect him to drop out and endorse McCain after Iowa.


1st: Hillary Clinton (falling) Clinton's lead in all early states is long gone. Her time as frontrunner may be over. She could lose the first 3 contests. She might have to rely also on a win in Florida to win in Super Tuesday. Hillary will likely not be the nominee in January and maybe not even at all.

2nd: Barack Obama (rising) Obama now leads in Iowa and SC. Both could catapult him to knocking Hillary (did I actually say that) out of the race. He win Florida the Former First Lady might be in some real trouble. Obama will likely win Iowa now and maybe NH. Amazing that 3 years ago we didn't even know a Barack Obama.

3rd: John Edwards (rising) Edwards needs to win Iowa and hes only down by single digits. Edwards may surprise us all, but really a win for Edwards is a win for Clinton. That shuts Obama down and leaves her to crush Edwards in NH, SC, FL and Super Tuesday, just like Kerry did in 2004.

4th: Bill Richardson (steady) Richardson needs a win in Nevada and he wont get it so look for him to be applying for Hillary's VP soon.

5th: Joe Biden (steady) Remember this 1 month from now Biden will announce his candidacy for re-election. He's done.

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